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3 Ways to Teach your Dog How to Shake

How to train your dog to shake! This video is sponsored by the Doggone Good! Clicker Company.
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46 thoughts on “3 Ways to Teach your Dog How to Shake”

    1. @Carlisle Russel Had a great walk with both my doggies with the weather being so nice today and now it’s late so I’m off to bed.
      Hope you’re having a great day !

  1. We’d been trying for three weeks now. I finally gave in and watched this video. I taught my puppy how to shake in five minutes using this video! Definitely coming back for more.

  2. Thank you so much! I’ve watched your videos since I did not have a dog. Now I have a dog, and I’m still watching your videos. My dog learned stay and come. Thank you so much!

  3. This was so great! I taught my dog how to shake in one hour and now she does it with no treats and on command! And she’s only 8 months old! The method that worked best for her was the paw tickling. I didn’t even train her with food, just praise and now whenever I ask her to do it and praise her, she gets so excited and it’s adorable!

  4. This was sooooo helpful. I taught my pittbull in 3-5 minutes. I been tryin to teach her for abt two to 4 months and watching this was this best idea I’ve done lol

  5. I tried this without a clicker and from just holding the treat in my hand! I’ve been having such a hard time teaching my two year old mix to shake but this worked within about 15mins! Thanks Zack!

  6. Kuentin クエンティン

    Thank you so much for this, I just got my new dog after the other one passed away, he never learned High 5, but I was able to teach my new one in about a minute! Thanks Zak!

  7. Your videos are AMAZING!!! 🤩. Just taught my pup to sit and shake my hand in under an hour right now!! Thank you for posting these incredibly helpful tips and tricks to engaging with our Pawsome pets!! 🥺👏💯

  8. Easily taught my dog how to shake in 2 sessions in the same day. Thank you Zak. Read dog training revolution also. Great help!

  9. Sabrina de la Garza

    I had been trying to teach my dog to shake for several days. I finally caved and searched some videos about it. I followed your advice and she’s shaking consistently after about an hour! Thank you!

  10. Hi. Thanks for this. I tried this with my 7 month old Poodle (No clicker though only treats). It took about 5 minutes, touching and encouraging his paw up a bit and he got it, he gave me his paw on his own 💖 Now to keep practicing.

  11. *What a great **** ! Our 8 month old Goldendoodle loves. He even knows when comes on , because he knows Brandon’s voice now.This book not only gives you Brandon’s sure fire way to train your dog, it also gives you insight into what makes Brandon such an amazing trainer & the wonderful work he does with shelter animals.I highly recommend this book to all new & old puppy parents!*

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