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5 Easy Tricks You Can Teach Your Dog at Home

5 Easy Tricks You Can Teach Your Dog at Home

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Disclaimer: Each dog may take different periods of time to learn a trick.

Here’s the list of 5 Easy Tricks You Can Teach Your Dog at Home
1. Roll Over
2. Shake Hands
3. High Five
4. Speak
5. Dance

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56 thoughts on “5 Easy Tricks You Can Teach Your Dog at Home”

  1. I’m glad you pointed out Hip Displasia. We did have a dog, and I just taught his the three basic commands and added in ASL, too.

  2. My pup is 3 months he learned to sit shake hand and high five..i am going to try to teach roll next..
    Thx for the video

  3. Taught my puppy how to high five under 10 mins I’m a very proud mom 🥲🥲
    Edit: now she know how to sit, lay down, spin and get up, she also knows speak 😃.
    UPDATE: She sadly passed away a few months ago, I miss her every day but thank you guys for being kind ❤.

    1. 「your Random girl mxffin」

      @Pink when she tries to bite walk away I think that’s what I saw but I’m getting a dog soon so I’ll see.. we’re getting a Bernese mountain dog, chocolate lab, and a pitbull..

    2. @「your Random girl mxffin」 my puppy just turned 4 months old and yea she stopped biting and she learned alot of things. 😀 that’s nice that ur getting a dog too… 🙂

    1. @May awwww that’s good : ) I love hearing about what other people’s dog does after learning tricks. My 9 month old mini Aussie is just now learning how to do some tricks and it’s the cutest thing ever ☺️

  4. My 2 labrodoors know how to high five and high five up thats when they jump up and to touch ur hand with their paw. They know how to swap paws and laydown and one knows how to roll over.

  5. Godzilla and Friends

    my puppy already stands on its hind legs, I didnt have to train her or anything XD. The weird part about it tho is that she looks like shes praying, and will sometimes move her hands back and forth like 10 or more times (Basically enough times to get my attention). Ima see if I can get her to do it on command. Wish me luck!

  6. “You should be in a good mood and not get angry or frustrated at the dog”

    Meanwhile me while my dog literally does a whole mess : *its ok bby dwwww come here cutieeee!*

  7. Just brought home a GSP puppy.
    Gonna start training after few weeks, thanks for the video, gonna tach her all the tricks.👍

    1. Being lazy is your dog’s own personality and it’s totally okay! Hopefully you can get them to be a little more active, good luck!

  8. Hi I am starting to be a youtuber Maddie s. And I love the idea of this video! I am definitely trying this to my dog Thunder!!!
    So I am definitely subscribing and hitting the thumbs up. I have read in the comment section and it looks like you are helping lots of people train their dog/puppy. You are so insprational and you are making this world a better place by helping people! and that is a person who definitely deserves good karma. Thankyou from Maddie S

  9. I thought this was a really good especially for new puppy owners. It had been awhile since I last raised a puppy and wanted to do it better this time with less frustration (puppies are hard!) All of the techniques and suggestions for training were spot on.

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