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50 Secrets Of Blissful Relationships.

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50 Secrets Of Blissful Relationships.
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I have been a big fan of yours for a long time and I think your Secrets of Blissful Relationships is the best of all your books. Much better than anything I have read of John Gray or the other marriage “experts”. So practical and insightful. – Arryn G

This book was incredible. It gave me so much hope for my marriage that has been falling apart. I wish you would give a seminar. – Stephanie V, Oregon 

You are wise way beyond your years. I’ve already read it twice. It’s that good. – Mark C.

Thank you so much for all the work and time you put into writings! You have given my husband and myself lots of things to look at, and we love it. – Theresa Wilkins

I praise God for all the wonderful advice you have. – Ben Martin

Thanks for everything you do. You help so many people. – Mary

Keep up the great and amazing work – Samantha Hoffa

I just read your “Secrets of Blissful Relationships” and I loved it. – Holly Gage

I always appreciate your words and wisdom. – Jo Ann Taylor

I would like to thank you very much for the insights I gained from your piece about relationships involving different religions. You have just made my holiday’s a little brighter. – Doug Ruyle

You are amazing, thank you for all the wonderful ideas. – Adam

Do you have a single brother….ummmm…age 40-50? – Cindi

I just wanted to say thanks. You’re book is terrific. Keep up the good work. Your convictions come right through… And that’s a good thing. – Janel Messenger

I have been excited about your suggestions and impressed with your overall philosophies about your relationship with Athena. I always look forward to reading what you have to say, knowing I’ll receive sound advice – Sheri Zimmerman

Once again, you hit it right on, Michael. I enjoy reading your material, and so often my reaction is that opening line. – Your Brazil Fan Club president, Mrs.Dee

If every household follows one “little advice” of you, there will be more happy relationships. Greetings from the island of Curacao – Andy

Bravo!!! Hear!! Hear!! – Carl Witten

I hope you continue to share your viewpoints as a man. I know it’s hard to be so vulnerable, for a man or woman, and I thank you for having that kind of courage. – Elizabeth in Phoenix, AZ

I really enjoy reading about your wonderful relationship with Athena and you are helping so many people by sharing your great ideas and advice. – Betty Stubblefield

I have to admit a lot of what I read from you is hard to believe. Where are the other men who are somewhat like you, I must be looking in the wrong places – Norma Martinez

Thanks very much for your inspirational book. It really touched me at times and maked me laughs at others. My fiance and I often share things you have written about. It really encourages us to talk about everything and take a closer look at our relationship. – Karen

I’m confident I speak for the other tens of thousands of us when I say you’re doing a very positive kind of work here, and an excellent job of it. Keep writing, and we’ll keep reading! – Mark Buckingham

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