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60% Upfront Commission plus 30% Ongoing!

60% Upfront Commission plus 30% Ongoing!
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Hi, we’re the 4 Johnson sisters! We started Move n’ Burn because of our gorgeous mom, Maryanne. She was trying to play with her grandchild Ava… but she was out of breath, struggled to pick her up and was exhausted after only a few hours.

Ava was the light of her life, and Mom couldn’t keep up… it was heartbreaking to watch.

We wanted to do everything we could to help her have more energy – but she isn’t 25 anymore – AND she hates working out.

So as World Champion Dancers, we decided to create a low-impact program to help our Mom increase her strength, mobility, and get toned in only 15 minutes a day – simply by dancing! We knew this would give her the energy to do what she really loves – spending time with her family and grandkids.

We can’t wait for you to experience the results Move n’ Burn will give you too!

See you on the inside,

Kat, Annie, Fi & Rach – xoxo

Sisters, and Co-creators

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