A Month Into Retirement, My Perspectives as a 62 Year Old


a month into retirement what is my perspective at the age of 62 writes in eddie uh so we're gonna read this it's pretty interesting and i will not play a black sabbath song and have my uh my uh demonetized because i used trademark uh songs you know but like i get it uh you know the people own the music and when i trademarked it on my black sabbath song when i trademarked when they trademarked a black sabbath song and i use this when i did uh what tom had written to us about his own retirement i have i've probably had 8 000 views in the last two weeks and i didn't get paid one penny from that so that cost me i usually get about 10 bucks per thousand views so 8 000 views that's uh it cost me 80 bucks of course i didn't get paid but the uh the owners of the black sabbath music did if that goes to tony iami hey more power to your brother because that was some good music that's well worth 80 bucks to me all right so let's read what old eddie says a month into retirement my perspective at 62. and eddie's coming from texas in july my c.o.j crapuel job turned into a rcoj real crappy old job that's bloody bad i decided after all the cards are laid on the table just to do it retire i had read all the tales of how people need to work longer and could not afford to retire without magic milk without that having that magic million or more in hand i had read the tales of how there would be no purpose to life in retirement i must say honestly you talk about me made the decision easy by helping me to see what those tales were fiction i used your advice in my wonderful course along with other readings and a good dose of common sense to just quit i can honestly say i'm looking and feeling years younger that time in retirement almost sadly goes by faster than i had imagined all the more reason to do it i'm no millionaire but i am set i am not bored and have purpose in my life since accepting the lord years ago and will have ever forever have purpose purpose for doing so man this is making me die this is freaking it's funny when you uh when you come to terms with god on god's terms not your terms because god doesn't come to you you come to him it's uh it's humbling it's humbling is is liberating and it's just it's emotional because you realize you were nothing without god man and it can't help but you just you hear these stories so many times of all people different at just every single person under the sun who comes to god it's funny how many fallen people are the ones who turn to god almost like biblical the meek shall inherit the earth huh it's weird it's uh it's breathtaking yeah the stories look i've talked to people for you know my career my whole career i've talked to thousands of people and the the stories that you hear about how when they came to god on god's terms god will be there he is ready for you on his terms but you got to come to him on his terms and when you do man it just makes everything so good it's a liberty anyway i can not only say thank you enough for your common sense approach your teaching and how it can happen for those who plan the sooner the better just that's freaking awesome it does bring tears my eyes the happiness that is there waiting for everybody if they just learn keep it simple keep it simple the path of least resistance and god is there with open arms you just got to reach out to him on his terms and don't make it too complex it doesn't have to be christianity retirement your human life your humanity which is my whole problem with this inhumane lockdown and masks and social discipline this is not humane all right thanks eddie much obliged blessing to you brother

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