Advantages of Been Self-employed – Behind The Scenes With Kevin Fahey Day 7


Hi guys Kevin fat a year and welcome back to behind the scenes with Kevin fat Edie number seven so I'm actually I'm
not in my home office today I actually yesterday I took a flight to Tenerife and got settled in last night
get up a small one and got my breakfast and now we're just after queuing up some emails and so basically I take what I'm
gonna talk about in today's video is um the pluses and minuses of self-employed American in business I think there's
there is a lot of different muscles and – as I come from a family business background basically my father was
self-employed for 25 years and we're actually it was in the entertainment business we had a video store immunise
Nicarico so the only day of the year that we closed was actually Christmas Day and on Christmas Day what we did is
we actually opened up the snooker club and we let everybody play for free and then the day after Christmas box and
they are saying Stephen's Day it was actually straight in preparing for the sales straightaway up on the 26th of
December I moved it back up it sails and then of course to be more to something over new year etc and after that I
suppose a few weeks into the new year with appearing for Valentine's Day and then it appeared republic's day etc and
what I it's kind of something that I employed to my own American in business as well you were all of us all of us
working towards the next thing there was never any break there was never any stuff 365 days a year
push him what needed to be pushed so um so that I suppose that was a disadvantage another disadvantage
I noticed basically when I when I was growing up was and we'd often go on holidays and that suppose one of the
things like being self-employed you can leave whenever you want the fact that business have staff but in that case I
noticed my father at least two or three times a day he would have been on the phone and checking on business may be
dealing with an issue it may be dealing with order in stock or something like that so there is never and deed that you
could say um I'm off and that's one thing you need to realize that when you actually owned an offline business or an
online um it's really 20 hundred and sixty-five days a year 24/7 um it doesn't matter
I've gotta support him and you guys know that if you watched all their videos I don't source a lot but basically this
morning had two issues that I deal with very very quickly one which with a personal coach in light I'm gonna be a
support so you have to be around at that time as well right on the good side of Tanks um people ask me do I work when
I'm on holidays and yes a funny holiday I've taken over the past twelve years with this business of all of us worked
um if I was with my if I was with my wife we do you know if she's doing her hair and makeup or anything like that I
can spend 10 minutes 15 minutes a half an hour queueing up an email and there isn't the easiest reason to explain this
is and it's not to brag or anything like that but any time I take a holiday damn 20 minutes or 30 minutes of work
for one hour of work I do during that day yes for that holiday so it's not like say about for two or three months
to actually go in on holiday the money's there but when I'm on holiday how much they paying for the holiday as well I
send in a few emails um yesterday the email I sent paid for the flight and I queued up emails today at which will
probably pay for their hotel that I'm staying in and so forward so it's that's one of the big big advantages of it as
well so there's two ways to look at it um yes money yes you know a person dollars a
year for a nine-to-five job would you take it or if you want to come along you want to make maybe $200,000 a year
um but you need he dedicated all the time to that and I think that's that's really don't let some guys with this and
if you're if you're an online business if you want to be self-employed you actually have to be a hundred percent
dedicated all the time now I'm not saying that you have to do what I'm doing go on holidays and work on IRA –
you can actually you could dedicate that to other people you can pre-schedule read emails but it's just part of it for
me um all right before my business so okay that's really a wrap up on day number six guys I hope you enjoyed this
video if you got any comments or questions just post them below Cheers
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