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Aggressive German Shepherd attacks trainer during aggressive behavior training

In this video, Dangerous German Shepherd attacks trainer during aggressive behavior training Thomas uses a training pole to deal with Dangerous aggressive german shepherd. This dog continually try to attack Thomas during this training session. Thomas walks you through how to deal with a dog of this size and aggression level. Do not attempt to deal with a dog with this level of aggression without professional assistance.
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76 thoughts on “Aggressive German Shepherd attacks trainer during aggressive behavior training”

    1. Of course this comment would gain more attention/applause than all the others. Simple-minded society. I noticed an additional comment which was nearly identical to this. Gotta get those precious likes.

      Don’t @ me. Opinions are just that.

    1. @Based_Obsidian_ Bear facts and what he said is a lie. Cesar has an honorary masters from Bergin…and have saved thousands of dogs. A few of his methods are questionable but mostly everything he shares with training owners is 100% on point

    2. @marcus larwa he wasnt saying it was ok the dogs behaivors…he was saying the dog acts ok unless hes told what to do. He never said anything was ok about the situation

    3. @S v B you can’t do something without knowing how most regular pet owners don’t understand dog psychology or canine Behavior my parents didn’t even know it existed

    1. Not knowing anything about Pokemon except for a lot of people into a crazy rage about something cartoonish and from another country where you did something and collected something to look for something other than that how can we relate all this supposed to inhale stupid are we as a race come on we have to get on that level we need to jump into some other reality for real

  1. This should have been addressed when he was younger. The owner didn’t act fast enough. I can guarantee you that this behavior didn’t develop overnight.

    1. @Laura Fedora How was it debunked? What studies debunked it? You know it takes more than one study to make something a theory.

    2. Absolutely. I had two female Shepherds, both of whom passed last year at age 12 yrs. Never a problem with them because I invested in training w/a GSD trainer when they were pups. Now I have a 2 yr old male, who’s a gem, and a 5-1/2 yr old female who is a problem child with neuroses. I got her when she was 5, from a breeder who never gave her training or affection. She’s a handful, and is first now learning to trust.

    3. @Todd Actually when you are assessing a litter of pups, even as early as 6 weeks, you can pick one like this out. It only becomes a problem if the owner doesn’t know how to work with a dog like this, but it’s there from the beginning. It is pretty rare though. And it scares most people. Personally I always liked working with this kind of dog.

  2. I train horses and he’s using a pressure and release situation. The pressure (his close presence) is added when he growls. When he stops the pressure is taken off (he steps away). It teaches the dog that when he’s calm he gets a release of pressure meaning in the future it teaches him to be calm quickly to get the release he wants. first video I’ve seen from this guy and he’s got good methods!

    Edit: Holy sh*t that’s a lot of likes thank you❤️

    1. @Cassie Flores English for me. I treat my dog like a horse. I got him at a horse rescue. It seems to work 🤷 I love all animals but horses and dogs are my favorite 🐴💜🐶

    1. I’m house sitting with 3 dogs 2 obedient and one is vicious … it keeps growling at me but I’ve told him to stay and sit and he does sometimes he will take chances and try growl at me

  3. That dog sounds so evil lol. I was nervous just watching and listening from my phone haha. Kind of reminds me if my first gsd. She was such a nightmare .. no kennel would take her cause she literally would not just bite them but would try to eat them. My ex wife and I dropped her off at a new kennel for the first time. I had to walk her to the kennel myself. We left and started our 7 hour trip. About an hour and a half into the trip, I got a call saying we have to come pick her up she is out of control. We weren’t mad. We know she was a hand full and could be dangerous. So we picked her up. On the way to get her my ex wife called tons of kennels in Jacksonville to see if anyone would take an aggressive 90lbs gsd. Found one about 45 min away from where we were picking our up at. So we brought her there. Again, had to walk her back to the kennel lol. They assured us that she would be fine and we’ll taken care of. So we started out trip once again. We called daily to check on her and every time they assured us that she was doing great and was perfectly fine. So our week vacation was over. We started our drive back to Jacksonville. We get to the kennel. I’m expecting to have to go back and get her myself like always. But her she comes running down the hallway, no leash, and the guy that got her out far behind her. She came running up to us loved on us. The guy came over and started playing with her. I was like bruh, what’d you do to my dog? Haha. I was like I spent time with her and every time she tried to bully me, I stood my ground. It was at that moment, we found a new vet and kennel. They absolutely loved her. After talking with this guy for like 3 hours out front he told us how to work with her and thing to do and try. She actually became a very good dog. But damn, 4 years of living like that was hard. No trainers would work with her. Said she couldn’t be helped. Had a Rottweiler female who was an amazing dog up til the day she died. My second gds was also a female. She was a well rounded dog. She tried bless her heart to intimidate people. But everyone knew she was a big baby and she’d back down every time haha. This video brought back memories of my first gsd. I miss her so much!

    1. I adopted a german sheperd border collie mix almost 4 years ago

      We had no idea how much of a mess he was

      Took us 2 years for him to not be a menace to our family
      It was a lot of work and mental breakdown

      Now i am able to leave him with my parents while i’m studying abroad

      But we all know we still can trust him
      Especially with strangers

      We probably wouldn’t be able to leave him with someone else ‘just in case’

    2. @jamessotire is that in jax florida? I live here and have a dog that we need help with and we don’t know where to go

    3. @R P it is. Please don’t ask me to Remember the name now lol.. it’s been probably 15 years ago. I have no idea what the name is now.

  4. I had a neighbor who took her pitbull to the pound because she could not control her.she was the same way…I went to the pound and got her after she told me what she did..but she did not know I went..I trained her dog for a month to be very obedient and not growl and even used the fake hand training..and I have have 3 cats the pitbull got along w my kitties…a month later my neighbor was crying about her dog…I said geuss what..I trained your dog and she’s a perfect angel and gave the dog back to her..that was 6 years ago and the dog is still perfect…and my neighbor became my wife..go figure…life happens…

    1. Wow !!! What a story !!! So many dogs…especially pitties…are owner surrendered and killed in US shelters everyday..Most have minimal behavioral issues. Inadvertently.caused by the owners..easily fixed. You proved it!!…Some don’t even have issues.. Great story!! She must have thought she was dreaming !!!!!

  5. Really amazing how you’re working to find his “triggers” and will be working with him to overcome (or minimalize) them. You really are educating the owner (God bless her for finding you and taking steps to make the GS a “better” dog. Can’t wait to see follow-ups on his progress.
    Y’all Be Safe!

  6. A very emotional video. The most striking feature is your compassion with this dog. You speak of ‘battle’ but even during the struggle, your compassion shines through.

  7. What a wonderful dog owner. Instead of dumping her dog at a shelter where the outcomes aren’t often good, she decided to put in the work. Sometimes simple things like this are very moving.

    1. @Sunny Bright [ …] “whould have been put his crazy …” I don’t know what you’re trying to say. You know a person has mental health issues when they are screaming through their keyboard but the spelling and syntax is all wrong. Instead of getting angry try getting smarter. It’s only to your benefit. Oh, and it likes it’s own posts. That singular act is seven different types of pathetic simultaneously. Next time, fewer hits from the pipe before posting, OK Sunny whatev’s?

    2. It’s the dog owners fault the dog is like this so dam right she better fix what she did. From the very beginning I establish alpha in my house never had a dog with aggression issues

    3. This dog would not have made it out of a shelter, a lot of shelters wouldn’t even take in a dog this aggressive let alone let them leave the shelter alive. I’m glad she took the time and spent the money to get training, and it may not be her fault GSDs are prone to human aggression due to genetics. Good for her for committing to the dog she brought into her home a lot of people would not have kept handling this dog

  8. I really like how you put this type of aggression in context, breaking it down into basic constituents to be dealt with systematically. You’ve given me some great talking points I can use with my clients, as I don’t seem to be able to relate well to them as well as you do. Thanks for the much needed conversation on managing triggers, and vacillating pressure thus, giving him an opportunity to regroup and make real decisions, rather than acting out viscerally.

  9. I’m always so impressed by your dog sense. The fact that you treat each dog as the individual they are is something all dog trainers should be doing.

  10. Excellent! As always I appreciate your insight and ability to read a situation like this one, without labels or absolutes, while always keeping the main focus on what’s best for the dog. Being able to watch canine behavior and body language is incredibly helpful. 😊

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