Attract a New Car! by Joe Vitale

Attract a New Car! by Joe Vitale
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“Dear Joe,

My name is Carl.

I am a subscriber to your newsletters.  Most recently I was inspired by your “Attractor Factor” Amazon “number one quest”, so I bought my mother a copy of your book and had it wrapped and sent to her.  She loved it.

I like my evolution on the “Hurry Up” so, for me the software your friends produced was a great tool.  I put a BIG BIG BIG  list of desires out there to the universe.

I thought I’d share with you how I got my new motorbike.

I live in Bali, Indonesia and I rent a motorbike to travel around on.  The one that I have been renting was a couple of years old and begining to rattle and hum, so I started to think about getting a new one.

Then about two weeks ago I “made the decision” to get a new one, although I  wasnt sure how I was going to do this.

I was riding through the area where the shop is I rent the bike from and I had the intuition to drop in.  I talked to the owner and said I wanted to change my bike for something newer and could I test drive a couple of  different ones.

Off I went, roaring up and down the street on motorbikes.  Great fun 🙂

Having tested a few models, I decided I liked the one that I had been renting and  simply asked the owner if I could have a new one.

To my surprise he straight away said yes he would get me a brand new bike, if I would agree to a one year contract.  I counter offered with a six month contract and he agreed.

To be perfectly honest I was really quite surprised, as he didnt ask me for the six months money up front or an increase in the rental payments.

If you think about it, all I did was make a decison and ask.  And “Alakazam!” new bike for Carl and it didn’t cost me one cent more than I was already paying.  ( Moral of this little story is you don’t need to know where it’s going to come from, you just got to be absolutely clear that you want it and take action on your intuition)

By the way, my dogs love it to, they both ride the bike with me. I’ll send you a piccy if you like (I dont let them out on their own yet as they are still a bit young!)

Here’s the thing….

In the attractor factor software and in my affirmations I have asked for and affirmed “First Class” travel.  ( a new motor bike is first class travel in Bali, unless you like sitting in traffic jams in a car)

What I also did was to get out on the table and let go of a bunch of things I didn’t want.  That is something different that I have done.  I also let go of a bunch of resentments that had been lurking in the back ground.  More freedom? Why not!

Also my previous knowledge was to only focus on what you want.  What I found was that I came up with a better and clearer list of  what I wanted by looking at what I didnt want.

and here’s what else happened…

Last weekend , I did what we call a “visa run” to Malasia to renew my visa.  I booked my air ticket and then started looking at hotels.

Well, funily enough, the lesser star hotels no longer appealed to me and I ended up booking my self into the executive club floors of the Mandarin Oriental Hotel in Kualar Lumpur (5 Star+++).  I looked at all of the 5 star hotels before deciding on the Mandarin.

Then I looked at a standard room, and then a luxury room, and then a standard club exec room and then a super delux club exec room with a view onto the Petronius Twin Towers.

I ended up staying in an incredible room, with the best view on the top floor of the hotel.

I also felt compelled to order a chauffeur driven Mercedes to pick me up from the airport ( Luv it!)  It was a pristine E-Class Mercedes and it felt sooooo good! Pile on the luxury!

Stranger still….or maybe not…

When I was in the hotel, I found myself compelled to order the best Mercedes they had at the hotel to take me back to the airport.  So on my return journey I  was chauffeur driven in a brand new S-class Mercedes. Now that was something else!  ( Bently are next 🙂 )

You know, the interesting thing is that it only cost me about $300 more than I would have spent on an average hotel and a taxi return to the airport.

I  am consistently working upon myself Joe, but there have been significant changes in the last couple of weeks, something has shifted.  From now on it’s first class travel for me all the way.

Im off to Brazil for a workshop week after next and I already booked a economy flight, but today I started making enquiries about business class.  I know I’ll fly business class.

I didnt actually listen in on your calls as the time zones are pretty different, but I will listen to the audios when they come out.  If you would like to use this story please feel free to.

I have attached a picture of me and my S-class Merc.  If you like I’ll get a photo of me and my two dogs on the motorbike for you.

Wishing you all the SUCCESS you can IMAGINE Joe!!!

The consciousness of the planet is shifting… I can feel it. ( not to mention my own 🙂 )

Keep up the good work!”

Carl Bradbrook

The Abundance Consultant


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