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Attract & Keep Her Men’s Product Converts Warm & Cold Traffic

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Attract & Keep Her Men’s Product Converts Warm & Cold Traffic
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“Bought This…Women are Pursuing ME now! COMPLETE 180.”

Dude, I’m gonna be honest… I had a good feeling about AAKH, but daaaaaaamn Jim. My one big problem I had is that I could meet a girl. Yet I always had trouble keeping them around after 1 or 2 dates. Not only has AAKH helped me date up to 4 new girls a week, but I feel like now THEY are trying to stay in MY life. Complete 180.

Thanks again Jim.

– P.J. S.

“Want a High-Quality Girlfriend? Get AAKH Now!”

Jim, how did you do it man?!?! I’m genuinely blown away by the value you’ve delivered in A&KH (did I mention I’m only half-way through it?). If you want a high-quality girlfriend who’s going to stay around, it takes something MUCH DIFFERENT than gamy tactics. Coming from a dude who’s had “That Girl” as his girlfriend and lost her, I’ve had so many new things click while reading. My next girlfriend thanks you in advance brada.

P.S. So pumped for all the other badasses who this is going to help get to the next level.

– Scott P.

“AAKH Improved My Marriage!”

I highlighted so much of Attract and Keep Her’s guidance on building and maintaining a fun and healthy relationship. We all know the statistics on divorce and marital infidelity, not to speak of how many people are in unhappy marriages-I learned principles in this book that will allow me to avoid these types of outcomes.

Even as a happily married guy, I gained tremendous value from the book.  I’ve even used some of the book’s “openers” and other banter with my wife to great effect. I’m a better flirt and husband to the woman I love and this book has helped equip me with a framework and skills to build that relationship up so that it’ll be strong even when we’re both holding our grandkids, chasing each other around in the senior home with our walkers.

“Attract and Keep Her” is a one-of-a-kind guide that gives you the widest-ranging, most accessible advice related to the topic.

– Ali I.

“The “Bible” for interacting with women?”

With Attract and Keep Her, Jim has created the bible for interacting with women. From meeting the woman to “having fun” with the woman, all the way to marriage (if that’s what you want to do), he has created a step-by-step process to attracting any woman and keeping her interested forever.

In addition, he does it in a way that makes you a high value man and not like the 99% of other guys out there. So many lightbulbs turned on in my brain. I will definitely be referring back this book for the rest of my life. I believe I now have the confidence to control any situation with a woman. Attract and Keep Her is going to blow up. If not, good for me! I don’t want any girls to know about this!

– Dave H.

Every Guy Should Read This!”

“Attract and Keep Her” by Jim Wolfe demystifies male/female interaction from start to finish. My hope is that every guy will read it. In the book Jim teaches exactly how to BECOME the high value man that women are drawn to. He also shows that we women are not nearly as complicated and mysterious as we think and say we are. Guys, on behalf of women everywhere, read “Attract and Keep Her”!

– Savannah J.

“Fun to Read!!”

Hey man,

I like your style, that’s not new, but here you have reached a whole new level of sincere and constructive positivism! And this is without bragging about it, without pushing or forcing your reader into changing themselves.

There are too many self improvement experts these days. You are different Jim, because of your broader perspective and your genuine value-spreading attitude. Thank you for creating Attract and Keep Her and for being such an awesome guy!

– Pavel T.

One aspect of the book that I really appreciate is its firm commitment to ethics.

It’s a book that posits the world is a better place when more people are in happy relationships with people who they really like, and then it builds towards that goal by providing men with guidance on how to go about building themselves in a way in which they can meet the types of women and build the types of relationships that enable that outcome.

– John D.

“I’ve Read Everything Out There; AAKH is Unique and Powerful!”

I’ve read a lot of PUA & dating material over the last 10 years so I definitely know what’s good & what’s not. Forget fancy pick up lines & expensive dinners: Jim easily crushes some common dating myths.

The information in chapter one on how to carry yourself with regards to your inner game was my favourite chapter.Combine this mindset with the guidance Jim gives from your first meeting, through to dating & multiple meet ups right through to the long term relationship stage, Attract Her & Keep her is a solid read I would recommend to anyone who struggles with women in the modern day.

– Stephen W.

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The end result?

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