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Attraction Arsenal – Seductive Introvert

Attraction Arsenal – Seductive Introvert
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Using Michael Chief’s techniques has skyrocket my game! I have been using his stuff for just a little while now. I consider it as one of my best decisions to follow what he teaches.

I changed a lot! Now it is easy to open a girl in even unusual situations like in the metro. I recently had sex with a girl I opened on the metro, while my friends would be scared to death to open a girl when everybody around is watching!

Now it is all easy and I am confident because, I know most sets I open hook. On multiple occasions my friends ask me what my secret is, as they can see how much his stuff improved my game.

The single most important change in my life: I now have multiple girls I can have sex with. This was always my goal in PUA! In the past, sex was really the rare occasion. I hated this! Now I usually have two girls I have sex with per week, and I feel so much more relaxed. I simply know I can get new girls just by going out. No more neediness!

Thanks Michael Chief, for the super fun times! Since reading Attraction Arsenal I have had 5 new lays.

I emailed Michael Chief with my questions over time and I learned that he is incredibly skilled in teaching pickup. He is also trustworthy, so quite the exception compared to some PUA companies out there.

Get your copy! It’s incredible value for your money!

(The grammar in this testimonial has been edited because English is not this student’s first language)

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