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Automatic Article Adsense Income (3.A.I.) Method! – Make $100 Daily!

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the quest for affiliate income and financial success online,
have you been looking for a way to earn money that isn’t full
of empty promises and hyperbole? Sick of the spammy methods
and dubious ‘techniques’ sold to you by equally scammy “gurus”?
Well then here’s one for you that you can take to the bank:
Allow me to present a simple yet effective method of turning
articles into little automatic money makers for you.

won’t be ‘hinting’ at what this is about – I will tell you
straight up. I won’t make bold silly claims – you get the
simple facts. There is no “secret” technique or
method to talk about here – only a method that works. (I hate
hyperbole as much, if not more than anyone else).

put, this method you will get, is a system and a plan to help
you make that leap from unfocused online success, to focused
affiliate income. With this method, your income will come
through the power of adsense. That will be your primary source
of income. No, adsense is not dead. Only the methods used
to promote your adsense methods might be.

of your other income will come through affiliate sales. Of
what products? Well, that’s up to you. Whatever products you
can promote that are relevant to your article, are exactly
where this will come into play.

Has Nothing To Do With


hold on… I hear the question in your mind; what is the method
you ask?

simply put it is is using the power of articles.
Yep, articles. The past, present and future of promotion for
online materials. They’re not going anywhere. From “bum
marketing” to back link creation. The power of articles
are here to stay forever. How would you like you daily
income from adsense to look like this?:


wait; “who wants to sit around writing articles just
to get backlinks?
” I hear you say. And I say “AHA!!!!!”.
This is NOT your typical article promotion method. Au contraire!
This is article promotion with a rather unique twist.

than tell you the twist, I’ll tell you the result
of the twist if you apply it. You will have “x”
number of articles written. These articles will have adsense
on them – your adsense (most of the time;
hint, hint). Sometimes, these articles will also have links
to affiliate products. Once you reach that magic “X”
number, you stop and watch your passive income roll in. What
is this magic number? – Read Chapter 11.

I don’t recommend you write the articles. I recommend you
“produce” the articles. I of course give a few sources
(free and paid) where you can get articles on any topic you
want, and what to do with them.


I make more than $100 a day?
– There are no gurantees
of exactly how much you’ll make, because the amount
will fluctuate, but the more articles you “set up”
the more, you’ll make!

I need any other products/software?

– No, you don’t “need” any, but.. I recommend a
few to speed up the process. I even recommend a couple of
free alternatives (One of them is the firefox browser and
a certain plugin 🙂

How Long Does It Take? – About
30 days if you follow the plan. 30 days to set up a passive
income stream indefinitely. Now this isn’t set in stone. You
could finish the set up in LESS than 30 days if you wish.
If you do, it will take you less time to set up your passive
income from articles. Of course it could also take you longer
to set up the “magic number” of articles – if you
start off being lazy. You’ll still have a nice income coming
in regardless. It’s adsense! You’ll start earning immediately.

there a money back guarantee?

– Yes – as long as you put in the work as stated in Chapter
11. If you do and make no money, you get your money back.


engine behind this method is knowing “WHERE” your
articles should be. This alone is worth the price of this
ebook. I show you where (Chapter4) and more places (Chapter
13). I am sure most of you have never heard of all these places
even if you’ve heard of a couple.

is an ebook jam packed with 19 pages of info. No empty spacing.
Just the “meat” of this technique. You will understand
it once you read it.

is delivered immediately via direct download.
Not $57.00

Hi Dhîra,
I just downloaded the update thank you……………

I’ve found that I
had few clicks and gain few $$ also by doing your method
so I believe this method is working much better if I
can submitting more articles
at more articles
submission and with the automation tool

“This eBook is very well written,
and it shows you a solid method to make money

from AdSense and affiliate links.

Pages 3-4 is a summary of the method.

Page 5 shows you the
required tools to automate this method. (some tools are
optional, but were recommended to make things even easier).

Page 6 contains a real
golden list of websites you need to signup (free) i order
to use this method.

(I think this list by itself worth more than the price
of the report!)

Pages 7-8 goes into the
method in more details… and explains the “do’s”
and “dont’s”

Pages 9-11 Talks about
potential income (very convincing & achievable). These
pages explains in details what you need to do ……

HINT: it could take near
to 25 days to reach the … milestone (or might take 5
days, if you are really really active & automating
this the right way).

Pages 12-15 are giving
you more ideas to maximize the usage of this method, like
more automation, more ‘scaling’ & profit maximization.

All in all… it was
a good read, and I’m sure that if someone apply these
detailed steps, he/she would certainly earn good money
from using this method.

My $0.02″ – Tim

“….after skimming
all 15 pages, I have to admit this is a pretty good method.

There’s no fluff in 3.A.I
and it shows you exactly, step-by-step on how to do this
method. It also gives links to resources that can help
automate and/or speed up the method allowing more money
to be made. In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if you could
outsource this method today simply by sending your worker
the eBook.

There seems to be an
unlimited potential in terms of scalability so $100 a
day is a no-brainer although like most things in life,
you only get what you put in.

All in all, a very solid
method.” –

report goes into detail about a method that combines adsense,
affiliate links and articles. The best thing about this
method, other than generating passive income, is that
it is completely free – no startup cost, no hidden costs.

I particularly like page
6 with the list of valuable websites and I agree with
timtim2500 – it is well worth the price of the report.

The analysis of how much
you can make is very conservative, and I can easily see
it becoming $300 a day in one month if you use the right
niches. I used this method a few months ago (and it still
brings me some money on a residual basis) but never in
a structured way or using all the resources Dhîra
explores and I can verify that it does work. Now that
have this information I will be exploring the method again.

All in all, I think this
is perfect for people who don’t have money to start their
online business and want a step-by-step structured method
instead of a scattered collection of information.”
Miguel Oliveira

“There are very
few WSOs in the market which explain a process clearly.
This ebook is targeted towards newbies who are ready to

It is definitely worth
at least $30 because the method is unique and original.”
Sandeep Shah

“This is a pretty
cool method and I can definitely see how one could realistically
hit the $100 per day mark by following the step-by-step
instructions Dhîra outlines in the report.

What I like about this
method is it creates monthly passive income once you’ve
done the initial work. Make no mistake, there is work
involved but it’s not complicated and the steps are broken
down into

daily steps that makes it manageable.

I always emphasize how
attention to the small details can spell the difference
between success or failure with a method. I really appreciate
how Dhîra leaves no stone unturned and does an excellent
job of covering every little detail needed from start
to finish.

If you’re already into
article marketing then you should definitely give this
a look.

Nice job Dhîra,
thanks for sharing your method!

Matt” – Matthew

“I found this report
to be a great, to-the-point, no BS report worth every
penny. I had actually thought of doing something similar
to this a few months back as a way to get paid for my
articles and for backlinks simultaneously, but wasn’t
sure how well the possible backlink option would work
for me.

Now? I’m not even worried
about backlinks. I can see this being a great way to make
some extra income from article that I already have written.

I would liked to have
seen more info about from the author about each site that
he mentions in the report. Info like things to do, things
not to do, article lengths for each of them, just more
detailed info about them individually, but I can always
read up on them myself.

Anyway, this report was
worth the price.

Thanks!Chris” – Chris

is delivered immediately via direct download.
Not $57.00

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