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Why can’t I connect to ANY wifi access point?

I can see wifi access points in range, but cannot connect to them. Open or secured makes no difference. What could be causing my issue?


Are you accessing the same AP with either open or WPA2 connections? If you are your Cable router may be limited on how many connections it can allow access though.

I would go to a coffee shop some where which has an open WiFi service and see if it connects that way if it does that points back to your setup as being the issue Vs the iPad.

If you still can’t connect on the coffee shop’s open WiFi service I would erase the iPad and reload everything. Ouch!


How to unlock iPad when its linked with an apple account?

I bought an iPad 4 second handed. I’m not sure what is wrong with it. I restored it to factory settings and now when i try to activate it , it keeps asking me for the previous owners apple ID and i
don’t have his number anymore.. What should i do? Is my iPad pretty much bricked forever?


Please try to activate the iPad . If iPad shows this device is linked with ( then it can be removed easily. if shows this device has been lost or stolen then cannot do anything.

Normal Process: Requirement is the POP(Invoice of the device). If you have the bill of this device.

Just call AppleCare they will assist you better. They will remove this within 3 days. Only if device not been stolen or lost.

AppleCare need only device bill and tell them you are unable to activate the iPad.

For iPad 2,3,4 there is a hardware solution by changing some resistors and by converting from cellular GSM or cellular CDMA to wifi model also possible can be done vice versa which will require to
solder GSM board or CDMA board to wifi model.


Can I use a hot plate to remove an S4 digitizer?

I’m sure most people here know that heating up an S4 digitizer with a hairdryer and removing it that way can be quite a chore. I’m just wondering if anyone has ever used a hot plate to do this
instead? Is it a good idea? If so what temperature do I set it to without damaging the S4?


Yes, set it to 65C, 5 minutes on each side leave the S4 on the hot plate while taking it off.


Gray lines on LCD after screen replacement, now iPad wont power



Do a hard reset. By unplugging the logic board you effectively did a hard reset. And also try completely disconnecting the logic board and reinstalling it. 

“Ghost touching after digitizer replacement”

I replaced the digitizer of a white S4  and after a while of use the S4 started registering random touches, typing random words and stuff like that. i thought it was the digitizer so i got a
second one and its doing the same thing. The digitizer flex cable seems to be tightly in.


It sounds like you might have a hardware or a software issue, try to open up the device and make sure all cables are on correctly by removing and reinserting. It May also be a ribbon connector issue.
If that doesn’t work you may have to do a restore or a factory reset. 

Try Below First:


1. Super clean the digitizer contacts and seat them firmly. 

2. Flatten the frame to within a 1/16th of an inch.

3. I Changed ribbon connector.

The first two digitizers were jittery. I returned the first one but since they are so cheap I just bought a third one which I used in the final repair. So there is a small chance that the first two
were defective or I didn’t seat them good enough (but I doubt it.) I also might have over-heated one of them in my attempt to seat it on the warped frame. But the final digitizer is working great and
so I am betting on the warped frame being the culprit.


My Smartphone shows charging symbol, but is not charging…

it is showing the charging symbol, but not charging… What is going on?


Be sure that you are charging using the correct wall adapter like this one here. Also make sure that the charging cable is not longer than three feet (or one meter). There is too much voltage drop
for the Smarphone to charge properly on most longer cables. Some Smartphones also will not properly charge when plugged in to a PC or Mac – not enough voltage over the normal USB connection.

Most of what I see is hardware failures, and this is a common one called ‘fake charging’ that can happen after water damage or drop damage damages in phones which causes a hardware fault on the logic
board. I had an S3 mini lately that had a similar problem—charging okay but the battery percentage never went up or down….that one turned out to be a tiny resistor near the battery connector had
rubbed off.


S4 fake charging is probably a burned U2 charging ic chip, just like in the S3. I have seen this a lot this year

I know it’s kind of late to answer this but to anyone who have this issue, it’s your charger cable, in the cable there are a few wires for different things, I don’t know exactly which does what,
but some of them are for charging , some of them are for USB connection , I think those wires for charging are damaged and when you plug it in , Smartphones thinks it’s connected to the charger
because of those wires that are not damaged yet…you should buy another charger cable, like I do , every single month !

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