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Best ultimate pit bull protection guard dog attack trained family pitbull k9 Achilles

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The ultimate family protection dog in one package. He has never been on an e collar and can work just as good without any collar or leash. Achilles the bluenose pit bull is a super intelligent loyal loving dog that can protect and work while being the best kids nanny and family dog. He is a joy to be around and loves everyone until turned on. He's very stable and doesn't get protective unless specifically signalled. I prefer the pit bull because as a breed, they generally lack human aggression and make horrible guard dogs, a properly bred one that is.
The want to full fill their owners wishes gives them the ability to do multiple things well. A good dogs starts with a good owner and i would like to change the perception that surrounds the breed. He competes and we are hoping to do things no other pit bull has done before. His offspring carry his phenomenal intelligent stable temperament and healthy muscley genetics.
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56 thoughts on “Best ultimate pit bull protection guard dog attack trained family pitbull k9 Achilles”

    1. Here in Oz about 75% of killed and/or injured  children  are killed/injured by their  own mothers.  Perhaps get a  large  dog to protect  the  toddlers  from their mother?

    1. @William Wilde Don`t forget this is just trained animal bro.Why so serious .At least they can guard you when you are alone to fight.We must accept that is very incredible training.Peace….

    2. @William Wilde been 5 years and still gotta call you a whopper. Dogs came from wolves so they still have instincts and traits you melon. Just like at house cats and their bigger counterparts

    3. @MELODiiC yeah, a sausage dog and a wolf have so many things in common…they even look exactly the same, not. Even the breeds that are closest to wolves (came about through natural selection such as a CAS) are so removed they only share minimal traits. But modern breeds specifically designed by humans…please. The intense training has killed any instinct their was, rendering the dog useless in situations it hasnt trained for/no person to give an order.

    4. I’ve heard this can possibly lead to the dog redirecting onto the person with leash. But I’m not a pro so… is very dramatic.

  1. I have to say. That’s the best control of a dog I’ve ever seen. Most police dogs won’t let go even if commanded to.

    1. Police don’t train off command because it is unreliable, a dog may or may not listen in an adrenaline filled, drive focussed state, so they rather choke the dog off which is reliable method

  2. Gabriella Cumberbatch

    Love how the beginning shows them being friendly and obedient, unlike what so many people think them to be. Dogs can be protectors and friends

  3. Watching this was very heart warming
    He loves the training
    & also seeing him so focused
    Is both admirable & amazing
    If anything this helps me get what I want out of my blue nose
    Who’s only 4 months & over 60lb
    Definitely loved watching this video

  4. This literally brought tears to my eyes just seeing how perfect of a dog he is. Beautiful boy you have and you are an awesome dad.

    1. Birdbrain Solutions

      @Bulletproof Pitbulls Watching this video a year later, can confirm, brought tears to my eyes as well.. Very well done and a very handsome good boy

    2. @Lenor Leon Who the hell said I wanted a dog dumbas s? lmao seriously when did i ever even remotely say this im just speaking facts pitbulls need to be banned for all the hospitalizations they are causing yearly and pet deaths, its a fighting dog not a “misunderstood” project where you think you can fix the “bad boys” or whatever your brain is thinking I dont know why you are defending those things you obviously dont care about other people’s pets

  5. I have to agree with the precision statement . Ive seen alot of dog training of amazing animals . But this video the reaction time of that pitt to the command is like not even a millisecond . I mean its just 0 to 1000k no matter what . Im a former pit owner an fan . His pattern is beautiful . Youre right . Their is no price you can put on that .

  6. I absolutely love this. It shows how well trained and stimulated this breed can become to be the best companions.

    1. @Gerard T These dogs are trained to guard and recognize threats, not “maul a kid’s face off on the street”. Pit bulls that attack people for no reason do so because they have no obedience training.

    2. @ThEmAdJaCkHaTtEr knife probably wouldn’t do the trick 🤣🤣 you wouldn’t even have time to stab.. you’d be screaming in pain.. only thing that would save you would be a gun and you better already have it out.. Otherwise gg

  7. The best dog training and a dog trainer I have ever seen in my life lots of love to you and your dog sir huge respect

  8. Your dog training is very impressive, especially how the dog attacks one person & on command stops & goes for next attacker, your dog loves you so much , awesome vid 🇦🇺

  9. What an amazing dog, huge props to the trainer that is the best examples of a protection dog I’ve ever seen. It was all muscle and teeth!!

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