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Download the breakthrough teleseminar that everyone is

talking about, and witness as your life transforms automatically!

– Drop unwanted pounds of fat!

– Gain lean muscle mass

– Enhance your metabolism

– Shape your body the way YOU want it to be

– Strengthen your bones, tendons, and ligaments

– Enhance your posture

– Feel younger and more vital

– Gain an abundance of vibrant energy

– Feel comfortable in your body

– Manifest the highest version of YOU that has been

waiting to come out!

After the success of the wealth attraction program I did with

Dr. Joe Vitale called “Money Beyond Belief,” I received a lot of

requests for other things people wanted to manifest in ways that

were beyond their current beliefs.

Perhaps more prevalent than any other was, “How do I use these

tools to create a better body?”

These requests came from folks who wanted to lose weight as

well as those who were body builders looking for a greater degree

of physical excellence. I knew that the outside world is a reflection

of what is going on inside – and this is likewise true of our physical

being. The conditions of the outer body are a reflection of the

conditions of our inner self. And EFT has an excellent track record

of helping folks create healthier bodies from the inside out.

I knew I had to create a program called “BODY BEYOND BELIEF.”

But while I have excellent health, I am not an expert in physical

fitness, and felt that the presence of such a guru was important

for such a project.

So, naturally, I manifested one…

Personal Trainer extraordinaire Christopher Pinckley showed up

“coincidentally” at this time with a sense that such a program

could benefit countless people, and contacted me in hopes that I

might have an interest in combining our respective know-how. Funny

how it works…

The result is a breakthrough program in the form of over four hours

of audio, primarily made up of live work with participants to tap

through their limiting beliefs and behaviors that had stood in the

way of their physical goals.

As you tap along with the recordings, whether the stated issues

seem to be exactly the same as yours or not, shifts will be taking

place inside that will create an opening to better physical fitness

than you have ever experienced.

And – it will feel easier. This is not simply a matter of pumping you

up to go subject yourself to pain so as to conform to societal ideals

of physical beauty. This is a matter of clearing the internal resistance

to having a healthier body – one that feels right.

You will find yourself more easily and naturally taking care of

yourself – inside and out.

And you deserve that.

Be Magnificent!

Brad Yates


– Feel motivation and inspiration come rocketing back into your life!

– Overcome self doubt and gain the strength and clarity to take action

to reclaim your health and well being.

– Release unconscious self sabotage mechanisms that have been

keeping you from experiencing the body that you have always

dreamed of!

– Heal yourself from the inside out by healing and releasing limiting

beliefs about your body.

– Reprogram yourself by stripping away ideas that no longer work for

you and watch as your body responds by stripping away unwanted

pounds that no longer work for it!

Click here now to download!EFT or Emotional Freedom Technique is a unique style of

mind-body psychology designed to release emotional energetic

patterns in your body that keep you stuck in old, outdated

behavioral patterns. It has been discovered that by tapping on

certain key points on the body, know as meridians or acupuncture

points, and verbalizing your emotions that you can release this

old energy. When you release this old emotional baggage you are

free to create the life of your dreams!

Personal training is a better known field, especially with the advent

of many new TV shows about it. Most people have had a trainer or

know someone who has had one. The number one job of the trainer

has been and always will be to get their clients motivated and keep

them showing up. When you combine personal training with

rehabilitation you get a unique perspective that is designed to

motivate and heal the body at the same time. The end result is

someone who has a leaner, fitter body without any aches and pains.

is designed to move through the energetic

and emotional blockages that are keeping you from creating the

body that you have always dreamed of. You will literally tap your

way into a more enhanced version of yourself, the self that you

always knew was inside waiting to be free. All the blockages that

are keeping you from experiencing the body that you deserve will

be removed, the rest is easy!

Order now and experience your birthright!——————————————————————-

Hanging out with Brad helped me to redefine my personal definition

of “generosity.” We discussed the value of our entire package and

here’s what we came up with:

– 3 Amazing tele-classes of Health, Fitness, Motivation, Inspiration,

Weight Loss, Muscle Gain, and Rehabilitation with Brad Yates and

Christopher Pinckley utilizing the quantum tap technique valued at

$197 per class

– A unique one on one interview between EFT Wizard Brad Yates

and Master Trainer Christopher Pinckley, priceless

– Bonus Special Fitness Report by Christopher Pinckley $19.97

– Tapping into Vibrant Health with Brad Yates $37.00

This entire package valued at $647.97 right?

Trust me when I say that if you follow the BODY BEYOND BELIEF

program that you will experience a profound difference in your health,

fitness, and well being. As a professional fitness trainer in the field

of fitness for over twenty years, I thought I had seen it all. And then

we created this program and it took my own personal fitness to a

whole new level!

So, did Brad want to cut the price in half? Nope. Did Brad want to

charge only a third of the total value? Nope. Did Brad want to charge

a mere

of the total value putting the price at a ridiculously low

$193.74? Nope, and nope again.

Finally, Brad explained to me that the most important thing was to

make sure that

E who needed it would be able to afford it,

and I had to agree.

There are so many challenges in life already that sometimes just

trying to get through the day can be the greatest challenge of all.

So we finally decided to discount this program to the low price of

for the complete package so you can get started right away!

Take advantage of our amazing offer so that you too can enjoy creating

your own

. You deserve it and you are worth it!

Sincerely and with joy and enthusiasm,

Christopher A. Pinckley, cpt

Please note: While you will receive great benefits from tapping,

purchase and use of any of the EFT programs on this site signifies

that you have read and understood the disclaimer, and have agreed

to its terms.

Your credit card statement will show a charge from CLKBANK*COM.

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