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Border Collie Puppy Training – 10 Skills To TEACH FIRST!

If you're a Border Collie puppy owner, you're probably quickly discovering that your puppy can learn the bad habits just as quickly as they learn the good ones. In this Border Collie puppy training tutorial, you'll see Instructor Carol Lawrence (a 4X Disc Dog World Champion) teach us the first 10 things that she is teaching to her 9-week-old Border Collie puppy. Her puppy has only been with her for 4 days! So making the most of her time with her puppy is really important. Understanding some of the natural motivators for a Border Collie can be really helpful when it comes to training a puppy. Carol will talk about how she takes advantage of some of these things and how she avoids some puppy training pitfalls that Border Collie owners may run into!

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35 thoughts on “Border Collie Puppy Training – 10 Skills To TEACH FIRST!”

    1. Glad you’re enjoying our videos, Mandee! The progress bar made totally sense to me when I was chatting with another YouTube creator. Glad to hear it’s helpful! Thank you for watching ~Ken

    1. I know Border Collies are intelligent but should you try to focus on one of these exercises at a time or can they handle learning multiple exercises at once?

  1. We’ve just rescued an adult collie cross and I’m astounded how clever he is, easy to train in one sense, but also doesn’t miss anything!

    1. They certainly are. Our BC once growled at me as I was going to sit next to her on the sofa (never heard her growl before), I guess she was warning me not to sit on her legs, I was quite offended that she would think I’d do that and said word for word:-
      “ohh! If you’re worried about me sitting on you how about next time I come back to sit next to you you sit up, let me sit down and then lay back down against me?”
      Every single time since she would sit up on the sofa, allow me to sit down and then would return to sprawling over me

  2. Great trainer with great tips. However, I didn’t hear her say that these type of trainings must continue daily and at 10 – 15 mins at a time. Otherwise, a few mins weekly won’t do anything positive.

    1. Haha she’s quite a spectacular little pup, Wendy! Glad you enjoyed watching her “work”! Thanks for watching ~Ken

  3. These videos are super helpful, thanks! I wonder if you could also comment or make a video about teaching an older dog good behavior. I recently adopted a 1 year old from a shelter and would like some advice about how to help her unlearn ‘bad’ habits and learn good ones.

    1. Genevieve Mathis I have had rescue dogs as well. My last was 5 years old when I got him. I typically do the same work with an older dog. Much of what we do with pups is preventative. Ie avoiding handling issues, food bowl possession, pulling on the leash, etc. But it works for all dogs. Just means it may take a little longer if they have to unlearn a behaviour. If you are having specific issues check out the library of videos. It’s very extensive.

    1. If you want high energy, get a Brittany Spaniel 🙂 But you better be ready to deal with him LOL! He was bred to run dead out, no resting, no stopping, no piddling for 10 straight hours. Next day, he can do it again!!!

  4. thank you soooooo much you helped me create a plan to present to my parents so that I can convince them to get me a collie (:

  5. I’ve just picked up my first border collie pup and will be using these training methods from today onwards. Really helpful and informative, thank you!

  6. First off thanks for this info it has been a while since I trained a dog and this breed looks more challenging than my last! I am going to be a first time Border Collie owner and looking to get to socializing and training early and frequent. How often and frequently should these exercises take place? Also, do you guys mostly use the dog food as the treat or do you have training treats?

    1. I use his kibble. I’ve tried to use treats before, but he loves his kibble more 😛 I train him with his lunch and/or dinner kibble so i’m not feeding him an excess amount of food! He listens like crazy when I use kibble and when I use actual treats he will get distracted and just walk away. Try both and see what your pup likes(start with the kibble first). I bought a bunch of treats but my pup seems to like his kibble a lot more.

  7. Home, Style & Beauty Scenery

    Great video! Thanks! My border collie is 18 yrs old so she gets her way most of the time. She’s still very energetic.

  8. This was such a good video! I am new to border collies, my husband convinced me this was the dog for us. So right our 11month old border collie is amazing. Loves learning and is such a great pup.

  9. Great video, we’re picking up out border collie pup on Saturday and your videos have helped me feel less daunted that I was before. Thank you!

  10. Collecting our first collie pup, from Scotland in October. We have an older Labrador and this refresher training for us has been invaluable Thank you xx

  11. This trainer, she seems amazing. I love how she interacts with the puppy.
    I dunno why I’m actually watching, I lost my border last year and is not even ready for a new yet.

    1. It never stops hurting when they go, but if you’re watching puppy videos then it’s safe to say you will be ready for the next doggy adventure soon

  12. THANK YOU!! Very few of the other training videos I’ve seen include dogs of the same age/drive as my 10 wk old aussie girl. Lifesaver!

  13. Thanks a lot for your video, I really love how you explain and talk to your pup. The real pro ! As how I felt in love with your channel. It is very interesting that you made some videos for new border collies owners 🙂 Our puppy of 5 months is amazing while I am alone with her. But when my children are at home or when we are outside it is VERY difficult. Our collie thinks that they are sheeps and is always running behind them trying to nip them. Do you have some tips for BC owners with small kids ?

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