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Build insane strength and mad skills with progressive calisthenics

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Build insane strength and mad skills with progressive calisthenics
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But it wasn’t always that way…

Although I was making progress it took me years to get to the point where stunts like human flag, planche, one arm pushup or pullups were not impossible anymore.


I was making mistakes;

I didn’t know how should I work out

I was getting stuck and had no idea why

I didn’t have enough knowledge;

There was nobody to guide me;

I had no idea how and what to train

My progress was so slow, I was getting demotivated

I was missing a system to follow and get better every day

So I experimented… for years and it was PAINFUL…

And even with programs like Convict Conditioning coming out, it was hard. CC have a very limited number of progressions and do not pay attention to skill work, balance, flexibility and mobility which makes it impossible to progress if you are a beginner (I’ve been there).

I saw on my own skin how

well structured progressive calisthenics can give you insane strength

muscle gains and fat loss while still protecting your joints and conditioning your body.

All naturally. I didn’t need a gym. I Didn’t need a barbell. I don’t need a box. There was just ,me, my body and a bar…

Progressive Calisthenics is straightforward in its principles…yet…

Yet every day I get emails from all of you asking me how to get started. For years I have been teaching and perfecting the art of bodyweight strength training and although there is so much information out there its extremely confusing and unhelpful for somebody who has no previous experience with bodyweight strength training.

That’s why I have created this guide…

So you don’t need to spend years figuring it out… Instead, Just Follow the Proven System For Superhuman Strenght…

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