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Can a Pig Be Trained? | It’s Me or The Dog

It's time for dog training expert Victoria Stilwell to face her biggest challenge yet… training a pig! Mud the micro-pig is the latest addition to the family and his owners have no idea how to train him. Can Victoria use cross-animal training techniques to help Mud learn to walk on a leash?

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It's Me or the Dog is a TV show where you can watch some fantastic dogs and get some tips on training your furry friend! Why do dogs hump? Why do dogs bite? Why do dogs bark? All these questions and more will be answered with the help of dog training expert Victoria Stilwell!


Learn puppy training and dog training techniques that can help turn your life around and get your canine companion under control with Full episodes from the show!


77 thoughts on “Can a Pig Be Trained? | It’s Me or The Dog”

    1. @Marzella – Hell probably be dead by now then. These small pigs usually only live around 5 years due to all their hath issues.. and people that purchase them contribute to their torture and inhumane breeding programmes.

    1. @elise discohand Greater can sell a normal pig for about a 100 or a micro for about a grand and You know the difference when their babies especially when Microsoft don’t even exist

    2. @Mike Belcher
      *I don’t even know what you said- but I commented like months ago like hell maybe even a year ago why are you replying to this now*

    3. @Ambers Oswald Plush no time limit on replies, I’m guessing you’re new with this, I don’t care if you would come in 2 years ago and if it’s something that’s not true you’re probably gonna hear it from somebody this time it was me

    1. I just hope that they realize that even though it’s a mini pig it’s still going to get huge because it’s a pig because a lot of people get mini pigs that small thinking they stay tiny because they are mini pigs and end up getting rid of them because they are still huge

    2. @Eon I know but they technically are “mini” because they don’t get as big as normal pigs that are used for meat. Pot belly pigs are smaller than regular pigs but they are still a pig so they still get massive. I live next to a pig farm and the pigs they use for meat get huge compared to pigs that are usually pets.

    3. not nice at all as they accepted to separate so small piglet way to early .Just to explain i am saying this as person who had small pigs and yes this baby should be with mother still at least for month or more no not nice at all

  1. Thesomeonewhoyouusedtoknow2

    Ive had a lot of mini-pigs so here are my thougts on this:

    – The way they pick the pig up (from the stomach) is very uncomfortable for them, so thats why he squeals
    – Mini-pigs ARE a thing, theyre MUCH smaller than ”regular” pigs but they NEVER stay that small, more like a medium sized dog depending on how much you feed them. If you know that it wont be a shock, but calling them ”micro” or ”Tea-cup” pigs is false advetisement.
    – Pigs are VERY smart, they can learn a lot (Especially with food as the reward). They can learn things and tricks even faster than dogs, and are cleaner than dogs.
    – Pigs personality is more like a cat than a dog. Theyre more independent and stubborn, and care about their personal space. BUT you have to be very firm with them so they dont become the ”boss” of the household.
    – Some pigs are more docile, some have a more ”difficult” personalities, but they are lovely Pets who get along with other people and pets (this pig is probably gonna think its a dog because its gonna Grow up with other dogs)

    All in all pigs are lovely pets, but you have to know what youre getting yourself into!

    Extra: if youre allergic to animals, a pig is a very good pet because they shed less dandruff so you wont have nearly the same allergic reactions as with a cat

    1. @Fruit Rollup i would hold it like you would a cat i always hole my hand under there butt and on there back so your not putting pressure on there tummys or lungs

    2. it’s not dandruff that we are allergic to, it’s DANDER. Completely different thing. And for many people, they don’t realize it’s an enzyme in the saliva that they’re actually allergic to rather than dander. Yes, pigs are hypoallergenic, but get the facts straight. At least you know about the “mini” pig scam.

    3. Or don’t buy them and contribute to the torture and inhumane breeding conditions of these poor animals.

      A pig can breed as young as 3 months old, so when “showing the parents” to people that know nothing about pigs they will assure their little pig will be that size fully grown when in fact the parents are probably babies themselves

      The reason they are small is due to inbreeding and starvation. Once you start feeding it, it will grow.

      Micro and teapot pigs are not a real thing, it’s just words used to make people buy these poor animals

      I am a farmer, I know about pigs.

    1. She was there for the dogs first,they just wanted to see if the pig could also benefit of her,she was already there so

    1. I have train different animals and once you understand the basic of positive training and use it on one animal, you can train any other animal, just have to apply what you learned with that first animal to the rest (basically what they do here with chickens and later with the pig… which is the same Victoria is doing in every episode with dogs).

  2. 2:37 Victoria’s reaction😂 “These people are the most eccentric people I have ever met”
    Love their big family❤️

    1. Probably was a relief for her cause 1 it was different then what she usually trains and 2 the pig wasn’t wild before they called her in

    1. @Voidaken self confidence comes from within and can be done without money. So money isn’t the main factor here. Just like you can have tons of money and not actually be “happy”. You should check out the documentary called “Happiness”, gives a really good look into what actually makes people happy and confident. Money and a big house isnt it.

    2. @cucumbers Obviously money doesn’t buy happiness. But there’s a second part to that saying. “But being poor CERTAINLY doesn’t buy happiness either.”
      When you have the money to afford whatever you want, you can live boisterously and without care about what others think of you because you have more money than them.
      I appreciate your suggestion. I will.

    3. @Voidaken what the documentary goes over sort of debates what you’re saying a little, that’s why i suggested it. Some of the poorest people are the happiest, everyone has a natural baseline of happiness (some lower than others regardless of finacial status) and that after a certain amount of money (i think they’ve calculated statistically 50,000 or something, dont quote me lol) you won’t gain anything mentally. No disrespect meant though in my previous comment. I respect your views.

    4. @cucumbers No I understand. You didn’t offend me. I definitely know that people who are poor can be incredibly happy. It’s just that their “poorness” did not contribute to their happiness. So like one cannot buy happiness when one is rich, one also can’t buy happiness when one is poor either. When one struggles to have shelter, security, or even put a meal on the table, his or her happiness is put on the backburner for survival.
      I’ll be interested in what the documentary goes over.

  3. Them: Calls in dog trainer to train a pig without telling her.
    Victoria: I have a friend outside with a different species animals
    Them: “Matt & I were freaking out. What kind of animal is it”.

  4. I love how they basically kinda live in a doll house world. Like yeah they’re weird but they’re so pure like they care about their pets more than a lot of people do their children

  5. Everyone is laughing about how they called a dog trainer to train their pig, but just think: if you found a really good dog trainer that you trusted and had good experiences with, wouldn’t you do the same? It’s not like pig trainers are a thing! And they started right away when he’s young instead of when he’s a 40lbs menace and can’t be taught. I think they made a good choice

    1. @Angel XOXO true but I really think they should not have got a pig it’s just so messy poops everywhere doesn’t understand anyone even their owners

    2. Pigs are wild lol I used to live near a farmer who had one named Bacon & he was something like 250-300lbs. He’d always bust down the fence & terrorize the neighborhood & my kid thought it was the funniest thing ever. Couldn’t imagine having to train one lmao.

    3. @shoto They’re more intelligent than dogs are, and are absolutely trainable. And they aren’t messy at all and certainly don’t poop everywhere.

  6. I love this actually. The difference between these people, and most of the others that appear on this show, these people show soooooo much love and care for all their children. You can see they put a massive amount of effort into caring for their babies. 🥰 they already put the work in, they just need direction. They are gonna do great and be happy😊

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