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Can I help this AGGRESSIVE Dog ? (Cesar911 Shorts)

In this Cesar911 Episode, I help a family who has gone through a recent heartbreaking event.

Leon, the family's dog, has developed aggressive behavior and has even bit someone.

If Cesar can't help solve this problem, Animal Control may be called in.

This episode focuses on holding onto the past and how our feelings and emotions can affect our dogs.

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60 thoughts on “Can I help this AGGRESSIVE Dog ? (Cesar911 Shorts)”

    1. Cesar I wish you could come to Alaska! I’m having a hard time with a rescue mutt. She’s wonderful to me but recently bit my neighbor and I’m terrified of losing her. She also attacked another neighbor’s dog. I’m becoming the person in the building everyone avoids because of my dog. 😭

  1. Watching these videos are sometimes the only thing that keeps me going in life. Cesar really makes a difference in both dogs and people

    1. @Denn die Toten reiten schnell Ahye, we just have rescue dogs, police dogs for attack, to locate drugs, dogs to guide blind people, dogs to comfort sick people, hunting dogs, the list goes on. So useless, buddy.

    1. Lmao, first dog fight I had to break up was a reactive pure bred golden retriever going after a Great Dane. These “family dogs” are still animals capable of the same behavior as the “scary pitbulls”

    2. @D Pina I completely agree, what you also find is people who have toy dog breeds, actually have worse trained dog’s they’ll bark at other dogs run up but because the owner’s can yank them back whilst staring at their phone’s it’s okay in their eye’s. All dog’s should be thoroughly trained.

    3. @Cameron Swift i work full time with dogs, can confidently say that toy breeds and “family dogs” have bitten me the most or have been the instigator In the most brutal dog fights. We had a Maltese get its ear ripped off by a rotty minding his own business. Yet the rotty was put down for over correcting, while the Maltese gets to go and freak out on another big dog, I hate people that are scared to correct their dog or think it’s cruel to use e collar, prong collars, or physical correction on AGGRESSIVE dogs. Scared dogs are a completely different story. Just saw your comment above I hope your staffy is ok and doesnt let the attack change her personality 💙🐶

  2. I’ve been watching cesar since the beginning and have all his books 🤩 I hope to meet him someday. He just has amazing energy

  3. Good day Cesar! I’m following this particular episode, hoping to see more of how Leon respond to your rehabilitation. Thank you!

  4. Thanks for sharing and educating me, Cesar. Your wisdom is invaluable and I wish to better understand myself, and everything in between. Cheers, take care.

  5. Beautiful. It is unfortunate that people become mis-guided emotionally and they project that onto their dogs. They don’t see the dogs as dogs. There should be a mandatory class on given before purchasing or being allowed to purchase or adopt a dog. It will probably never happen as humans can just have babies without a license or a training on how to raise them. Thank you Cesar.

  6. You can tell the owners are looking more with judgment than anything. Like OMG look at how he’s treating him. When the end outcome is what’s most important. A minute of training for a lifetime of happiness is totally worth it, be Grateful!

  7. Because of Katlyn’s anxiety, Leon thinks/feels he needs to protect her. Unfortunately, Leon doesn’t understand how to do that because he hasn’t been shown how. And Katlyn doesn’t know how to show Leon what she wants, so he is left to figure it out.

    1. yeah, realize the dog’s psychology is pretty much he is in a wolf pack, a rival wolf or predator (as he sees it) is coming to attack them, he protecc he attacc. without the pack leaders influence telling him “no he is fren” that is what wolf thinks. i guess that is what cesar would say.

  8. That was difficult to watch. It really hit me hard when Lisa’s mother referred to losing her daughter as a punishment – as if she were somehow responsible for this terrible tragedy.

  9. “No. Just watch.. just watch.. just hyperventilate over here.” – Cesar Millan, 2021


  10. I learned how to train dogs as a child watching my father. I’ve learned more as I’ve aged…I’m now 70…but what I learned from him has given me wonderful relationships with all the dogs who’ve lived with me over my life. I didn’t fully appreciate what I learned until watching Caesar’s episodes over the years. When I first started watching years ago I was horrified by the inability of the owners to manage their animals. Now I understand how blessed I was in my father.

    1. I always looked up to my grandfather because he has such a way with dogs. It’s beautiful watchin someone who knows how to correct and love on their dogs.

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