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CB Affiliate Master

CB Affiliate Master
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We have a number of products on ClickBank, and last year we approached a big name Super Affiliate to ask if he would promote one of our products that we had just released.

The product sold for $197 during launch week then went up to $247 after launch. The Super Affiliate insisted he would promote our product but only if we set things up so he could promote at the original discounted launch price.

We had a dilemma… We knew his promo would bring in thousands but we couldn’t put the price back down on the main sales page as we had just put it up, plus The Super Affiliate wanted an ‘exclusive discount’ to offer his subscribers.

We decided that we simply had to set this up no matter what it cost. We knew there were products out there that could help us create special discount pages but every time we found something we found it either didn’t work, was too complicated, or was unreliable.

So we decided to create one of our own that was Simple To Use, Effective and Reliable. A few weeks later we had created ClickBank Affiliate Master. We got to work and set The Super Affiliates personalized sales page up, gave him his special link and he generated $20,000 in sales from a single broadcast email.

Since then we have generated numerous discount pages on most of our products for our best performing affiliates and the results have been staggering. You see this is win win because…

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