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Cesar Explains How To Fix Separation Anxiety With Your Dog

Have you been dealing with separation anxiety with your dog and are not sure how to deal with the problem? This is a major issue in 2020 especially with how many of us, if not all have been stuck at home, but soon will be out of the house more. What does this mean for our pets especially dogs?

Watch this video on what this mean and how to fix separation anxiety with your dog explained by Cesar Millan. Cesar goes over the issues that may cause separation anxiety and how to fix it. Throughout the video, you will learn how to address this problem through visual training demos by Cesar.

Did you know Cesar and the team are listening to your comments and requests. What that means is Cesar is always creating more dog training tips and content based on what you want, so don't forget to comment and share. One thing to understand is that Cesar trains humans and it's important to start with yourself before assuming it is only a dog problem. Let's work together to connect the problems and solve.


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55 thoughts on “Cesar Explains How To Fix Separation Anxiety With Your Dog”

  1. Thank you for watching! Let me know what you think of the video and what else you would like to learn. Wishing you a week of safe, peace, and love. ❤️

    1. My 2 dogs are breaking the flat because of separation anxiety any suggestions to prevent this? Or should I let them break everything until they get used about it.

    2. I enjoyed the video. It was good to learn to practice before I need to leave.
      I have a year old Pomeranian/Poodle mix. She has learned to sit, we don’t get the stay part, yet. She can “leave it” pretty well. She barks to beat the band, sometimes, only at our other dogs. One of the biggest problems I have now, is knowing what to do to stop her from biting my skirt when I get home from work. She gets very excited when I come. I use a walker, and wear skirts every day. She doesn’t do this when I’ve been home. Sometimes, I can get her to leave it, but it doesn’t work all the time. I’ve tried to ignore the behavior, but since my skirt moves when she pulls, it doesn’t work, she still gets a response from the skirt.
      Any ideas?

    3. Thank you for this amazing training tip. Question: when you get your doggie to stay in their comfort place and you leave for work, will your dog stay there the entire time? I want my dog to know he can get up and walk around, guarding the house while I’m gone, but still know that I’m coming back. How do you teach this?

    4. I will adopt my first dog at the end of the year. It will be a terrier. So, I would like to know the differences between catgegorie/groupe of dog for the general education. Exemple : as a terrier, they seem to use more their nose and seem more difficult to educated then sheepdog. Thank’s

  2. I love how you explain WHY the dog does/feels what he does. It really helps to be more patient with them rather than getting annoyed.

    1. There’s many people that don’t have patience and just give up.
      That’s when you don’t get a pet
      Children? You need patience with kids. Same scenario

  3. My dog follows me inside the house nonstop but I guarantee you if I accidentally let go of his leash he’d run off to the sunset without a second thought 😅

    1. The more you strengthen your bond with them, and take frequent walks together daily, the more they will want to be with you and never leave your side.

  4. Cesar is the best trainer in the world! He always makes me feel calm and gives a clear understanding of psychology behind everything that I am doing with my puppy.

  5. Dominique's Lifestyle Vlog

    Cesar does such a great job explaining and simplifying that I actually feel motivated to do train it with my dog. Thank you!

    1. My yorkie bites me on my hands or my legs when I leave the house. He’s cut me several times. I don’t know how to stop this behavior. He would never sit like that dog did.

  6. I just adopted a dog who definitely has a lot of separation anxiety. I’m going to train myself to know how to train my anxious puppy with these tools!!!

  7. lol a year later after this video has been published and we are still here. I am getting a pup and I’m already trying to see how I can avoid separation anxiety for when I return to the office ONE DAY.

    1. Good do as much training as possible when puppy. Short stints. Consistent expectations as to youre wants. So much easier than when they are older

  8. Putting my daniff/corso in place is one of the best things I taught her. She puts herself there when the doorbell rings. She knows she’s safe there. Her separation anxiety goes down there.

  9. Mona Cherice Vollbracht

    I have always enjoyed your shows! Thank you for posting them on here for all of us! God Bless you! ❤️🙏❤️

  10. My 9 month old puppy has become destructive since I started going back to work. Hope this information can help us both!

    1. @Erick Hey man, it’s actually going a lot better.

      Before I type a bunch, you should know I have a 14 month old Blue Heeler (Australian Cattle Dog). An extremely intelligent, energetic dog who’s bred to herd cattle. Naturally high strung breed, and known as a velcro dog, meaning they tend to attach to only 1 person and are perhaps more prone to separation issues.

      While he still occasionally chews on stuff I don’t want him to, like a sock or a towel, he no longer completely destroys my stuff and he hasn’t touched anything of real value for a long time.

      I attribute this improvement to several things, but i’m not sure what’s the most important factor.

      A) He’s a bit older and much more mature in just a few months. He’s not quite the crackhead puppy he was just a few months ago.

      B) I increased his exercise significantly and focused more on outside games where he’s using his muscles explosively. For me, these are frisbee, fetch, and he follows me on my dirtbike (from a safe distance). We go on a medium walk or jog almost every morning.

      C) I started getting tougher stuff for him to chew on. My boy, Bandit, was an extreme chewer the moment I got him when he was just a tiny pup. I repeatedly trusted brands that claimed extremely tough toys but Bandit would shred them immediately regardless. I started focusing on the Black Kongs, deer antlers, bison horns, etc. I stay away from anything with fabric or rope as I think he associates clothes and towels and carpet with those kinds of toys.

      D) When I leave for work every morning, I now drop him off to hang out with my parents Australian Shepard, Rocky. He’s a really old dog, but they both benefit from the company and he keeps Bandit occupied while I’m not there with him.

    2. @Erick Sorry for the essay, but if you’re having destruction problems with your own dog, maybe try some of the stuff I did. I know how frustrating it is to find your personal effects destroyed when you come home, but know that it’s a fixable problem, it just takes a little work.

    3. @d h He does now hang out while i’m at work with my parents dog but I will say he plays a little bit rough for the old man, Rocky. I may get another puppy down the road but not for the foreseeable future

    4. @skylinergaming thank you for you well put together comment 🙂
      she has gotten a lot better with daily exercise, i’ve bought plenty toys but none so far have gotten her interest (frustrating) but it’s okay lol. i bought some scent to spray her bed so she doesn’t tear that up. works wonders. the only things is she’s still scared of me at times.i have never hit her. alway give her love, but it seems like she had it very bad. if i have clothes in my hand or just any object she’ll run pass me and hit her head on anything in her path. i’m the one she takes walks with, i give her baths, kisses, cuddles, but she’ll still shake, tremble, and hide from me when i just simply want to give her love 🙁 day by day i have faith she’ll open up more to me.

  11. You are awesome, thank you for your help. Following you from South America, it is a blessing learn from you even if I’m away from the States

  12. Anybody else dealing with a much more anxious dog than the one in this video? We’re talking severe separation anxiety. Any replies would be greatly appreciated.

    1. @Meloncholy7 he needs to see a certified behaviorists. Thats bad anxiety going on and its one of the top reasons people take dogs to shelters. Sadly people just wont make the financial commitment to get their dog the help ot needs and deserves and then blame the dog for not training itself. Please make the commitment to help your dog learn to self soothe.

  13. I’d like to see this done with a dog that is experiencing separation anxiety already, This dog appears well trained calm & not anxious one bit.

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