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Cesar Millan Controls a Small Dog with Big Attitude


Meet Dora, a cute but aggressive dog who doesn't seem to care about its size. Watch as Cesar Millan teaches the dog how to tone down its behavior, and provide some relief for its future loving family.

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97 thoughts on “Cesar Millan Controls a Small Dog with Big Attitude”

    1. Nig Biscuit you said multiple times that “this dog would be dead…” being that an appropriate and acceptable response would be for your dog to kill another dog because of playful/boistrous behavior. The dog in this video was not displaying aggressive behavior, it was playing and being a nuisance. If you classify the behavior in this video as aggressive, why was Junior/ceasars dog perfectly calm and fine in dealing with it? Why should your dog respond any different? That is the question you need to answer. If this dog can respond/not react, why should yours? However, you say this dog would be killed at a dog park…why? There should be zero dogs at a dog park who do not respond identical to ceasars dog, period. You are passing the blame to say, well my dog reacted to your dog, but we are shown here very clearly that that does not need to be the case. So please clarify for me why your dogs appropriate response would be to kill the dog versus ceasars dog. The answer can only be that you are bringing an untrained animal, that you know to have a quickly aggressive and responsive reaction to other dogs. With that being said, the dog in this video should not be at a dog park, but no dogs reaction to it should be violent, this would mean that your animal is not as trained as ceasars dog and does not belong at a public park, off lead either…

    2. @Michael From your posts, it is evident that you yourself own a dog with a similar behavioural problem, and you incorrectly dismiss it as “playing”. Any dog trainer will tell you that this is not playing, and it is dangerous. Your verbal attack against Victoria Engeron is inappropriate. If you own a small dog with this behavioural problem, then you have a moral obligation to correct this problem to protect other dog owners. If you do not correct this problem, then you have an obligation to guarantee that you keep your dog away from other dogs to avoid problems.

    3. And this is what so many small dog owners don’t get. They think because their small dog’s bite (they say) will not hurt a big dog, they expect the big dog just to go along with it. And it’s a toxic behavior from the ower, that gets many big dogs put down.

    4. @Michael that’s not the point tho? Yeah big dogs shouldn’t attack small dogs too. But not every big dog is trained enough to do that. So the whole point is to make sure Dora doesn’t trigger them because you won’t know what kind of dog she will meet. It’s a precautionary step to make sure no accidents happen. How is that not understandable? It’s not a contest on who’s “right or wrong”.

    5. Many small dogs get pampered and not socialized well by their owner. I have a neighbor who has 4 Pomeranians and they’re lunging while barking everytimes they see another dogs like a Pom2’s gang when they go walked. FYI those 4 are an adult dog – while my dog, a 4 months old Beagle puppy just silently sitting down beside me everytimes we encountered them on the street. I trained her to sit everytimes we meet unfriendly dog. The calm dog is the well behave dog, just like Caesar’s Pitbull. Fortunately those 4 are on the leash, because if they don’t i will kick them if they dare to lunge towards my puppy.

    1. *I promise to my old dog that I will reach 1000 subscribers before she leaves us, a small participation from you can really help me ;)*

    2. I have a ChiWennie. She gets comfortable when she lays down & oh, my does she show her attitude when someone touches her. Not even a year old & I may have to find her a new home.

    3. I have a small toy dog that normally acts dominant towards bigger dogs. It was a different for me as I was normally used to training big dogs. I learned that toy dogs are extremely stubborn. It took extended training for him to be calm. One time, my toy dog attacked an Irish Setter and it only took one bite from the Irish Setter to put him in his place. He bit my dog around the torso area and knocked him on his side and completely knocked the aggression out of him. The dog owner apologized. I simply stated that my dog would be alright and he had that coming for a long time. After that incident, my dog became completely obedient and then listened to me consistently when I instructed him with normal commands. I love toy dogs as much as big ones. The only difference is that toy dogs need a whole lot more repetition that big dogs. From watching Cesar Milian, I also understood some of the training mistakes I made. Overall, I’m glad I spent the time training him. No one else in my family would sacrifice any time training him although they all loved him.

    1. Yup, he is an ambassador to his breed. He has learned from the most knowledgeable human when it comes to the dog world and has learned from the most balanced dog the world has ever witnessed RIP DADDY!

    1. *I promise to my old dog that I will reach 1000 subscribers before she leaves us, a small participation from you can really help me ;)*

    2. Captain America America

      @Tricia A. Cesar uses cruel Methods behind the scenes. That’s why. His shows have been banned. He’s horrible.

    3. Cesar raised Junior so well, I’m not even sure Junior knows commands such as “attack” or “bite”, even if he received the order from Cesar himself 😆

    1. @Fiddlesworth Dinkle or a sign of comedy laughable at dumb scenarios not always serious like you propose to be and feeling like you need to need to laugh a little bit !! maybe??? Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha 🤣🤣🤣🤣😜😜😜🤪🤪🤪🤪

    1. *I promise to my old dog that I will reach 1000 subscribers before she leaves us, a small participation from you can really help me ;)*

    1. @Goldie Short I’m talking about the unprovoked Napoleon that feels insecure about his size, and makes up for it by being the biggest mouth in the room. That too sir, happens A LOT

    2. @Goldie Short That’s righ, I’m 153 cm tall (5 ft) and I look like an easy prey but I’m not. The most important thing in a fight, even before starting it, is to know who’s more afraid of being hurt and usually ‘big boys’ aren’t used to think about it or to feel really challenged by ‘giants’ since they were kids (a man’s thumb can cover a bottle cap, mine just the small cap of a toothpaste) Silent puffed up guys (or girls) see our level of energy as an insecure trait because they spend most of theirs to maintain their bodies, so they misunderstand the excess strength we have (and don’t know how to spend it) as something else, often associated with some diminishing prerogatives…and that’s speaks volumes about who has the fragile ego and who’s not (I’m talking about the ones who come to confront us in a judgmental and aggressive, or passive aggressive way, not the one who made that comment)

    3. @Gary Williams Yes, assh*les come in every shape and sizes, from the big beta who became brutal to desperately pass as an alpha, to the smallest person who think they can get away with any level of aggression they feel like. Bigger people, when in a ‘fight mode’, are more dangerous while smaller people are usually more feisty.
      We both have good traits and bad traits, we both compensate for what we lack mostly in an unconcious way because we just adapted in our lives. You can apply the ‘Napoleon complex’ to anyone. I’ve seen more unprovoken Napoleons who were ‘normal size’ or big people actually, rather than small ones (the smaller were more vicious in my personal experience, but definetely less dangerous) it’s just a habit we use the ‘Napoleon complex’ to call out the smallest ones only, as we often use the ‘little d complex’ to call out bigger men who act the same.
      (I talk about men because they’re more prone to have an open fight, female’s fights are more subtle)
      When a small man provokes another one with his words or actions…it’s exactly like when a big man is standing there occupying as much space as possible, scanning around with a menacing face, showing muscles, he may be silent and stiff but he’s seeking out a battle as much as the little one.
      Btw almost anyone is bigger than me, so I don’t see a distinct difference between a 5.5 and a 6.8 person, that’s why to me they’re basically doing the same thing just in different ways.
      Sorry for my english, not my native language 🙂

  1. 1:55 Do you people notice how junior’s eyes is always on ceaser everytime? that shows the discipline and the vigilance with sharp mind always ready to give ear to any command that the owner commands. The degree of respect that the Junior has is amazing.

    1. Yes, the pitbull is actually waiting for a permission of his Alpha leader (Ceaser in this case) to show dominance over the smaller dog.

    1. I don’t think Dora was trying to attack Junior, but show dominance by jumping on top of Junior. Like Cesar said, if a little dog tries to aggressively display dominance like that do a big dog, the big dog will shake the little dog like a ragdoll until it’s dead.

      The reason most little dogs never do that is because all the little dogs that did got killed.

    1. @Lola La Trailera After enough immersion the brain would start to convey ideas in English (i.e. what we call “thinking in English”). Cesar, and any other person exposed that much to the language, is pretty likely having some of his thoughts, if not most, in English.

    2. @Event In Progress Me and the person I was replying to, we both are assuming too much. The fact you only picked one side, though, shows that you have a bias on your response.

  2. I cannot believe junior was unfazed by Dora trying to attack. Completely unfazed- I’d say he is the epitome of balance. What a great dog junior is.

    1. @shan pitbulla are a CANINE specie, just like humans but different race. Thats like saying all black people are born failures.

  3. “No sense not direction I haven’t seen that in a long time”😂 “that was ignorant of her to attack a dog that is running away”.
    She was definitely unnecessarily aggressive and needed to be brought back down. As usual good job Cesar.

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