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Cesar Millan Stops a Dog Fight

Cesar Millan jumps in to stop a dog fight! Matilda is overly aggressive, and always thinks it needs to protect her owners. Cesar talks them through how to help their dog relax and let down its guard.

83 thoughts on “Cesar Millan Stops a Dog Fight”

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      I see it takes quite some time so I will get back to you later when my account password hopefully is recovered.

    2. @Brody Emmitt It did the trick and I finally got access to my account again. Im so happy!
      Thanks so much you saved my account 😀

  1. Thank God for Caesar. I love that he doesn’t just judge a dog from the start and finds out the meaning behind the dogs behavior.

    1. Unlike many humans, who would rather judge and hate than try to use their brains to understand. Caesar is a great man!

    2. @Ac Shot You really think I’m going to hit a woman for sticking her tongue in my face? I dont even think dogs are that childish lol.

    1. @KillTheCupcakes actually it does exist if a dog thinks you are not assertive or insecure around it all the time it won’t respect you and it will do whatever it wants, act however it wants to. Dogs are meant to be trained and disciplined not spoilt like little children. And even children shouldn’t be spoilt either.

    2. @Diego Fonseca aCtUaLlY it has nothing to do with the false concept of “alpha” which is what I said, nothing to do with insecurity.

    3. I disagrees. First there is no beta and alpha. David Mech debunked that theory after first introducing it. Humans just think dogs can act on reasoning rather than showing bodylanguage to make the dog understand.

    4. @Sapphiresenthiss i found pathetic all this greek letters. Pack theory has been proved wrong. What really matters is that dogs pick up on our energy, if you are afraid or timid dogs get afraid and timid too which turns into fear and culminates with aggression.

      Cesar’s advice on being calm and assertive is his true lesson and power.

  2. 2:57 and just a random llama, in the mist of 28 dogs….. A llama 😂😂😂 I absolutely love that. Interspecies cohabitation is a beautiful thing!

    1. @Shinkovat If he didnt say it I was going to anyway bud. Lol this is why kids shouldnt be allowed phones when they dont even know how to write.

    1. I don’t see the fear… the dog isn’t incredibly large – could be smaller and still just as uncontrolled. It’s just they don’t have the know how. Most people aren’t trained how to have a dog. Most learn from their family growing up how to treat/train their pets or learn as they go. Not everyone gets dog handling training unfortunately until it’s needed.

  3. Dogs like Maltida get put down every year for “aggression”… when in reality the owners are to blame.

    Dogs can only be family, if you are the pack leader of that family.

    I had a world class relationship with my Lab, 14 years we enjoyed life together! Be a pack leader, and you’ll have an amazing relationship with your dog!

    1. Cory LeFebvre You’d be surprised how many dogs get put down for that and are labeled as an “unfriendly and dangerous” dog.

    2. Sometimes the damage is done and yeah its the owners fault but its not safe to have that dog alive if itll attack everything. Especially if its a pitbull with a lethal bite and super strength

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  4. When she was with the pack u could tell she was happy bc she was with her own kind she was smiling and I melted when I saw her smile

  5. What a great ! Our 8 month old Goldendoodle loves. He even knows when comes on , because he knows Brandon’s voice now.This book not only gives you Brandon’s sure fire way to train your dog, it also gives you insight into what makes Brandon such an amazing trainer & the wonderful work he does with shelter animals.I highly recommend this book to all new & old puppy parents!

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