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Cesar Millan vs. HYPER DOG (Stop Dog Lunging)

In this video, Cesar demonstrates how using the methods of block and redirection can create the desired outcome with a hyper dog.

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66 thoughts on “Cesar Millan vs. HYPER DOG (Stop Dog Lunging)”

  1. Hi, I’m 12 years old and I want to be a dog trainer, your videos and your program are very supportive to continue with my passion, thank you very much

    1. zuje art Good for you sweetheart! You follow your passion and follow Cesar. Your passion at this age is a wonderful thing. Go get ‘em❤️

    2. @reality check your an absolutely arrogant blind fool, sometimes certain measures need to be taken for a strong minded lead dogs to be obedient … measures that prevent them being out of hand and getting killed …ceaser is a very kind and thoughtful trainer infact the furthest thing from an abusive trainer that I have seen and I’ve analysed quite a few.

    3. @reality check You sound more and more as a hater. Or a troll / “phony piece of garbage” as you call it. Either way, snapping at other people that dont share your opinion makes you look like the real idiot. If you had a point, you’d be able to calmly discuss. Idk about Cesar but you’re certainly no role model yourself. Fix yourself then critique others

    1. I think I learned that with unproductive agitation and excitement, we can redirect the energy into something more interesting, without making it an obvious ploy. So don’t just passively go along with a tense situation. We can be a peacemaker which also benefits ourselves.

    2. We’ve learned a lot from you, Sir 🤗I do really agree on you that our dogs feel the energy deep inside of us🌿Ignoring the excitement of our dog was an important tip, too 🍀I can say that Calm, Direction, Confidence, Love, and Joy
      are the important aspects learned on this video.

  2. Tried the greeting thing with my son’s 2 pitbulls. Took 2 times to come in the door for them to not jump me. This week we are all happy and I’m not scared. And yes, it was all my fault.

    1. My dog was always crazy.
      But he always avoided or respected small women and children.
      I’m pretty sure that I did not teach him that.

    2. @Cesar Millan do you have a video for stabilising a super friendly hyperactive friendly Rottweiler X Cane Corso size animal?
      I mean this dog is huge (63kg) and does not have a bad bone in its body.
      I own 2 large Bull Arab X bull mastiff Machines. I don’t let them off around dogs because they always find a reason to scuffle and given I live in a SJW driven area where these people love to be environmentally left wing conscious while owning $3000-$5000+ disease enhanced dogs in my experience it is just not worth it..

  3. “Dog people, we always have that, we want to help our dogs.” 😭💕

    Cesar! You’re so amazing at what you do, and that quote right there, is 100% true! 🥰🙌🏼

    1. @Cesar Millan
      Hi cisar. My name is Michael. I am writing from Germany. I love your job! Because animals …. especially dogs did it to me …. or I to them! I always see your show on German television on Sundays! Thanks for your show … your work. It is very inspering! Hug your family for me because they are by your side when it comes to your work. You are great! Stay as you are! An admirer

    2. I think this should be the definition of a dog person (or animal person). Unfortunately, some keep animals for bad reasons, usually to make money or show off. Different cultures treat dogs differently.

  4. Like all artisans,Cesar makes it look easy.Clearly explained,obvious answers to problems and situations that were not so obvious when we all tried our way to solve them. We are lucky in two ways here. Firstly Cesar is doing what he does best and clearly enjoying his work,secondly,the internet technology lets us all be part of the learning world. I love it!

  5. Some of my earliest memories were waiting for Cesar Millan episodes on National Geographic’s channel. Now, im older and I’m STILL waiting for Cesar Millan episodes on YouTube!! Lol. I’ve successfully trained dogs others say are “untrainable”. i bought a dog a lady said should be put down ’cause of his agression. He’s hard to train, but hes better than he was. Saved his life, all because of my passion for animals. I wanna go to college for animal behavior, i still have a lot to know. My dream is to be like Cesar, I guess. A little less famous maybe, but I wanna save animals lives. 😛

    1. Jesus Christ is the only way to salvation, repentance and following Him is a he Way to eternal Life, He is the Truth, everything else is a lie.

    2. Same!! I have trained my friend’s dogs and they were AMAZED! To be honest, i was amazed myself too. Ofcourse there’s days when my own energy is not good so the dogs pick up on it, but that just reminds me to be calm but assertive. The “calm but assertive” works with people too!

    3. my advice is get as much experience with animals trough volunteer (itll look good on your resume too) or shadowing… im striving to become a vet tech because like you, i wanna help animals. there arent a lot of animalcolleges out there like there is for people medicine. dont let this discourse you. folow your passion & good luck!!! dont forget to take care of your mental emotional wellbeing as animals rely on us to stay well…

  6. I’ve always said it: We should stop treating our animals like they’re humans. We love, respect them but realize they do not have certain human capacities. I think this principle is at the heart of Cesar’s techniques. Amazing what this man does!

    1. @Efi Brilovski respect is earned not freely given. That’s why it’s so valuable. That applies to humans especially. Animals don’t have human psychology. Stop applying that towards animals.

    2. @Mary Ann Lynn owning a heeler is one of the most difficult yet rewarding experiences as an owner. He clearly has never owned a heeler. Probably a Golden or some typical dog breed.

    3. You’re right.. it’s going to break his heart but It’s time to tell my dog there will be no more date nights 💀

    4. I believe, yes and no.
      Just thinking an animal as just an animal kinda restricts what is actually going on in their head.
      They have a language, emotions, loyalty.

      They aren’t humans, but they are more then just dogs.

      learn their language, their personality, and what they need to be a good civilian. Then adjust your lifestyle with them. Its like having a child, your raising them to succeed and not to fail.

  7. Always awesome to see new videos!! He’ll always be my favorite to learn from and to observe working with dogs! Thanks so much Ceaser for just being You and leading us all by example!!

  8. I’ve learned from Cesar Millan that animals’ awareness of energy states is like a sense of its own. This is true for people too when we learn to notice it, and sometimes set aside our tendency to be overly verbal in communication and thinking.

  9. Brilliant! I live in Australia on acres. I have an Australian Cattle Dog that will listen to nothing when I feed my horses. He wants to race out and herd then before I put the feed down. As you can imagine he is living on borrowed time wanting to grab their tails. He could sustain a nasty kick. He is fixated on me throwing the ball to him also.. Watching this I am going to introduce the ball at feed time and throw it out into the paddock when I barrow out the food. And see if he fixates on the ball ignoring the horses. I am excited! I hope it works on my first try tomorrow. Wish me luck!

  10. Love how Cesar has techniques with backup techniques with Even More backup techniques.. fella’s genuinely amazing ❤️

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