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Cesar Millan vs. OVERPROTECTIVE Rottweiler

In this video, Cesar Millan uses the method of redirection to create the desired outcome with an overprotective Rottweiler.

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66 thoughts on “Cesar Millan vs. OVERPROTECTIVE Rottweiler”

    1. @Darius Lithav touching some thing with your foot and kicking are two different things. Stop trying to be negative, he helps dog/animal lives every single day. Human lives too, what do you do? Make a negative comment on YouTube? Think close-minded? Get a hobby.

    2. @astheskylarksings And then these people euthanize those “vicious” dogs that they said they love so much but they will say it has to be done for the greater good LOL. So who really is killing the dog?

  1. You’re honestly the most inspirational person ever thanks to you i been training all my neighbors dogs and that I build the trust and respect I break in to their house and steal all their stuff. God bless you Caesar

    1. most of these dogs dont have problems, they just try to compensate for the lack of direction and susceptiblilty of thier human protectorate

    2. @Kush Patel its like in the name of the farm or the project or the program..
      the dogs dont really mirror the humans emotions, but they do compensate for them. most times those humans are insecure, and the animals take that as a cue to defend them against everything. or the humans reward the wrong behavour, because the humans think they are trying to be nice to the dog, but dog mentality is that they need to keep doing what they do.

  2. The dog is trying to lick Cesar so cute, dogs love him they sense he is calm, with positive energy. When Cesar gets into the car his crew looks worried. Stella did a good job.

    1. Cesar explained that in the video. There are different kind of barkings, when you understand dog behavior you can tell if the dog is just protective or agressive. He understood that there was no aggression and proceeded with his calm approach.
      He even told that he will never come close if the dog seemed really agressive.

  3. Cesar has come a LONG way since he first started training dogs. I’m very happy he is using more and more science-based training methods and not outdated methods. Great job Cesar!

  4. I love how Cesar doesn’t even give a damn. He just casually walks up to the car and gives the most chill, smoothest commands. Completely discounting the dog’s presence, as if it’s not even there barking at him. That’s how you know who the real alpha is. True control. Nothing phases him. This man is a god send.

    1. @JayKayJK – So being calm and in control of your emotions is tantamount to “having a big head?” Would you rather be with a man who is so easily offended by your words that he flies off the handle and slaps you across the mouth impulsively?

    2. @JayKayJK being like Cesar would fix that big head. Cesar isn’t a macho jerk that goes around disrespecting everyone – he’s like the pillar of respect.

    3. the dog wasnt aggressive, it was in alerting mode… so wasnt really a danger, so long as they dog doenst see a danger

  5. Cesar ,…um Mestre do entendimento da psique dos cães, muito obrigado por estar aqui nesse planeta nesse momento tão crucial e importante, e também pelo seu maravilhoso trabalho 💙🙏👏👏👏

  6. Stella: “Don’t come near my car or I will eat you”
    My Rottweiler: “Hello friend let me love you and lick you and sit on your lap” 😂😂

    1. You probably always fed her with calm and friendly energy and she respects you a lot on top of that. Most of the dogs Cesar helps were fed angry/anxious/insecure energy and they end up feeling like they are either the boss or that they have to protect the “boss” (owners) at all costs even if it means having no respect or obedience for their owners…..
      When you treat a dog properly even the most nut jobs become a baby, when done incorrectly a golden retriever becomes aggressive and Cesar has had to help quite a few labradors and goldens for inappropriate and aggressive behavior…..

    2. So he’s just mirroring your behaviour,

      Behave tensed when someone approaches to you/car
      then see his behaviour will also change and become protective/aggressive

  7. Cesar, you are really amazing – you taught us so much. I don’t even know how my first dog put up with me… I had no idea what I was doing. Now we start right from day one!

  8. As a pet sitter Im so glad I found you here Cesar.Its a big help for me.And I’m learning more from you.Thank You so Much.

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