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Cesar Must Correct Aggressive Pitbull’s Behavior | Cesar 911

This out-of-control pit bull is finally reeled in by Cesar Millan, and is taken to the Dog Psychology Center. Is the owner able to heed Cesar's advice and get this powerful dog under control? Get more dog training tips like this on Cesar 911, Sundays at 10AM Eastern | 9AM Central. Visit for where to watch! #Dabl #DablNetwork #CordCutters #FreeTV

64 thoughts on “Cesar Must Correct Aggressive Pitbull’s Behavior | Cesar 911”

    1. @BlueSEF He was speaking in generalities not monolithically so you might want to consider whose ignorant or just realize its a opinion that has not much bearing unless you consider the ppl/region in which was obviously glossed over. I live in SE Asia and I can tell you with absolute certainty that westerners treat domesticated animals far better generally. Of course this is subjective as to what better means so maybe I should say more like family in terms of care. I understand the guys wording may have seemed harsh but id say its mostly true. However theres reasons for this which is out of most of the publics control here. Js

    2. I do not like when people have their dog outside and they escape-then be running around the neighborhood and be potential threat to community-and the 1st thing the owners say oh he/she doesn’t bite-maybe not you but that dog might bite others-dog owners please keep your dog on your property

    1. @Rebecca Austin at least you agree this dude is a fraud so you’re not that bad lol also I don’t know you personally so my comments are just words not truth you seem like a smart enough person and I apologize for misjudging you I’m always on the defense lol

    2. @Travis Wilson lol thankyou. it’s nice to have a understanding comment for a change. I usually get a lot of hate for criticising Cesar but i only bother writing these long comments criticising him because I care about dogs and it upsets me to see them so stressed out. Anyway you seem like a pretty clever and level headed person too so best of luck! X

    3. Alexander The Greatest

      Its just annoying to see every stupid replying on your comment, they didn’t understand why you said so, they just act like the dog without knowing how to train their brain before say something lol

    1. intelligent ppl don’t own dogs so dogs are kinda screwed being stuck with low IQ humans. The comment above me proves it.

  1. Cesar is amazing, look how calm all the dogs are when he’s training Luna, the animals pick up on his possitive energy and calming nature. Welldone Luna

    1. Soooo this is a general statement for this thread because Jesus christ lol. I grew up with pitties my daughter and son grew up with pitties none of us have been attacked by our pitbulls. One grew to the ripe age of 12 before kidney cancer got him another to almost 12 before he passed and currently have another pit and a rotti. The rotti is definitely more chill and willing to just sleep all day where as my pit loves his walks. “All pitbulls are dangerous” is a fairly ignorant uneducated statement considering pitbull is a blanket term for a few different breeds/mix of breeds so to say all pitbulls are dangerous is equivalent of calling another 10 breeds dangerous with no context. They are high energy dogs, any dog with a decent size to them can be dangerous the same way any dog with proper training will more than likely not be dangerous. Wish y’all the best

  2. Very interest how this man can transform unpredictable animals. I am not a fan of dogs or other animals but it’s good to see how they can be trained. Great work

    1. Para nada, eso solo es un resumen, detrás hay mucho trabajo.
      También fijate como la perra esta agotada cuando esta con toda esa gente con perros.
      No hay magia hay trabajo.

  3. I’ve only fairly recently know about Cesar Millan, his training & understanding seems to be as much about humans as it is about dogs – intriguing!

  4. I think certain people shouldn’t have certain dogs.

    Some people don’t realize some dogs need alot of training and patience. I have three presa canario and when I got them I knew what I was getting into all the training and all the love I show them has pay off they are amazing dogs. I don’t recommend these dogs if you are not a Sable person.

  5. One of the simplest dog training things EVERYONE should use is to not give an over hyper dog attention. You have to totally ignore the dog until it calms down, and then you can dish out the loving. Otherwise any time the dog gets excited it goes from 1 to 100 instantly.

  6. Cesar is capable of rehabilitating ANY dog in ANY condition Cesar is a pack leader, & this is what every dog seeks as a pet.
    On the other hand as cesar always says, I rehabilitate humans he teaches us how to act respond & live a peaceful life with our pets.
    Being a pack leader is not just a state of mind it’s a way of life.

    1. 100%! He’s doing more then just rehabilitation! He’s teaching people to STEP UP as leaders. Awesome dude, great mission, a true wholesome dude. Very respectable. 🙂

  7. I love pitbulls too when they are managed by owners who know what they are doing. How anyone would get a potentially very dangerous dog like that and not KNOW what they are doing makes NO sense at all!

    1. Big Body Biggolo 9301

      People like that should really not get a dog or a pug that cant kill.
      I see the very same mistakes pug owners make but the bigger the dog the deadlier it is, sad for the pugs but atleast children dont die

    2. They think it’s intimidating looks will scare off criminals etc, but it’s becomes a bigger threat by poor or no training.

  8. It’s truly mind boggling how Caesar Milano learned all this stuff on his own.
    We all know that he had to go through a lot of trial-and-error to get this right which means hes probably endured some pretty bad bites throughout his career.

    1. @Robert Digital ones that could care less about anyone but themselves or human deaths are the same ones that self-like their own responses: losers.

  9. It’s never the dogs fault that they come across aggressive it’s the owner. This woman should get a smaller ore docile dog

    1. These problems can still persist with smaller dogs. Also no, it’s both their fault. That’s like saying it’s not a serial killers fault he was raised by abusive parents and then took it out on society.

      Disciplining a dog this bad is the first and utmost step, the second most important step is changing the owner.

    2. @Kami Easton so true! So many fall for the idea of a small dog being easier but they don’t realize they are creating yet another ankle biter.

  10. I still don’t understand why people have this kind of dogs without knowing how to train and educate them….incredible….

  11. *Great **** lots of helpful instructions and ideas without being dictatorial. I like this writer’s style a lot and we have found it more helpful than several of the other books that we got to help train our new puppy because of the detail he goes into.*

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