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Chocolate University Online
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Is this the right chocolate class for you?

Since you love chocolate and have already read this far, the answer is probably yes. But let’s take a quick look at some specific situations. I would really love to have you in class if this is the right class for you.

Which of these statements best defines you?

“I am a chocolate lover and I want to learn more about chocolate!”

If so, then this class is perfect for you and you are already qualified to join us. Whether you or your friends consider you a chocoholic or not, you will certainly take that chocolate addiction to the next level!

“I am interested in a well-rounded chocolate education covering chocolate tastings, chocolate history, as well as pairing chocolate with other food and drinks…”

If so, you’ll really love our classes. We dig into all of these things. There is so much fun that can be had with chocolate.

“I am already a professional in the chocolate industry, but I want to learn some of the basics about chocolate…”

If so, this class might be OK for you, but you might want to consider the chocolate professional class which works at a faster pace and includes personal coaching.

“I want to learn to make chocolate candies that I can sell…”

If so, this class is only an introduction. While I teach some of the fundamentals of chocolate candy making, this is not a chocolatier school. Of course rounding out your chocolate education with what we teach might be good for your business. And my separate chocolate coaching programs can help support you with troubleshooting.

“I want to learn to make chocolate, from bean to bar…”

If so, you will need more than this class. In this class you can experience the bean and the bar, and I will go over such things as tempering chocolate. But I am not going to show you how to start from raw ingredients to make your own designer chocolate.

“Bryn, really I am just interested in trying something fun and different. I want to choose my own timing and schedule and participate from home…”

Well, join us! Even if you don’t call yourself a chocolate lover or a chocoholic, you will soon! This class will elevate your entire chocolate experience. You will develop a personal relationship with the world’s favorite food.

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