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Cryptoversity – Bitcoin Cryptocurrency & Blockchain Courses

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Cryptoversity – Bitcoin Cryptocurrency & Blockchain Courses
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That is the personal mission statement written by Chris Coney which ultimately lead to the creation of Cryptoversity, the world’s first online school for Bitcoin, cryptocurrencies and blockchains.

Chris, like many people who discover the crypto revolution, describe having a spiritual connection to it. The prospect of freeing the whole of humanity from financial tyranny and fostering a new age of prosperity and abundance extends far beyond any one persons bank balance.

The old paradigm of “spirituality OR materiality” is being replaced by an integrated approach in which material success comes as the reward for the value an individual provides to the whole.

But we need a system that facilitates this new paradigm, one that allows it to operate uninterrupted and uncorrupted.

Cryptoversity and the larger crypto revolution goes far beyond a new type of money, it extends to a fundamental transformation in the way we live. A life of personal freedom and sovereignty.

Cryptoversity is a purpose driven organisation, lead by a purpose driven individual, seeking other purpose driven individuals who feel that this is their calling.

So join us as a student, an affiliate, strategic partner or contact us via the helpdesk with ideas on how else you’d like to play your part.

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