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Deep Meditation in 7 Minutes – InnaPeace Brainwave Guidance Program

Deep Meditation in 7 Minutes – InnaPeace Brainwave Guidance Program
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3xPureTone™ brainwave guidance technology

(used in InnaPeace)

is unlike anything else. 

While the majority of developers of brainwave guidance sessions include multiple target brainwave frequencies within a single session, we only use one pure frequency in each session, for example, 12Hz throughout the whole session. 

The science of brainwave entrainment says that it takes approximately 7 minutes for the human brain to “entrain” to an external frequency. When one or multiple frequencies are moving up and down or changing, it’s not possible for the brain to (lock on) entrain to any specific target frequency. 

This is why Brainwave Research UK only use one specific frequency on each InnaPeace session. The target is easy for the brain to entrain to offering the listener the benefit of easily entering in to the chosen brainwave range every time faster and more efficiently. 

The other important difference is that we not only use Binaural Beat technology (which makes up 90% of similar brainwave sessions), we also combine Monaural tones and Isochronic tones together. This 3 pronged entrainment approach is another reason why the 3xPureTone™ brainwave guidance technology offers the listener so many more benefits than simple Binaural Beat technology. 

Finally, we only offer our brainwave technology in the highest possible MP3 quality (320Kbps). The majority of brainwave sessions available online are highly compressed so that the file sizes are lower and easier to transmit online.

The problem with this compression is it basically snips away part of the files and in the case of brainwave sessions, part of the brainwave technology is snipped away too. This compression (snipping away) renders the brainwave entrainment technology less effective the more the file is compressed. 

(For example: if you ever tried a brainwave guidance session from YouTube, that would have been output to you at the highly compressed 126Kbps audio rate making the brainwave session much less effective because almost 2/3 of the brainwave audio technology was snipped away during the compression process)

This is why we only offer the maximum quality possible MP3 files, it’s the final reason that make our 3xPureTone™ brainwave guidance InnaPeace sessions light years ahead of anything else you may have tried before.

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