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Definitive Guide To Hiring A Virtual Assistant in The Philippines

Definitive Guide To Hiring A Virtual Assistant in The Philippines
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I built a WordPress Web Design, Development & Marketing Agency over the past 10+ years and the secret to growing it to a very healthy six figure business was my Virtual Assistant team.

It wasn’t always that way but over that time I discovered the secret to hiring super star virtual assistants who are highly talented and skilled, and were not just doing tasks I threw at them, but made themselves a career running divisions of the business.

When I changed my thinking from hiring VA’s to work FOR me to working WITH me, my whole business changed, the team were a whole lot more committed, and became part of the team in the business with a real sense of ownership.

Another key was taking the time to travel to Philippines to meet with the team, chat business, hang out, be introduced to their families – just like having staff catch ups in an ordinary business back home.

This meant I was working 3 to 4 day weeks and enjoying 3 day weekends, doing the stuff in business I was really good at, that being sales and relationships – this is the part that accelerated the business growth, (not the design, development and admin stuff which is handled by my virtual  team).

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