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Dr. David Huddlestonsmith, M.D.

“Dulcinea had loose stools and skin difficulties from 8 weeks when I picked her up at the breeders. I tried basically every dog food on the market, but without success.

She developed such bad hot spots that I tried Benadryl which helped a bit, but then finally gave her 2 steroid injections (I am a retired Physician).

The hot spots disappeared, the skin calmed down, but then she started to lose her hair in spots all over her body. What had I done to m’ Lady???

After trying every skin remedy out, I finally

Dulcinea 1 month after Dr Huddlestonsmith began follwing our

advice, the mange is cured & hair almost completely grown back in.

took her to the vet. Skin scrapings showed generalized Yellow Mange.

The first advice [from the vet] was to put her down; now that really irked me, as the vet had not listened to the whole story. (By the way, she still had loose stools with mucus daily; foul smelling).

At 14 months, I wasn’t about to put this fine lady down, so got to researching.

The Ivermectin Injections have killed the mange, the hair is growing back in, but the skin remained horribly inflamed.

Then, I purchased your “Gold Package”, and finally realized that she was having food allergies to much of the crap that was in her dog food.

I have switched her over to home cooked meals, as outlined, and she no longer has loose, foul smelling stools, and her skin is almost totally back to normal in less than one month!

Thank you so very much for doing what no vet would take the time to investigate and recommend to me…other than to “put her down”.

I have 4 other Bloodhounds (from 10 months up to 4 years old), and 5 puppies from a litter of 15. They all are getting the “good stuff”, and finally love their food (instead of leaving it in the bowls).

Now the Knight-n-Troll’s Sleuthhound Kennels recommends this diet and book to all that come to check out our dogs/purchase puppies.”

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