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Dogumentary TV has teamed up with Oscar Mora of Elevated Canine Academy to bring you Dog Training Fundamentals. This series is an introduction series into dog training. In lesson one, Oscar goes over "charging your markers", which tells the dog when he is going to be rewarded. It also helps you as a trainer gauge a dog's interest in working with you. I'M A BIG FAN OF DJI DRONES AND CAMERAS, GREAT FOR GETTING AMAZING PHOTOS AND VIDEOS OF YOUR DOGS.





  1. Great video. I like that you used a puppy with no training. A lot of videos use previously trained dogs making the process appear quicker and easier than it really is

  2. Ditto on liking and wanting more training videos. I also like that he used dogs that are at different training levels.

  3. Thanks! Had a dog for years. Some of those things come naturally but it was useful to put structure and terminology around it. Please More 🙂

  4. I just inherited a 2 year old rotty from a friend. Looking forward to watching your videos. Any diference in training an older dog?

  5. A lot of times people get rid of dogs out of frustration. I appreciate these videos teaching people like me that dont know how to properly train a dog

  6. Thank you !!! Been watching all kinds of videos & so far your the only one giving exact info on what to do .. Any tips or videos on potty training a 9wk Rottweiler

  7. Lightening Zeus & Cane Corso

    More videos please, thanks for utilizing a non trained pup, helped a lot because I have a 2 month old Cane Corso pup… cool that you used a cane corso for the first part.

  8. Oscar Thank you for Your Fundamentals mostly when working with my foster dogs and my personal dogs. I have taken all your advice , jumped out of my comfort zone and now I’m on target to Continue Learning Dog Training and created a Youtube channel to follow my progress. My first vlog is available now. I would love some support / feedback so please subscribe and check out my channel.

  9. Will there ever be a time when treats are not needed anymore? Because it seems like the dog is invested in the reward, not the owner. (I’m not trying to be critical by the way) – I’m just wondering if its possible to train a dog without needing treats on hand at all times? Thanks!

    1. Google the phrase above. It’s a very helpful guide on pack leader training which doesn’t require treats. Takes a little more effort than treat training, but your dog will look to you for commands because he wants to… not just for a reward. I believe both styles have their place, it just depends what kind of relationship you want to build with your dog. Hope this helps.

    2. Yes, you only use treats to train. Once they know the command, then you go to a lottery system, and then stop treating that command. When you start the lottery system, add in a new command.

    3. Looking into “fading the lure”. I’ll give an example with sit. So you first clicked train and treat with sit. You have the treat and clicker in the same hand. Assuming they’ve been introduced the behavior, you cue the sit using verbal and visual cue, you click to mark the behavior, and then you reward with treat from the hand you signaled from. To fade out the treat (or lure), you hold treats in both hands. So they still see the treat from the hand you ask from. After you’ve marked the behavior, you only reward with the treat from the other hand they didn’t see. Then they learn to expect the treat from a place they haven’t seen. Once they’ve done that, you stop using a treat in both hands and only the one they can’t see. Then after they master that, you only treat after introducing new layers to the behavior such as distance, duration, diversity or distraction. Once they’ve mastered those they will never need treats again.

    4. For me it’s been helpful to get less and less treats the more they start to love me. I replace the treats with praise/affection over time

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