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Dog Training Halted After Play Turns into an Attack | It’s Me or the Dog

German Shepherd mix Sammy is extremely badly behaved, especially around children. But when dog training expert Victoria Stilwell tries to mend the conflict between them, Sammy takes it too far and training needs to be halted. Can she find a way for the kids and Sammy to play together before somebody gets hurt?



It's Me or the Dog is a TV show where you can watch some fantastic dogs and get some tips on training your furry friend! Why do dogs hump? Why do dogs bite? Why do dogs bark? All these questions and more will be answered with the help of dog training expert Victoria Stilwell!


Learn puppy training and dog training techniques that can help turn your life around and get your canine companion under control with Full episodes from the show!


93 thoughts on “Dog Training Halted After Play Turns into an Attack | It’s Me or the Dog”

    1. ^▽^Liana Hernandez >∀<

      My mom when a dog barks at me:Get away from it!
      Me: awww it’s so cute!

    1. Sammy isn’t acting “aggressive” AT ALL.
      This is one of the reasons why so many dogs get abandoned or euthanised – people not being able to read dog body language, or even basic dog behaviour. OMG The dog nipped! He’s being aggressive! He needs to be punished or euthanised!
      Dogs are carnivores so they’re gonna play rough. Dog’s can’t use their paws the same way humans and cats can, so they’re gonna do everything with their mouth. Common sense, people. (rolls eyes)
      If you can’t tell the difference between play and aggression, then you shouldn’t have a dog, especially not a big dog like Sammy.

  1. I felt so bad that the poor kid just had to deal with Sammy biting him like that. However, I’m glad Victoria didn’t step in since it would’ve led to an actual attack. I can’t imagine just having to stand there though and not be able to intervene.

    1. As usual because it’s not been trained properly the answer just get rid off the dog. Because they couldn’t be bothered to train the dog. It’s no wonder shelter’s are full. Because the bloody owners couldn’t be bothered to train their dog’s.

    2. @TPinesGold this is a year old but I felt the need to point out that they didn’t misuse the term bit inhibition, they just forgot a word. He didn’t practice GOOD/EFFECTIVE bite inhibition. He didn’t have a good grasp on the pressure limits of human skin though he knew to bite lighter than he would for serious harm. It was still an issue with the dog not knowing or being taught enough about bite inhibition.

    3. @Xamry14 I’m not going to be able to straighten out Ms Stillwell’s audience about the accurate meaning of bite inhibition. But you and she could not be more wrong.

      Ms Stillwell deftly produces these videos where she deceptively manipulates the facts to create a scenario of impending doom so that she can swoop in and heroically save the day.

      In the first two minutes of this video, she correctly states that this dog is unacceptably mouthy, a common puppy behavior. In this case, the mouthing was never properly addressed by basic training techniques and appropriate adult supervision during interaction with children. The play dynamic with children reinforced and escalated the mouthy behavior.
      THIS HAS NO CORRELATION WITH AGGRESSIVE ATTACK AND BITING TO INJURE OR HARM. Unfortunately, Ms Stillwell chooses to deceive her audience with this threat in order to validate her methods as applicable to authentic cases of aggression and biting.

      FACT: This very mouthy dog exhibits the essence of bite inhibition. If not, this family would have experienced countless cases of puncture wounds because the dog’s teeth are continuously in contact with human hands, feet, wrists, arms, legs, etc. The dog is reliably inhibiting the force of his bite in every instance if teeth to skin contact.

      Bite inhibition does not guarantee no injury or no blood drawn. This is because a dog’s teeth lightly in contact with skin can still open the skin if you combine the light pressure with sudden movement of pulling away from the dog’s teeth.

      The fact that this dog practices good bite inhibition makes this mouthing less serious and a routine and relatively simple problem to solve.

    4. @Jupiter so basically, if your dog bites someone, you wouldn’t care and just laugh? If your dogs bites you, shouldn’t be laughing really. If it bit your face you wouldn’t be laughing would you?

    5. @Rebecca Abrams yep. my sister has an alaskan malamute/gsd mix and she is huge. they got her at 5 WEEKS (way to young) and she knocks over her 7 year old sister and loves to bite. she doesnt mean to attack though. just how she plays.

  2. Can people please be more considerate and stop insutling this little kids hair cut. Im sure hes older now but lets say he wasnt and he saw these. It would hurt him so bad and damage is self esteem.

    1. @Death Omen yeah exactly when strangers are older you can mock the appearance of their younger self,it isnt rude at all

    2. @spooky boi Don’t know where you are now, but virtual hugs for you. Nobody should have to endure that from their parents.

    1. @As33 Didn’t Victoria mention someone named Zach being away due to illness…I wouldn’t be so quick to judge. It seems that was a factor in getting the fence donated.

  3. I used to play rough with my gsd when he was a puppy, but even from 4 months I was teaching him mouth control and obedience. As he got bigger, we still played rough, but if I ever said “enough” it was game over and hed go from a 10 in energy to a 0 in an instant. By far hes the most loyal and obedient dog. Hes turning 12 in a couple months 🤧

    1. Same with my 2 chihuahuas. Ok they have a reputation for barking and being aggresive but grabbing hold of training very early on shapes them into balanced happy dogs. My 2 girls are so lovely and i too say ‘Enough’ when i want them to know when they’re are getting too excited, and within a nanosecond, they stop. Thanks to Victoria and her gems of training online, i have 2 beautifully behaved happy dogs that know the rules and boundaries.

    2. Help me. Mine is only 8 weeks but it’s so hard to stop the biting in play. The most affective strategy so far has been putting him in the closed balcony whenever he starts biting, each time he comes out he’s usually a bit calmer. But sometimes it doesn’t work so we have to keep him there for an hour or so. Loud sounds, firm tone, things like that generally don’t work at all.

    3. @Shay Rose i wish that ‘ignore’ technique everyone talks about worked on my 8 week old gsp/lab. If you ignore he will continue biting anywhere he can (feet, ankles, hamstrings, clothing) and his teeth are already sharp enough to hurt and draw blood. It’s early days but already losing hope

    4. Same with me use to play rough with my German don’t anymore when they get older they don’t realize how much more powerful they are so at 6 months that ended with mine

  4. I hate it so much when parents and adults get a dog, or any other high-maintenance animal, and completely neglect it’s training to the point that it’s in danger of being put down. All they’re doing is setting the dog up for failure. If you don’t want to put in the work of owning a dog, why get one?

    1. I agree with Martine. Most dog owners will do little research and just not know they got a high energy dog that needs x amount of outside play because not every dog is like that.

      I just think most dog owners need to be more knowledgeable in their choices and training. Neglect is not feeding or cleaning up your dog or even abusing it. Not setting it up for failure because they didn’t do their due diligence

    2. Yes! My MIL got a German shepherd mix and DOESNT train him or anything no walks she just sits there and we don’t have big yard we live in an apartment complex and he has loads of energy jumps and bites like this dog and DESTROYS anything he touches and goes through trash. Makes a mess day in and day out and I’m just waiting for the day she has to put him down because of bad he is and it’s her fault completely

    3. I speak from experience and I watched lots of videos before getting my rescue and still i was surprised by how much work it was. It was a shock to my system. I knew I had to walk, play, train, take care of hygiene…..but seeing it on TV and doing it are 2 different things.

  5. That is the most cooperative family I ever seen on here.. No fighting, no arguing, no denying anything, plus they were determined to work with the dog! The whole family was! Never seen that before! Plus the fence donation idea was excellent! Great job Victoria! Excellent job!

    1. Yeah! That little list the mother made as a rule book is cute n shows her dedication. Also good to see everyone participating equally n it’s not just one person doing everything they can!

    2. @Deborah Maliaman I’m not sure what you think they meant by “a bad road”. They didn’t mean the dog is becoming bad, they meant that if the dog’s behavior isn’t corrected and bites someone else bad enough to send them to the hospital, then that dog could end up euthanized. That’s what happens to dogs that bite people like that one too many times. They get euthanized. That’s a pretty bad road if you ask me.

  6. And again, I wonder why people are getting working dog breeds as family dogs without being willing to train and exercise them properly.

    1. @groundcontrol436385 did you really just say don’t get a shelter dog? I’ve had 3 of them. Best dogs I’ve ever had. Period. I’ll get more when the time comes. FOH with your breeder nonsense.

    2. @Chloe There are some dogs that are wired up wrong from the start. We got a 9 week old puppy into rescue that was viciously attacking anyone in her path in an unpredictable manner. Everyone could just be sitting there and suddenly she’d go off. No amount of obedience training nor tough love nor Nothing In Life is Free would have made her a safe and reliable companion. She was euthanized. There are plenty of good dogs with great personalities to buy or adopt. It makes no sense to expend finite resources on one that will never be safe.

    3. @Destinee Hailey I’ve done Aussie rescue for 15 years. It never ceases to amaze me the number of people whose “dump calls” give the reason that “He’s too high energy” or “He won’t let the yard man into the yard when we’re not home”. Did they bother to read the breed standard? Apparently not. Aussies have strong guardian instincts and are high octane herding dogs.

    1. @Shruti Gupta the fact is, boys need male role models in their lives. There is nothing inherently wrong with being raised by women/single mom, as long as there are positive male role models involved. Doesn’t have to be a father. Could be an uncle, grandpa, teacher, tutor, music teacher, sports coach, or anything else.

    1. @ashley woodall You mean he would’ve acted like a dog leader. Ever seen how dogs signal to each other what they like or not? They threaten violence pretty immediately, showing teeth etc. So just intervening and showing the dog that’s not acceptable, is what every dog leader would’ve done. All leader dogs keep the peace in the pack, by stopping conflicts.

  7. I love how the mom wants to ” fix it before anyone really gets hurt”
    Excuse me ma’am but your dog bit a kid badly enough it warranted a ER trip. That sounds like someone getting hurt to me

    1. People assume that dogs are naturally sweet and loving animals, but no, they are JUST animals. They will bite a person if their instincts tell them too, even if it’s wrong.

    2. Children are not entitled, they are completely reliant on adults taking care of them and being ok with a child getting hurt because dogs are innocent is ridiculous – children are innocent and exploited too, a child’s life will always come before a dogs.

  8. It was very stressful to watch Sammy go after the kid like that. You could hear the panic start to increase as the dog got more and more excited. Not fun for the kids at all.

    1. If you are afraid of an animal, don’t buy it. Being afraid of your dog biting you, is already proof you shouldn’t own it. No one in the family are naturally good with dogs, and they have not put any effort in learning. That was a very friendly dog playing and being gentle. But who was not showed any boundaries or leadership. All i felt was more of the same feeling as usual: almost every dog owner sucks at it.

    2. @Mi this was a year old comment dude. The kids were scared, doesn’t matter if the dog was nice. Don’t reply to comments that are so old it’s just annoying.

  9. Radiant Knee Knight SharaShaymin

    How are those two kids more mature and polite than almost every adult I’ve seen in other clips?? They’re so sweet!

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