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Express Guitar – Learn Guitar Product – New Site! Big Earnings!

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Express Guitar – Learn Guitar Product – New Site! Big Earnings!
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When my friends and family saw me succeed as a pro guitarist, they would always ask me …

‘Mike, can you teach me to play guitar like you?’

I wanted to help … so I began teaching.

One day, a student came to me for help, he wanted me to work out a song for him … he didn’t have any sheet music, but he did have a cassette recording of the song …

… this was definitely the longest lesson of my life (at least it seemed that way), boy, I sweated and struggled to work that song out. When the lesson was over, the guy thanked me and seemed happy with the results.

Next week, the same guy brought in another song for me to work out (he had also told his friends that I could work out songs without written music)!

It wasn’t long before there was a steady stream of students banging on our door …around this same time I had also began working as a freelance studio guitarist where you are required to learn a new piece of music in minutes.

… long story short …

…after a lot of “splashing around and gnashing of teeth”, I discovered massive shortcuts to playing guitar by ear, and realized how many other people needed a solution to this same problem …

These days, I show my students (and now YOU) how to play the guitar FAST … using the same system that I used.

But it wasn’t always easy for me…

… I didn’t feel any divine ray shining down on me. In fact, I found it hard…

I, like many of you, have spent most of my life looking for that “magic system” that would allow me to finally learn guitar FAST.

Unfortunately, at school (after a music aptitude test), I was told that I was “tone deaf” and that I didn’t have the “natural talent” needed to play guitar!

But being

“Tone Deaf”
Wasn’t going To Stop ME!

..And I’m guessing that you’re reading this page because you, too, have faced the same problems that I’ll talk about soon.

I know the frustrations of a beginning guitar player. I started playing when I was 13 years old. I would have given up at anytime in the first six months if I hadn’t been living in a town where there was simply nothing else to do.

My early attempts to play guitar where a disaster!

  • My cousin still laughs about the time I tried to entertain a goup of friends playing an unrecognizable version of ‘Mary Had a Little Lamb’ – they were all learning guitar too (only… they could play songs by Jimi Hendrix, Eric Clapton and Led Zeppelin)!
  • Definitely not my personal favorite was spending every weekend trying to tune my guitar – only to end up with a pile of broken strings! 😉

And then there was the time I got a reaction I definitely wasn’t expecting – I was playing my first gig and everytime I played a wrong chord (which was often) – the singer’s neck glowed a bright red!

…for years I spent thousands of $$$’s on books, tapes, videos anything that would help me play better…

I’ve watched many players give up when they didn’t make progress at the speed they desired. They figured they had other things to do with their limited time and stopped devoting time and energy to their guitar playing.

  • They were challenged with learning bar chords
  • They were challenged with finger speed
  • They were challenged with strumming patterns
  • They were challenged with difficult chord shapes
  • They were challenged with learning scales

Many people struggle to play the guitar for years, and still do not achieve what others do in a month.

That’s why I’ve decided to make it super-easy for you to learn all the hottest guitar skills, tricks and techniques by piling them ALL into one brand-new, low-cost package called:

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