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Finally Organized, Finally Free for the Home

Finally Organized, Finally Free for the Home
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Dear friend,

I’ve got to get organized!

When did you last utter these words? Was it when you
realized that you are literally drowning under piles of

Maybe it was when you caught a glimpse of the enormous
laundry pile that you can never seem to catch up on.

Perhaps it was when you looked at all of the clutter in
your kitchen, basement, bedroom, garage, den, living
room and everyplace else. You may have even contemplated
tossing everything out the window!

Was it when you desperately searched for those missing
theater or ball game tickets?

It could have been when you missed that important
appointment. Or when that deadline crept up on you.

Maybe it was when you realized that you had enough To Do’s
on your list to last you a lifetime.

Or even worse, it may have happened when you found out you
had no time left for yourself, your family, your friends,
that needed vacation and basically everything in life that
you love to do.

Disorganization can actually trap you into living a life
filled with stress, frustration and chaos. It can rob you
of the precious time you should be spending enjoying your

By overcoming disorganization, you can be set free to live
the kind of life you’ve always dreamed of.

You deserve to be organized!

My husband, Joe, and I have a house that needs to be
tended to daily, a lawn that needs to be mowed in the
summer and a long driveway that needs to be plowed in the
winter. Just like most people, we cook our own meals,
run errands, manage our paperwork and finances and sift
through the pile of mail each day.

We also have a toddler, Amanda, to take care of. She is
the love of our lives and she requires lots of hugs,
kisses and attention–and lots of encouragement to get
her to pick up her toys.

We run our own business. Believe me, we have a long list
of things that need to be done, reams of paper and
thousands of computer files. The phone rings pretty often
and we generate an average of 200 email messages a day–
many of which require quick responses.

However, besides running our home and our business, while
taking care of our daughter, we still have plenty of time
to keep in contact with our family and friends. We go out
for romantic dinners. Vacations and mini-vacations are
taken often. Long nature walks, in addition to healthy
power walks, are a regular activity. We go biking. We
attend festivals. We often go to the park just to feed
the ducks on the spur of the moment.

There’s plenty of time to watch our favorite television
programs and to read interesting novels. Our meals are
home-cooked and healthy. There’s even time to get 7-8
hours of restful sleep each night.

We don’t have clutter. We don’t have mail piled up. The
laundry is under control. We’re caught up with our email.
We don’t work late.

Our house is ready for unexpected guests at any time.
We’re never late for appointments. The bills are always
paid on time.

We can get our daughter to pick up her toys, without
raising our voices or constant nagging.

We can find anything in our filing system–in seconds!
We’re productive, but our schedules are not packed. We
have plenty of time for rest and relaxation.

We have just as much time as you do–24 hours each day.

The only difference is that we’ve discovered some very
simple systems, techniques and secrets to help us stay
organized each day.

Being that I love to share, I’m going to disclose these
organizing secrets with you. Why? Because you deserve to
be organized, to be clutter-free, to be able to spend
your time doing the things you love to do — to be
finally organized, finally free!

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With Finally Organized, Finally Free for the Home,

you’ll finally discover…

Easy effective organizing tips for every room in your home

Dozens of secrets for clearing the clutter and the chaos

Good news–you don’t have to toss everything to get organized!

How to avoid getting overwhelmed with your To Do list

Yes, you can be organized, even if you’re a Pack Rat

Find hidden energy and motivation to get started on any project

Creative and inventive storage ideas that you can apply immediately

Short on storage space? Not a problem!

Clean your house in half the time

Conquer your laundry mountain and get back in control

Snap up your routines and increase your productivity

Never forget a birthday, event or appointment again

Have a schedule and be spontaneous at the same time

Slay the raging, paper beast

Organize your computer files and email with ease

Get twice as much done in half the time

Take the “Keep or Toss Test” to help you decide what’s clutter and what’s not

How to reduce your junk mail, both offline and online, by sixty percent or more

The secret to getting your whole family into the organizing game

End morning madness and start each day on the right foot

How your computer can help you be more productive

How to reach your goals, the SMART way

Get everywhere . . . on time!

How to say no and not feel bad about it

Achieve more of what you set out to do

Make each shopping trip productive

. . . and much more! You’ll discover 2,175 tips and ideas inside!

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