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FIRST NIGHT: Crate Training 5 Easy Steps 🐶

First night crate training a puppy is no joke, but these are my fail proof steps to help!
ALSO – I filmed this video a month ago, but I want to ensure we never stop talking about equality, and the Black Lives Matter movement. This will never stop being important. Please vote, donate and protest where you can #BlackLivesMatter

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43 thoughts on “FIRST NIGHT: Crate Training 5 Easy Steps 🐶”

  1. All I can say is… thank you for sticking by me while I retreated a bit to reflect, listen & learn.

    A TON happened all at once recently, & I appreciate your messages, comments and emails reaching out to check on me. It truly kept me going

    That said- enjoy this new video. I’ll be in the live chat at 10am CST Monday!

    I also want to remind you that while it’s slowed in media coverage, the #BLM movement is far from over and in my video description there are resources for you to get involved and support!
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    Thank you all for the love you give, always XOX

    1. Hello Rachel!

      I want to thank you for sharing your knowledge so freely with us!! You are obviously, Extremely experienced Training Dogs, and I really looking forward to continuing learning from you! I have been researching Dog Breeds, Training, costs involved for acquiring, and for keeping various Dogs, for 2+ Years now, ever since my Wife, who has been really adamant against us ever having a Dog in the House, (for over 31 Years) gave me a Birthday Card on my 60th Birthday, telling me that she would be willing to talk about me getting a Dog!! In My Younger Years, I have raised two Dogs since Puppies, and I really really enjoyed it, and have always wanted to get another Puppy. I am about to buy a Crate… which is how I came across you. You are a pleasure to watch/learn from. You a Gifted, Animated Teacher!! I hope you are doing well, and I am really looking forward to learning more from you!!

      Take care Rachel!! 🙏

  2. Fyi for those who don’t realize, even well trained adult dogs need reintroduction if they have not been in the cage for a while or they have not been feeling great, always make it positive and make sure the crate and or room is big and appropriate. We just had this issue with an elder rescue so my ds was guided to guide her thru a little fun game. Problem solved so also give extra time. Blessings to the journey and good health for all

    1. I’m having so much trouble re-introducing my 4 year old dog to a crate. His separation anxiety/uncomfortable is bad and nothing seems to be working.

  3. Hi Rachel!! I just wanted to thank you soo much for helping me and my sister with dog tips. We have wanted a dog for the longest of times and my mom finally agreed because of YOU! Thank You sooo much! Also we’re adopting! Keep on going!😁😋

  4. Thank you for continuing making videos to keep adding more notes to my puppy training notebook. P.S I have a big public playlist of training videos filled with a bunch of your videos


    Great video, Rachel! I found this really helpful and wanted to say that your whole channel has been AMAZING and has helped me a ton and I’ll definitely be keeping this in mind for my future dogs/fosters 🙂 I also enjoyed seeing Bentley chilling on the side haha 💕 You’re absolutely stunning!!!

  6. Hi Rachel! First of all this video is very helpful, also all of your videos make me smile and educate me. I am a little girl and I have been asking for a dog for 3 years!! My parents who aren’t dog people started exploring the options and when they were doing there research we always watched your videos 🙂 ! Now we are getting our new furry cutie in 1 week and I am so excited so thank you for always making me smile and giving me hope. (and yes it is a rescue dog 😁 ) thanks!

  7. Hi, Rachel! I’m starting to go through your videos to prep ourselves for our new puppy who will be joining us mid July. Part of getting the house ready is reorganizing the cats’ food and litter box out to several areas of the house to somewhere out of reach for the new pup (and eventually standard size goldendoodle. I see you’re a cat mom too. Any tips on that? Thx!

  8. Hey Rachel! Awesome video with great tips and advice! 🐾🙌🏻🤗 I’m getting my very first puppy in 19 days! She’s a female maltipoo puppy. I’ll be doing crate training as I live in an apartment so this video was extremely helpful! I look forward to seeing more videos. I’d love to see more videos related to apartment living with a puppy/dog.

  9. Millie Jayne Rammell

    i just got my puppy today, and from the video, hes ALREADY settled into his crate in the space of 5 hours. Thankyou so much!! Keep posting these videos , there so helpful and so well made!! x

    1. All the dogs I’ve had in life were an adult and elders, they were easy going. Calm and quiet. But man, the puppy I got was a huge energy consumer. I’ve only had her about a week and a half. teaching her name is still unsuccessful, teaching her to sit has been easier, potty train his going half bad and half good.

    2. @↣ HxneySkies ↢ I think it’s better to ask that question to people like that. I also would like the answer to that question.

  10. we are getting our puppy in a week and are so excited. We have always had older dogs from rescues so potty training and crate training wasnt’t something that we ever had to teach. This is so helpful – thank you!

  11. Rachel, thank you so much. Getting my Bordoodle at the end of the month. This is my first non-rescue, but I will financially support saving all the damn dogs. You are helping my confidence about getting a new puppy. We’re in our 50s and still heartbroken over our elderly rescue dog’s passing this past summer but having no dog is too sad in the house. To all who rescue, my deep respect. Not everyone can or should do it. I know the hardship and the rewards. ❤️

  12. i love how finn repeatedly gets in the crate after, and then immediately comes out again expecting a treat! (3:38) what a cutie

  13. My family just got our first ever dog two days ago and he’s nine weeks old, I feel like we’ve already made so many mistakes… tomorrow’s a new day but I feel horrible

  14. Thank you for all your wonderful tips! I am preparing for my first ever pup, so I am very grateful to have discovered your videos!!

  15. Hello Rachel. First of all: thanks for your videos, they are amazing! Mid July we are getting our first puppy EVER (so exciting), a male Springer Spaniël named Toby! I just have a question about the potty training at night. I get that you need to set your alarm every 2/4 hours for your puppy to go potty outside before he starts crying. But how long do you have to do that? How do you phase out the number of times you set your alarm? When do you decide ‘from now on, he’s ready to sleep through the night’? Because they are used to go potty every 2/4 hours? Thank you! Greeting from Belgium!

  16. Rachel your videos are amazing. I watched a lot of them lol before i got my
    Puppy and he was in the crate the 1st night. It’s been a week and Mylo is progressing!

  17. Oh my gosh! I watched this and a dozen other videos of yours this week because we were getting a puppy. I did everything you said today (our first day with our new puppy) and…. drumroll please… she just this minute walked into her crate, lay down, and fell asleep. I am amazed and SO, SO, thankful!! So happy I found your videos😁

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