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First Week Puppy Training – The 6 Skills To Teach First – Professional Dog Training Tips

Getting a puppy is such an exciting time! Being prepared for that new four-legged family member is really important. The first week puppy training skills should be something that you plan for, just like you plan to have a collar, a leash, and lots of toys for your puppy. At our dog obedience training facility, we help over 500 dogs every week to become well behaved four-legged family members. We can quickly tell which pet parents have spent time with their puppies working on the skills mentioned in this video. The puppies who have done this training have a much easier time when learning more complicated skills, especially when working around common distractions. The puppy training we'll talk about in this video will teach your puppy to love learning, and these skills will help you to understand the value of rewards for your puppy. As your puppy gets older, you'll want to know what their FAVORITE reward is, so you can use it when they do an especially good job!

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39 thoughts on “First Week Puppy Training – The 6 Skills To Teach First – Professional Dog Training Tips”

  1. Oh man how convenient for the new puppy that is coming home next week! 🙂 Thanks for the great videos McCann family!!

  2. Got my new puppy last monday. Past that 1st week, barely. He’s a nightmare, climbing stealing and nipping us and our other dog. He’s very smart, just super hyper. I look forward to getting past these rough first few months. Gotta get these tricks down to get there!

    1. Of all the puppy training videos; I love you guys the most. My puppy dachshund Jaxon will be coming home the end of September and I want to be ready. Thank you so much!! I heard the are stubborn; but I just don’t want to believe that I’m going to have a stubborn dog. I believe they can be trained. I don’t know.

  3. Great content! Its my second week with my Border Collie puppy and your videos are helping a lot! Thanks for your time and explanation 🙂

  4. This video seems really helpful! I’m about to get a female Golden Retriever puppy in a few days and I’m trying to watch as many training videos as I can!

  5. Thank you. I lost my Basset Hound (of 12 years) last April. Then, I lost my GSD (of 11 years) last October. Just got a GSD puppy on Sunday. I can’t remember anything. I’m so glad I found you!! <3 And now, I will have "Hippy Hippy Shake," in my head all day!

    1. Michelle Crist I feel the same way. I don’t remember how to train a puppy. I had a terrier for 15 yrs and she passed 2 years ago. Just got a mini golden doodle 2 wks ago and I’m lost lol

  6. How long do the training sessions have to be for a 8week old puppy? And do you fit all exercises within one session or is it one exercise per session?

    1. Dr Ray myxhape Chiropractic

      Typically 5-10 minutes of focused training. Followed by handling when they’re relaxed. I train my husky pup 2-3 times per day. And in each training session I’ll teach 2-3 exercises. The first exercise is one she already knows like ‘SIT’ and then I’ll introduce the new one afterward for most of the session. Ive learned that it’s important to reinforce previous lessons to keep it instilled and her focused. The best time of the day to train is the morning and afternoon. Sometimes zoomies set in at night so I don’t exercise then

  7. Hi, great video, thanks. I had a mini yorkie for 14 years and no training issues with her at all, she learnt obedience and tricks very quickly. I got 8 and half week old mini yorkie puppy now, and I struggle to get her attention with kibble, she’s not so fussed about it at all so I cant use it for training and if I use a piece of chicken as a training treat, that works, but then she doesnt want to eat her kibble at all. I tried to put her on house line, she’s ok with the miniature harness I got her but keeps biting the line constantly. .any suggestions please?

  8. I’m getting a little pom-chi puppy this coming week and I have been binge watching your videos! Thank you so much for so generously sharing your knowledge. 😁😁

  9. We are getting a puppy rat terrier this Friday and using these videos to train US to train the puppy. We will be watching a lot this week!!!

  10. Hello very helpful videos!! We are having our new puppy next week. How many times a day should we repeat those exercises?

  11. Hi we loved the simplicity of this video and my child and I watched it, stopped it discussed it and rewatched it a few times – we would really like to watch them in order and build up our skills with you as we love your training. Happy to contribute – how would I find the right order for videos?

  12. LOVE your videos and have used your techniques over the last 4 days since we got our 8 week old. When I try to hold the treat out, she starts jumping and lunges and starts biting my hand. Any advice?

  13. It’s lovely how the little puppy just sits there and listens. I just got a puppy just 2 weeks ago and she is smart as a whip, knew her name right away with no treats and looked me right in the eye. But because she is so smart, it’s been the biggest battle of my life. Almost found her a new home as I thought there was something wrong with her because of her aggression. So, off to McCanns I go

  14. Lol this puppy is too good to even show as an example, my 2 month old husky is crazy and there’s no way he will sit like that for even 2 seconds

    1. My Labrador is the same way. There is absolutely no way he will sit still long enough to train. The puppies they are using have already done initial training. That makes it a lot easier. These puppies are strictly for their training sessions .

  15. It would be great to see the “out” exercise with a new puppy. It looks like this puppy already does “out” on command.

  16. Angelos Dardagiannopoulos

    This is just one of the many videos that I wish I had seen a lot earlier. Nonetheless, I’ve binged a lot of your videos and they’re super helpful for our new boxer mix puppy!!! 10 weeks old, we got him on Monday <3

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