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German Shepherd puppy obedience training | 9 weeks old | Valor K9 Academy, LLC

Watch as Havok performs sit, platz (down), hier (come here), Fuss (heel), spin and more. This video was recorded in 2014 when I was a new trainer with a limited skill set. My methods have evolved, as any trainer's should, and now incorporate much more positive reinforcement training for puppies. I focus on communication, motivation and relationship to achieve results, so that training is fun for both the dog and the owner. Comments are welcome, but please be respectful. Enjoy! -Amy Pishner (Owner, Head Trainer)

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68 thoughts on “German Shepherd puppy obedience training | 9 weeks old | Valor K9 Academy, LLC”

  1. What a cutie! So excited to be getting a German Shepherd now after seeing how bright and fun this little one is 🙂

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  2. Once in my life when I was 16 I got a male German Shepherd pup, he hung out with me and friends all the time. Never had to train that dog to do anything. Amazing.

    1. @SaveTheBeachMouse I trained my labs like this when they were that young and they had no problem. You should always strain your dog from a young age or else you end up with a badly behaving dog with no life skills.

    2. @Chloe Pattie I just re-read my comment and it made zero sense. 🤣 Wth? Yes, pups should all be trained as early as possible to avoid problems. German Shepherds and other dogs like Border Collies were initially bred to be working dogs so they are high energy. They require tasks and can master basic commands at 2 months of age.

      Maybe some labs can. But you won’t hear many owners refer to their lab as their shadow or wonder why it’s circling family members or watching the baby without any training at all. It’s Me or The Dog shows that no dog is stupid but many have special needs due to what they were bred for.

    3. @Russ Post not true, I started training my pup at 10 weeks old. You need to do short sessions and make them fun so your pup has fun and so you can avoid burn out.

  3. This is absolutely amazing, so incredibly clever little dog. You’ve done a good job of it, looks like a delightful exercise. =D

    1. @Atmospheric Even though science proves again and again that physical punishment for children is entirely counterproductive and actually causes harm… alright then clown. Hope you never have kids.

    2. @Coldwynn Frost Exactly. Humans haven’t been bred over thousands of years by a more intelligent species to simply obey commands and not think for ourselves, and if we were then we wouldn’t be remotely as intelligent as we are. Bunch of morons in here lol

  4. Greatest, smartest, most caring and most loyal breed there will ever be. ❤️ There baby dolls to those they love, yet ready to defend and destroy anything that threatens those they love. There’s is nothing like loving and having the love of a German Shepherd. Proud dad of a German Shepherd.

  5. Imagine if some parents today actually spend just a little time with their kids what the end results would be… This puppy is more obedient and smarter than most 10 years old kids I know.

    1. @Jewel Bully the video shows and talks about positive reinforcement. The most well spoken and well behaved kids i met, were trained with positive reinforcement and to understand the importance of communication, they weren’t hit. On the rare outburst they’d get hit, it was lightly, and way more effective, cos they knew the line had been more then crossed.
      Most kids that were bullies at school turned out to be beaten at home, ignored/had lack of parental attention, or had a very strict parent with high expectations.
      There were kids that were in fact beaten at home (or worse) and weren’t bullies, but those were either bullied or ya never herd them speak at all.

      I was hit at first (rarely, i was well behaved), but my parents switched to punishments involving actively correcting the mistakes I’ve done, taking accountability, and teaching me about empathy: it’s harder to f*ck someone over if you stop to think about their point of view.

    1. He’s working for his food. It’s a great way to do early training. Rather than feeding from a bowl, we use that food as a reward to make training positive and fun.

    2. @ValorK9Academy I’m going to be up for Facebook today or tomorrow I’m going to be up for Facebook today or tomorrow morning and I will send the one that is asking for a week 😊

  6. Awww, sweet puppy and sooo cute!! He learns fast! I just want to love 💕 on this pup!! Good boy!! Didn’t know they trained dogs so young. Bless his little heart ♥️

    1. thanks Darlene! He was the cutest pup! And is now such a handsome, well-behaved boy! 🙂 Early training is super important. Puppies want to learn, and they’re very active and inquisitive. Why not start teaching them and giving them a fun ‘job’ 🙂

  7. What a great ! Our 8 month old Goldendoodle loves. He even knows when comes on , because he knows Brandon’s voice now.This book not only gives you Brandon’s sure fire way to train your dog, it also gives you insight into what makes Brandon such an amazing trainer & the wonderful work he does with shelter animals.I highly recommend this book to all new & old puppy parents!

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