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chapter 5: the importance of your chakra system

Your Chakra system and how it impacts your overall health.

So much of the human psyche is still a mystery. No matter how many scientists and researchers may investigate the human psyche, there are often misunderstandings and it easy to base what is found in scientific fact.

In this chapter, we will review how you can improve your own Chakra system so that your body and mind are in a state of balance with energy flows freely in, out and around you. When you can understand your own individual Chakra system, you will also find that you have a deep understanding of yourself as well.

When you consider your health, you usually consider your overall health. When studying your Chakra system, you not only consider your whole self, but all of the 7 Chakra centers, making sure that they are each communicating equally with each other.

It is important to understand that you cannot rely on your mind alone to help develop your whole self. In order to be in balance and be healthy, you need to understand what makes up all of you.

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