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Getting Her Back – For Good — by Oprah love expert Michael Webb

Getting Her Back – For Good  —  by Oprah love expert Michael Webb
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“It’s not a magic bullet,

but it is a wake up call!”

I read your book and it really helped me put things into perspective. My wife told me that she wanted to get divorced on vacation and there was no going back at all.

I actually kept my cool when she told me this about a week ago and really didn’t say too much. I then bought your book that night and read it. I used what you wrote and formulated my own thoughts to talk to her the next day about everything. That day, she told me that she was going to move out and she did not know when she would come back home, if ever. She kept talking about divorce and that she was 99% sure about divorce and 1% sure that she wanted to stay with me.

After waking up to what I read in your main book and the supplemental book about keeping your marriage, I discovered what the actual pain points were and made a plan to address them. We are still separated, but divorce is pretty much out of the picture and she was debating coming back with me.

She ultimately decided against coming back with me, but I know that we are both trying to work everything out in a positive way. In fact, about 10 minutes ago, she told me that she loves me and wants to be with me. She already said she sees the positive changes she wants and sees my work to get counseling to fix myself. Your book helped me keep my cool and be patient and say the right things. THANKS SO MUCH!

I doubt these results are typical, I have a shorter 3 year marriage. Either way, I love the romantic ideas book and that’s what I’m moving to next after she agrees to completely call off the separation, which I think is 100% going to happen.

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