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Girl Gets Great Guy System

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Girl Gets Great Guy System
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woman? Tired of being lonely? Dateless? Ready for love and looking for
a romantic love
affair with The One?

Meeting and Dating QUALITY Men You’ve
Always Desired

Frustration, Humiliation, or Fear of Rejection

Single Friend…

what your relationship with the man of your dreams would be like…when you’re head-over-heels and hopelessly in love.







…Sizzling Hot Passion.

There are sweet,
tender love kisses.

There are warm,
affectionate hugs.

There are intimate
snuggles, cuddles, and caresses.

Most importantly you feel…






are that’s
the type of relationship you’re still looking for and want with
one special man.

A relationship like that is entirely within your grasp when
you know how to approach – and
catch – a quality man who is romantic, loving, and attentive.

here’s the best part…

It’s not as hard as you think to find and catch a great
guy –
type of man you’ve always dreamed about.

fact, it’s a fallacy that all the good guys are taken and there are no
great guys left when you use the…

Techniques, And Strategies That

Switch On Your Inner

To Attract A Quality Man And Keep Him

I’m Blaine Barrington, the Dating and Relationship Coach for successful, independent women over 35.

As a dating and relationship coach I know how frustrating it can be to go on date after date only to be disappointed.

But even if you’re discouraged or fed up dating players, commitmentphobes, or the wrong men and you haven’t found your Mr. Right, you can still find True Love.

You see, it really isn’t that difficult to find a good man – whether it’s online or offline – when you understand men and you know what’s blocking you from finding epic love.

In fact, it’s easier than you think when you have a “Man Catching Blueprint” that turbocharges your confidence and shows you specific
techniques to attract, seduce, and catch the guy you’ve always dreamed about.

These are the little-known, closely-guarded secrets smart, successful, savvy
women use to capture a man’s attention, win his heart, and secure his commitment forever.

Even better, when you combine your hidden guy-catching superpowers with these techniques and strategies I reveal in my special system called the Girl Gets Great Guy
you’re going to be virtually irresistible to a good man who is searching for a wonderful woman like you.

Let me show you the exciting details you’ll discover in the Girl Gets Great Guy System

Hangouts For Finding Hot Men

Before you activate your man-attracting charms you have to know where
to find the type of man you’re searching for.

So…if you’ve been looking for love in all the wrong places
I’ll show you where to find the “motherlode” – the top hangouts for more than 25 different types of sizzling hot men, many of who will be your type of guy.

Whether he’s The Single Dad…The Outdoorsman…The Jock…The
Adventurer…or Mr. Right…these places are the men’s gathering grounds
– their
where they flock to before work…after work…or during the day.

of Man Attracting Weapons

I’ll show you more than 15 man attracting weapons that are
immediately at your disposal and how they can get a guy’s
racing and leave even the strongest, toughest, hunkiest guy tripping
all over himself to get your phone number.

What’s more, I’ll show you my Top 4 Man Attracting

These are in no way manipulative.

Instead, you can use them as extensions of your own natural feminine
to catch the man of your dreams.

To Look
Seductively Sultry

No matter what you might think, you’re gorgeous right now.

And there’s a wonderful man waiting out there to meet you.

But you don’t want to look gorgeous for him.

You want to look smokin’ HOT.





When you enter a room you want to turn heads…and stop
conversation as people notice you.

I’ve opened my little Black Book to reveal what
should be in your wardrobe to get noticed.

Here’s a hint: Don’t do what your granny used to do. 

It’s not about spending a lot of money on a new wardrobe.

It’s about looking at your existing wardrobe with a new eye
– from a man’s point of view and using it to your

 Top 53 Relationship

I’m sure you’ll have relationship questions as you start
looking for your Mr. Right.

why I’ve
included answers to 53 of the top
Relationship Questions which are critical
for understanding
how to catch and keep a man.

You’ll find answers
baffling relationship

1. What
turns a guy on?
(Hint: It has
absolutely NOTHING to do with sex!)

2. I’m
scared of approaching men. How do I overcome my fear
of rejection?
(Two easy

3. What
do I do to ATTRACT the man I’m interested in?

(See my
shortcut strategy!)

4. How
do I know if he wants to get more serious about our
(No need to ask
him. Look for these signs instead.)

5. What
do guys look for in a woman?

(The answer may surprise you.)

6. How
do I know if I’ve found a “Keeper”?
wasting your precious
time with losers and deadbeats!)

7. What
should I AVOID doing if I want to keep him?

 (Don’t do
any of these relationship destroyers.)

8. What
does it mean when he says he “needs his space?”  
he a
“Keeper” or a “Throwback”? How to decide.)

9. Should
I make the first move if I see a guy I like?

(Heed this

10. Will
my man get offended if I tell him what I like in bed?

(Powerful opportunity or relationship killer? Here’s the answer.)

What does it mean when he says he “doesn’t want anything
(Look for these
Red Flags!)

12. I’ve
fallen for a guy. How do I tell if he’s interested in me?
guessing. Top signals guys use.)

Plus forty one
MORE questions that women want to know about
guys, dating, and
relationships and their candid, no-holds-barred answers!

In fact, the Girl Gets Great Guy System is…

The “Tell All” Exposé About

Dating and Relationships From a

Man’s Point of View

It’s no secret men think differently about dating, love, and relationships.

You’re excited because the date went really well. He promises to call and then disappears.

You think you’re a couple and exclusive. He thinks he’s free to date other women.

You want to get married. He’s content to keep things the way they are.

Mixed signals can be super confusing and frustrating.

Worse still, they can land you in hot water and even make you look needy…and undesirable.

That’s the last thing you want when you’ve found a great guy.

The Girl Gets Great Guy System’s unique tools expose and lay bare a man’s innermost – and hidden – relationship thoughts from a male perspective.

When you’re armed with this insider knowledge you won’t have to puzzle over what a man is thinking or how he will act.

You won’t have to guess whether he’s ready to get married.

You won’t have to wonder what he means when he says all he wants is to have fun.

Instead, you’ll know whether he’s “commitment ready” or simply playing the field and wasting your precious time.

Knowing how to read men is the quickest way to avoid losers, deadbeats, and unavailable men.

More importantly, it’s the quickest way to rebuild your trust and…

Him Fall Head-Over-Heels In Love With You

Instead Of Losing Him To Another Woman Forever…

you meet a great guy you want to avoid doing anything that turns him off
right from the beginning, don’t you?

Instead, you want him to be so smitten with you that he puts in the effort and
pursues you to win your heart.

why I’ve included these two special – but very important – sections so you don’t stumble before you get to know
him to see if he’s The One…

Guy Repellants 

this scenario…

You meet the guy of your
dreams, you both have an amazingly fun time together, he promises to phone you, and

No phone call.


text message.

“Hi, how are you?” 


complete silence.

Chances are he was turned off by something.

In the Girl Gets Great Guy

you’ll discover 27
of the top guy turn offs.

They may or may not apply to you, of course.

it’s critical
intelligence that you must know if you want to
start – and maintain – a relationship…because you might be making one
or more of these mistakes and driving a wonderful man away…without
even realizing it.

that’s not all…

Men Don’t Call 

women wonder why they never hear from a guy again – even if he
says he’ll call.

I’ll show you the top 9 reasons why he never calls again.

Knowing a guy’s turnoffs and reasons why he doesn’t
can give you a huge advantage in the dating game.

These are dating tips that many women don’t know about or

And yet, they could be destroying your potential
relationships even before they have a chance to get off the ground and

Of course, maybe the guy
you’re attracted to isn’t right for you… 

To Make Sure You’ve

Caught A Great
Guy Instead 

Of A Deadbeat Or Loser!

you’ve met a potential partner you’ll want to know what he’s REALLY

all, you don’t want
to waste your time with the deadbeats,
losers, and unavailable men who suck
your emotions
dry and make your life miserable. 


it or not, the dating
world is made up of a lot of good guys – if you know how to find them.

The type that are “Keepers.”

But sadly, there are also a lot of nutzoids, weirdos,
creeps, psychos, and losers out
there who you have to steer clear of.

Sometimes – especially when you’re head-over-heels in love with a man – it’s difficult to know if you’ve got a “Keeper” or a “Throwback.”

The good news is that “Throwbacks” leave signs that they’re not right for you.

Girl Gets Great Guy System
the guys you should stay away from. Plus, it reveals the signs the
guy you’ve
attracted is not a “Keeper.”

So instead of investing your feelings and emotions in a “Throwback” and wasting precious time, you can spend your time searching for a quality man
who treats you the way you want to be treated.

These are the Ultimate Red Flags that you should know about if
you’re serious about finding an amazing man instead of being fooled by a
or loser.

And there’s more….

Hands-On Guide 

That Shows You How To Unleash

Your “Inner

have powerful hidden abilities – many of which you’re probably not even aware of – that attract men.

Girl Gets Great Guy System

by your side you’ll be able to use those “man-attracting” abilities to catch your
dream man – the man who thinks of you as his Goddess.

You’ll have
a wealth of
information at your fingertips

Ultimate Secret Weapon that practically guarantees a guy will be
attracted to you. It’s part of almost every
man’s “genetic DNA” and is so irresistible to him that you can use it
your ethical advantage any time you want. (page 48)

stealthy Honey Bee Tactic that increases your desirability and makes it
guys are asking you out all the time – even if you haven’t been on a
date in years! (page 53) 

The “Tiara Effect” and
how it can kill a budding
relationship fast – whether it’s with a hot manly hunk
or with
nicest, sweetest man you’ve ever met. (page 101)

topics you should
definitely AVOID talking about on a first date.
They kill the mood and virtually
guarantee you’ll never hear from him again…no matter how attracted he
is to you. (page 83)

NEVER to go on a
first date. It’s one of
the most common
dating mistakes many new couples make that can sound the death knell on
fabulous relationship
before it even gets off the ground. (page 85)

buying a pair of high heel
could predict with uncanny accuracy whether
you’ll find Mr. Right. Take this quick 5 second quiz to find out whether you’re
destined to find the man of your dreams. (Amazing!) (page 20)

to do if you’re attracted to or fall in love with these two types
of guys.
They’re not losers and they can be highly desirable partners but
they’re dangerous to fall in love with because they will
turn their back on you and leave you out in the cold with nothing but
disappointment and
heartbreak. (page 113)

limiting excuses that should
NEVER hold you back from being in a loving relationship and how to
easily overcome them to find a wonderful man to share your life with.
(page 14) 

11 major Sex Issues
that could slow down – even ruin – a
passionate love life and how to overcome them so you can enjoy hot,
steamy, heart-pounding sex with the man who makes you all hot and
tingly. (page 122)

quick and easy fix for attracting guys if you think you intimidate
them. Some women turn guys off without even realizing it. If that
sounds like you I’ll show you how to turn that around in mere minutes.

How a tortoise and a hare can help you determine what type of man is chasing you. (page 180)

“Cold Approach”
method and why it’s so powerful. Go from dateless
to popular in a matter of days. Now there’s
no more waiting by the phone or checking your emails hoping to hear
from any
guy who has a pulse no matter how undesirable he may seem simply
because you’re lonely. (page 154)

signs your man wants to be in an exclusive
relationship with you. Finally there’s no more guessing whether you’ve
won his
heart and you’re his first priority or whether
you’re in fierce competition with other women. (page

Unlocking The
“Guy Code”

(Secrets That Attract Your Mr. Right   

And Keep Him Adoring You…)

When you meet an amazing
guy and you start falling in love with him, your life becomes more exciting.

You get caught up in the possibilities of a romantic, loving, fulfilling future with a
wonderful man.

And it feels exhilarating, doesn’t it?

Trouble is you don’t know if he feels the same way.

You don’t know if he’ll change his mind or suddenly disappear.

You don’t know if he’ll commit to you.

You don’t even know if he’s boyfriend material or has husband potential.

When you unlock the secret “Guy Code”…and you understand men…you’ll know how to win his undying love and devotion and have him practically begging to be part of your life…

You won’t have to chase him or play hard to get…because he’ll pull out all of the stops and pursue you.

You won’t have to wonder whether there are any good men left…because quality men will gravitate to you and see you as the special woman that you are.

You won’t have to guess whether you’re his girlfriend because he’ll show you that he wants you in his life.

Instead of being baffled, confused, and frustrated, once you have my “Man Catching Blueprint” by your side your confidence will soar and you’ll instantly recognize the “Guy Code” signs that show he’s a “Keeper”…
and he wants to be with you and only you.

The Girl
Gets Great
Guy System
you the keys to the “Guy Code” with powerful dating and relationship techniques and strategies so you can attract and win the heart of
a wonderful
man and experience an amazing relationship.

You’ll discover…

highly effective “Throttle Back” Tactic that stops a guy from pulling away
and shutting down and sets the stage for him to open up and reveal his
true feelings to
you. (page 181)  
How to have “The Talk” and communicate your needs to your man without him running for the hills or pulling back. (page

subtle body language move that grabs a guy’s attention,
his arousal instincts, and encourages him to approach you. (page

Your man won’t commit
to marriage? He loves you. He adores
you. But he won’t get down on bended knee and put a ring on your
finger. Here’s what you do. (page 200)

Outrageous dating
advice that will stop you in your
tracks and make you shake your head in amazement. Guaranteed to make
you sit up and take notice. It’s the very thing you need if you haven’t
had any luck
with your usual “type” of guy and you want to find someone who is right
for you. (page 75)

Fed up
with dating losers and jerks? Run through this short “Keeper”
– 4
Key Questions you
should ask before you decide he’s the guy of your dreams.
This is one of the quickest ways to prevent heartbreak and
wasted years waiting for a commitment.
(page 27)

What to do to make
sure a man treats you well. Follow this strategy so you won’t have to
settle for being neglected or ignored or feel like you’re
taken for granted. (page 226)  

a guy’s head: What
a guy finds particularly appealing and sexy
in a woman and how you can use this knowledge to win his
heart. (Hint: It’s not about how you look.) (page 148)

How the Man Den Ritual
can turn him into a
devoted, adoring, and loving partner. These are 4 specific
actions you
take that most women ignore, overlook, or don’t even know about. Do
this and you can strengthen your relationship
beyond your wildest
. (page 190)

16 reasons why you might not be having success in dating and relationships and what to do about it.
(page 310)

Thinking there are no good men left? 5 ways you could be scaring off a good man and making him feel as though he’s been ambushed into a “commitment” before he even gets to know you…and what you should do instead if you want to catch him and keep him.
(page 162)

Are you
when meeting a deliciously hot Manly Man? Seems you can’t even think
straight or utter an
intelligent word? Never be at a loss for words again. I’ll show you
3 powerful techniques including 19
topics for “conversation openers” so you
can confidently approach any guy, no matter how
hot he is…or how shy or nervous you are. (page 56)

Cracking the
“Guy Code” – the shocking truth about why guys won’t commit…and how
you can use this insider information to land the guy of your
dreams…and keep him forever. (page 192) 

much, much more!

The Secrets To Why Men Pull Away Without Warning

And How You Could Be Unknowingly

Triggering Their Flight Instinct

Have you ever wondered what causes men to pull away?

You’ve probably experienced something like this…

You meet a guy who gives you so much attention.

He’s everything you hoped a partner would be.

He’s handsome.

He’s witty.

He’s charming.

He’s thoughtful.

He’s fun to be with.

He wines you.

He dines you.

He texts you all the time.

He emails you several times a day just to let you know he’s thinking of you and to tell you how special you are.

He tells you how beautiful and smart you are.

He floods you with attention and he’s always on your mind.

He seems like the perfect boyfriend.

The relationship is amazing.

There’s a true connection you’ve never had with someone before..

It looks like you’ve found “The One” and things could progress to the “next level.”

Your heart leaps with joy.

And then… BOOM! Everything starts to unravel.

All of a sudden he pulls away. Or – even worse – he disappears.

He leaves you confused….frustrated…and heartbroken.

It can be devastating.

In the Girl Gets Great Guy System I help you understand men and why they pull away and even disappear.

You’ll discover:

9 tell tale signs he’s pulling away (These signs alert you so you don’t overreact and harm your relationship)

15 key reasons your man might be pulling away as well as 5 subtle reasons he pulls away (When you know WHY he’s pulling away you’re better able to understand how to cope without creating resentment and arguments)

2 types of pulling away and what to do and – more importantly – what NOT to do if he’s pulling away (Be the amazing woman he’s looking for by knowing how to respond when he’s pulling away)

Why a common behavior almost every woman is “wired” for can land your relationship in trouble when a man pulls away.

Armed with these secrets you’ll gain deeper insights into a man’s strange behavior that can reduce confusion and heartache and even strengthen your relationship in the long run.

Why He Won’t Commit

Have you ever tried to have “The Talk” with your man and find him running for the hills or getting angry at you?

You’re not alone if that has happened to you.

Talking about commitment can be a huge issue in a relationship. It’s a relationship “landmine” that can cause friction and arguments and even lead to a break up.

In the Girl Gets Great Guy System I’ll reveal…

13 main reasons a man won’t commit (One – or more – of these might apply to your man!)

9 Red Flags that indicate a man might not be ready to commit or will not commit to you (You might be wasting your time with a man who will never commit)

12 Subtle Signs a man will very likely make a commitment to you (You don’t even have to ask him because he’s sending out “Commitment Signals” all the time)

What to do if your man doesn’t commit to you (Specific steps to take if your man isn’t making a commitment)

Discover New Insights, Key Concepts, And Fresh Ideas

These 25 Powerful Relationship Stories

There’s nothing more illuminating than being shown key dating and relationship concepts instead of being told what to do and what not to do.

After all, there’s something almost magical about stories that open our eyes to new ideas and fresh perspectives that we’ve never thought about or considered before.

These stories can become powerful “Ah, ha!” moments and have a huge impact on your dating and relationships.

That’s why I created a unique section with 25 Powerful Relationship Stories.

These Relationship Stories identify, explain, and analyze common relationship and dating problems and how you can approach them in your own life.

These are valuable learning experiences that help you not only navigate your dating life but also help you avoid wasting your time with someone who’s not right for you.

You’ll discover detailed stories including…

>> Overthinking A Relationship

When you find a man you’re interested in or infatuated with you can end up on a roller coaster of emotions.

That can cause you to overthink things which can ruin a promising relationship and leave you hurt or wounded.

This story will show you how damaging overthinking can be and what to do to help avoid it.

>> Why He Won’t Commit

Commitment is one of the biggest issues a woman will face in a relationship.

In this story I take you through 3 scenarios to show you just what a man could be thinking and what you should be doing if you want him to commit to you.

>> Red Flags

Red flags can be – and usually are – deal breakers. But you have to be able to identify them too, especially when you’re in a relationship.

I’ll show you how to spot REAL red flags and how you can be easily fooled into thinking something is a red flag when it’s not.

>> Living Together

It’s an exciting time when you meet someone who you’re in love with and want to spend more time with. The next logical step seems to be living together.

But there are specific steps (and safeguards) you should take before committing to living together to increase your chances of staying together.

>> Whether Or Not To Contact Him

You meet a great guy, go on a date, and then you don’t hear from him. Now you’re not sure what to do.

i’ll show you how to handle this type of situation without coming across as desperate, needy, or clingy.

>> Handling Rejection

Being rejected is one of the worst things about dating and relationships.

I reveal specific things you can do to flick the “rejection switch” off and protect yourself from painful heart break.

>> How To Be An Amazing Girlfriend

Every man is looking for that special woman to share his life with.

I’m going to show you how to stand out from any other woman the man you’re dating has ever met.

It will make you seem like the perfect woman instead of someone who’s needy, clingy, and insecure.

>> The Commitmentphobe And The Player

How many times have you fallen for a commitmentphobe or player only to discover he’s not The One?

In the end you waste your time and feel used. Worse still, you’re left with a broken heart.

In the Commitmentphobe and Player stories you’ll discover warning signs of both the commitmentphobe and the player and how to protect your heart from them.

>> Erectile Dysfunction

At some point in your dating and relationship life you’re probably going to come across this sexual issue that men find nothing short of humiliating.

The way you react to and handle a man’s erectile dysfunction problem could be the defining moment when he decides whether or not you’re the right woman for him.

You’ll discover specific causes of Erectile Dysfunction, one of which will definitely surprise you.

You’ll also discover techniques and strategies that can help your man overcome his embarrassment and humiliation and perform in the bedroom so you can enjoy a satisfying and loving sex life together.

>> Dating A Divorced Man

A divorced man can be a good prospect as a partner but he can also be a challenge to date. Many divorced men bring baggage with them and it’s easy to get entangled in their previous life unless you’re careful and know what to look out for.

That’s why I’ve included 16 things you should consider before being involved with a divorced man – especially if he’s recently divorced.

This “mini checklist” could save you from not only wasting your time but also from disillusionment and painful heart break.

>> PLUS, 15 More In Depth Dating and Relationship Stories that show you how to handle rejection, whether or not you’re compatible with someone, how to deal with someone who has an addiction, dealing with sex issues in a new or existing relationship and much, much more.

Are You Wondering
Whether The

Girl Gets Great Guy

Is Right For


…You’ve attracted and fallen hard for the wrong type of guys
in the past

…You’ve found that guys lose interest in you after a while
you don’t know why

…You don’t have a lot of time to date but you want to be in
a loving, committed relationship

…You’ve had ex boyfriends break up with you only to find out
they got married soon after breaking up

…Your new boyfriend is a wonderful man but just won’t commit
settling down and getting married

…You’re nervous about getting out there and dating because you’ve
been disappointed in the past

…You don’t know why guys stop calling you after a first meeting or

…You have that nagging feeling you’ve been looking for the right guy
in the wrong places

…You need more
confidence when meeting desirable men

Girl Gets Great Guy System
definitely for you. 

And it doesn’t
matter whether you’re a few pounds overweight or you haven’t had a lot
of success in relationships or you think you’re “too old” to find a
great guy or you’ve been divorced and out of the dating game for years.

It doesn’t matter
whether you’re a single parent or businesswoman or waitress or
secretary or CEO of a company.

No matter what
your success in relationships has been in the past and no matter what
you do for a living, the Girl Gets
Great Guy System
will reveal
the secrets that will help you find the man of your dreams…and the
love you’ve always

Relationship Blueprint

That Guides You To An

And Loving Relationship

The Girl Gets Great Guy
 is a
practical, hands-on guide.

You won’t be pummeled or confused with baffling psychology

Nor will you be subjected to sensationalistic methods that sound
good but
make you look manipulative, pushy, or needy and end up ruining a

Instead, you’ll see how guys think and why they act the way
guys do…and how you can use that knowledge to catch the man of your

In Your Happiness

With This Indispensable Guide

For Single Women Looking

For One
Guy Who Will

Rock Their World

You could spend months –
years – trying to figure out what you’ve been doing WRONG trying to
and keep a
great guy.

Instead, I’ve made it quick and easy for you to get “up to speed” as
fast as possible. And I believe in over-delivering and giving you top
value with techniques and ideas you’ve very likely never even thought

What’s it
worth to you to discover how to catch “The One?” 

“Keeper” you’ve
been hoping for?

If you’ve
been wasting your money going to clubs and bars and not finding the man
you’ve been looking for…

If you’ve
been searching for love in the wrong places…

If you’ve
been spending money on books and magazines or relationship courses that
haven’t helped…

If you’ve
been paying hundreds of
dollars to a therapist or counselor trying to understand why you never
seem to be able to 
find or keep a great guy…

find the
Girl Gets Great Guy

to be one
of the best investments you’ve ever made.

After all,
isn’t finding true love, avoiding bad relationships, and having the
happiness you deserve worth making a small investment in

If you
were to go to a quality
matchmaking service expect to pay $1,500 – or more – to be fixed up
with a man.

If you wanted a dating coach to give you personal one-on-one coaching
expect to pay anywhere from $400 to $2,000 or more.

But you
won’t have to pay anywhere
near those amounts with the Girl
Gets Great Guy

you’ve seen
how detailed and easy to follow the
Gets Great Guy System
I’m sure you’ll agree that at
$47 it’s well worth it.

And I’m sure you’ll
also agree it will be your
indispensable guide as
you follow the tactics for finding and attracting cute quality guys
interested in.

In fact, I’m so confident
that the
Girl Gets Great Guy System

will help
you find the guy of your dreams that I back it up with a…

60-Day No-Questions-Asked

100% Money-Back Guarantee…

add to cart

Girl Gets Great Guy System

with NO RISK . . .

Browse through it.

it to the test.

the tactics.

the strategies.

If at any time during the first 60 days you’re not completely
satisfied with the
Girl Gets Great Guy System

simply let me know and you’ll get an immediate,
no-questions-asked refund.

You have nothing to lose…except the opportunity to create a loving
and passionate relationship with the guy of your dreams.

The Girl Gets Great Guy System Here ($47)

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Discover Card, PayPal, and more)

(Safe, secure, instant
access – 24 Hours A Day – 7 Days A Week – 365 Days A Year)

(Your credit card or bank statement will show a charge by ClickBank or

Girl Gets Great Guy

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Powerful FREE Relationship Guides…

The Girl Gets Great Guy
itself has ALL the tools you need to find and catch the guy
right for you.

But I want you to experience a new relationship that brings you nothing
joy, happiness, and excitement.

That’s why, when you
download the
Girl Gets Great Guy System

you’ll also get the following valuable FREE Relationship

Free Guide #1 –
To Get Out of the Dreaded Friend Zone

of the most common questions women ask is, “How do I get
of the Friend Zone?”

Time and again a woman befriends a guy she’s romantically
interested in but the guy doesn’t see her as anything more
than a friend or “one of the guys.”

It’s a strange and frustrating situation –
you’re with
the guy you like or you’ve fallen in love with and
he’s totally unaware of (or ignores) your feelings.

You spend time with him.

You share experiences and adventures with him. 

He even confides in you.

You feel so close to him.

In fact, it’s as though you’re in a relationship.

And yet, the reality is that you’re not.

The only things missing – and they’re huge missing
pieces – are the romance and intimacy.

It’s even worse if he’s got a girlfriend.

Your heart aches every time he talks about her or he’s with
her instead of you.

In my Special Report, How To Get Out
of the
Dreaded Friend Zone
I’ll not only show you the signs you’ve been Friend
Zoned but also the advantages
of being Friend Zoned.

PLUS, I’ll also give you 9 ways to get out
of the Friend

which you can start using immediately.

Free Guide #2 –
Romantic Ideas 

If your relationship isn’t
going anywhere…

…your dates are dull and boring…

…the romance isn’t like it used to be…

…you’re taking each other for granted…

…then it’s time to kick things up a level…pull
out all of the stops…and surprise your partner with
something different…and imaginative.

My Special Report, 50 Romantic
unlocks one of the key
secrets to a happy, fulfilling, and fun relationship with creative,
romantic ideas including…

>> How to practically guarantee he thinks of you
virtually every minute of
the day – especially when you don’t see each other for
several days…or you’re in a long distance

>> Innovative ways to create a romantic atmosphere that
wins his heart.

>> How to make your partner feel special and flattered
with this simple

>> Inventive…romantic…and
unforgettable dates your
partner will appreciate…and rave about.

>> Ingenious date invitations that heighten the
anticipation and
excitement…and thrill him with the outcome.

>> Easy, inexpensive ways to create romantic settings
that get his
undivided attention…and affection.

>> How to help him shrug off the stress and tension from
a long, hard day
at work or an exhausting business trip.

>> Imaginative romantic ideas for Valentine’s
Day, birthdays,
anniversaries, special occasions, weekend getaways, and even long
distance relationships. 

>> Low cost ways to
fun together on dates.

Plus many more resourceful and tantalizing suggestions that speak the
Language of Love…and show your sweetheart how lucky he is
to have you in his

Romantic Indulgences
filled with tips and step-by-step
“how to’s” that help you create life-long
memories of your dates…vacations…
getaways…and adventures.

It has something for anyone who wants to create – or bring back –
“Relationship Magic.”

If you’re a hopeless romantic or you’re looking for
ideas to create a
spark…reignite the passion…make him fall in love
with you again…or rocket your love
life…then 50 Romantic
for you.

Free Guide #3 –
Coupon Phrases

you’re wondering how to keep the spark alive or the flame
burning brightly then Romantic Coupons are one of the best ways to keep
your relationship new, fresh, and exciting.
are a fun – and very effective – way to make him smile and make him
think of you when
you’re not with him.

included the exact wording you can use for 29
Romantic Coupons.
you have to do is put them into a coupon format or template using your
publishing software – like Microsoft Publisher or Microsoft
Word – and print them out.

Better still…for a
more personal
touch, simply write them out
on note paper or in a card, draw some hearts, hugs, kisses, or lips on
them, and
tuck them into his
pocket or briefcase or place them on top of
his pillow. Works like magic!
Free Guide #4 –
Talk (Steamy!)

Every guy secretly fantasizes about his girl whispering sexy things in
his ear to turn him on.

And when you do, it’s like he’s been hit by a bolt of erotic

It sets the mood for hot, steamy, lustful, passionate sex.

If you want to dial up the heat in your sex life and rock his world
then this is the way
to do it. 

These are hot and sexy
phrases to whisper in your
boyfriend’s ear to get his heart pounding with desire…and light his

There’s nothing vulgar or rude about
them. Instead,
these are what I call Seductive
Erotic Whisperings
steamy phrases

that “set the mood” for things to come. 

These Seductively Sexy Phrases are
designed to get
your man’s
attention and excite him – fast.

In fact, don’t be surprised if he puts the moves on you once
you start whispering these sweet and seductive
“somethings” in
his ear.

Free Guide #5 –
Sneaky – Even Wicked – Tricks That Get You

He’s shy. He’s preoccupied. He’s inexperienced in
the ways of romance. He doesn’t
even know you’re interested in him.

Sometimes you just have to take things into your own hands to get

And that means being just a little bit sneaky without being obvious.

It’s not about doing something underhanded…or unethical.

Instead, it’s about doing something that gets his attention.

Remember, when you’re in Man Territory you’re going
to stand out – which is exactly what you want.

But sometimes it’s not enough and you have to resort to doing
something different.

This is the “Baker’s Dozen”
13 “sneaky” tricks that will make him turn his head and pay attention to

Free Guide #6 –
Places Where (Hot) Men Hang Out

always want to know where the great guys hang out.

That’s because they don’t know the BEST places to find guys.

My exclusive list shows you where they are.

These are the “Man Magnets” where men go
– sometimes by themselves but usually with their buddies.

And many of these guys
are great
prospects for a relationship.
You’ll be
deep in Man Territory in
these location-specific
where men congregate.

Best part, you’ll have lots of guys to choose from.

Free Guide #7 –
Key Questions To Ask Any Man You’re Chatting With Online

How many times have you kicked yourself for wasting so much time chatting with someone you thought was “The One” only to discover he wasn’t what you were looking for?

If you’re like most of us, chances are this has happened to you enough times that you wished you could speed up the process.

That’s why I’ve put together 57 questions to help you sift through the players who are looking for their next conquest, tire kickers who want to “see what’s out there,” and other unsuitables and undesirables so you don’t waste your precious time.

You’ll get 4 key categories – General questions, Family and Childhood questions, Relationship questions, and Personal questions, each of which include the most important questions to ask so you can zero in on his compatibility with you.

What’s more, I explain the reason why you’re asking 14 of the key questions that give you an insight into the type of man you’re chatting with.

Plus, I show you 2 Key questions not to ask and WHY you shouldn’t ask them.

If you want to avoid online dating time wasters then having my FREE Special Report at your fingertips will be exactly what you’ve been looking for.

Free Guide #8 –
Top 6 Internet Dating Scams Or “Romance” Scams To Avoid

If you’re like most women you’re looking for a man on an online dating site and that comes with its own set of challenges.

Trouble is, not all men on an online dating site have the same goal that you do – to find a partner and have a wonderful relationship.

There are scoundrels and con artists out there who you must avoid – or they’ll take your money and even destroy your life.

I‘ve created a Special Report, “Top 4 Internet Dating Scams or “Romance” Scams to Avoid” to help you avoid scammers and con artists.

You’ll get 10 immediate red flags and 2 major warning signs that you’re talking to a scammer.

Plus, I’ll explain 4 Internet Dating Scams or “Romance” Scams and how you can protect yourself from them.

This is critical information you will need if you want to protect yourself from unsavory types who have their own agenda and have no intention of being in a relationship.

Free Guide #9 –
Ultimate “Mr. Right” Checklist

Have you ever wondered
what questions you should ask yourself when deciding whether a guy is
worth dating or whether he’s “The One”?

If you’re having
deciding whether 
you should
continue in a long term relationship with
your man or whether
he’s your “Mr.
Right” then you’re not alone.

experience this very same challenge all the time.

And it can be heart
wrenching – even heart breaking – trying to decide whether to break up
or commit to him forever.

Right” Checklist

perhaps the
ultimate test for helping
you decide if he’s right for you.

These are some of
the most powerful, insightful questions you should be asking
help you choose the man of your dreams instead of a loser who leaves
you unsatisfied, unhappy, and heartbroken.

These probing
questions help you look at your relationship from a different

They’re designed to
set your thinking straight and help you make
a sound decision – especially if you’re being fooled or “blinded” by
love, lust, or

Wasting Your Time With Losers And

Living The Life You Always Dreamed About

With The Guy Of Your Dreams…

Girl Gets Great Guy System

goes well beyond showing you how to get a boyfriend.

It shows you how
to find and attract the man of your dreams.

And it shows you
how to
win a guy and make him fall in love with you.

With the
Girl Gets Great Guy System

by your side you’ll dramatically improve your chances of
turning your
dream into reality.

> You’ll no longer have to guess what to do to
attract and catch a
great guy.

> You’ll no
have to
figure out how to make a man adore you.

> You’ll no longer
have to
worry about
the same dating and relationship mistakes you’ve been making.

Instead, you’ll get more
dates and more opportunities to find the RIGHT guy.

Everything is laid out
for you in detail.

When you’re in a room filled with guys or you see a guy
you’re interested in you’ll know exactly what to do
to get his attention.

There’s no reason to go it alone trying one failed technique
after another.

With the Girl Gets
Great Guy System
by your side you’ll save countless hours of frustration, heartache, disappointment, and
wasted effort.

You deserve a life filled with fun, laughter, adventure, fulfilling
sex, a beautiful family, and lasting feelings of deep love for one
special man.

You deserve to be
wrapped in the strong arms of a man who adores you and is grateful that
he finally found the woman he has always dreamed about.

If you’re longing for
love, then make that commitment right now. 

Invest in yourself and
in your happiness.

Download your copy of the
Girl Gets Great Guy System
 right now and
start making your
relationship dreams come true.

I’m sure you’ll be very happy you did.

With best wishes for a long and happy relationship with the guy of your


Dating and Relationship Coach

There really is no better feeling than being in love. And having every
ounce of your love returned by a wonderful man.

In fact, there’s nothing quite like the rush you experience
you’re having fun with someone you love.

There’s nothing better than the tender embrace. The passionate kiss.
The hot, steamy,
can’t-get-enough-of-you sex when two people have amazing
and they “click” in every way.

And there’s
nothing in the
world that compares to that safe
feeling of having a loving man wrap his strong arms around you and
you close. 

let another minute go by.

Download the Girl Gets Great Guy

today and I’ll show you how to turn
heads and attract the guy you want.

My 100% money-back guarantee puts ALL of the risk on me…and makes it
safe and easy for you to try it out.

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YES! I want to stop
wasting my time dating
losers and guys who are not right for me. I want to discover
the secrets to finding the Right
guy for me so I can finally enjoy a
loving and
passionate relationship with a wonderful man.

I get your FREE
Exclusive Relationship Guides
help kick
my relationship into even
higher gear and make it a fun and exciting adventure with my dream man!

There’s NO Risk to
me: I’m fully protected
by your 60-Day, 100% Money Back Guarantee.

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The Girl Gets Great Guy System Here ($47)

(Payment by
VISA, MasterCard, Amex, Discover Card, PayPal, and more)

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How To Attract A Man With
The Girl
Gets Great Guy System

You might have questions about the Girl
Gets Great Guy System

that you’ve been wondering about.

That’s why I’ve put together this special section
to answer some of the most common questions:

1. I’m ready for love
looking for ONE special guy. Will the Girl
Gets Great Guy System


Yes it will!

The Girl
Gets Great Guy System
show you how to find,
attract, and keep the man who is right for you – the
“Keeper” – if you’re looking for one
special guy.

I want to know how to get a boyfriend. But I
also want to date LOTS of guys before settling down with Mr. Right. Is
the Girl
Gets Great Guy System

designed with me in mind?

Yes it is!

You’ll discover the techniques that work to
attract guys whether you want to find one special guy or whether you
want to date several guys before you choose your Mr. Right.

given up on bars and clubs. They’re nothing but
“meat markets” and most of the guys who approach me
want a one night stand. Will your system show me where the good guys


Many women don’t know where the guys they want to
meet hang out.

That’s why I’ve listed more than 20 places where
you can find hot guys.

Plus, in my FREE Relationship Guide, Best
Places Where (Hot) Men Hang Out
I’ll also
show you specific
and locations
where guys hang

These are what I call
testosterone-charged “Man Territory” locations.
Places that are filled with guys who are having a fun time and flock to
women like bees to honey.

The very thought of these places will make you tingle all over with
anticipation of meeting great guys for fun and love.

the Girl
Gets Great Guy System
even if I live in a small town?

Yes, the Girl
Gets Great Guy System

will work for you in virtually any
town or
any city in the world – as long as there are men and women who are
looking for dating, a relationship, or marriage.

It will work in small town U.S.A.

It will work in big cities like Brisbane or Sydney in Australia.

It will work in Vancouver or Toronto in Canada. Or London or Birmingham
in England. Or Capetown or Johannesburg in
South Africa. Or Auckland or Wellington in New Zealand. Or New York or
Los Angeles in the United States.

And it will work in small English speaking cities, towns, and
communities in
between (because the Girl Gets Great Guy System is only available in

Why? Because men react to women’s attraction factors
the same way virtually the world over.

And remember: The Girl Gets Great
Guy System

also shows you where to find
great guys
in virtually any
town or city
in the world.

Whether you’re attracted to an eligible guy in a small town
or a large city, it makes no difference – the Girl Gets Great Guy
will help you catch

prefer that guys approach me rather than approaching them. Is
covered in the Girl Gets Great Guy

Yes, the Girl
Gets Great Guy System

shows you tactics and techniques
for encouraging guys to approach you.

Better still, if you really ARE determined to meet a hot guy or
he’s too shy to approach you, my system will show you how to
make the first move.

Either way, you’re covered.

the Girl
Gets Great Guy System
for me no matter what my age?

The Girl
Gets Great Guy System

is designed specifically for

because it’s adult oriented material (although it’s not
vulgar in
any way) and it’s not meant for minors.

Whether you’re in your 20’s or
30’s or
40’s or 50’s or 60’s or you’re
older, the Girl
Gets Great Guy System

is designed for
you…simply because when you find the right guy
he’ll be attracted to you when you use the tactics and
techniques I’ve outlined.

dated a lot of losers in my time. How can I avoid falling into the same
trap again?

In the Girl
Gets Great Guy System
I’ve created a special Red
Flag section that helps you spot the losers, the slick talkers, the
womanizers, the lotharios, and the players –
and everything in between – who use women and then drop them without a
second thought, leaving
them heartbroken and jaded.

PLUS, I’ve included a very valuable FREE Relationship Guide for
you – the 17-point “Mr.

that helps you decide whether you’ve really found your Mr. Right or
whether you’re being fooled by a sneak or blinded by love or

Is your system strictly for women who are “fashion model” attractive?
No it’s not. My
system is for
every single adult woman who is looking for a great guy to have a
wonderful relationship with.

Why? Because every woman is unique and gorgeous in her own way
– and that’s what makes her attractive to the right

9. Will the Girl Gets Great Guy System
work for a woman who is a single parent?
 It doesn’t matter at all whether you’re a single parent with
kids. My System is designed to help you find
a great guy.

10. Who is the Girl Gets Great Guy System

The Girl
Gets Great Guy System
is for
the woman who:

– Is dateless or has difficulty getting dates

– Is longing for a loving relationship

– Has had her heart broken too many times

– Never seems to be able to keep a man for long

– Intimidates men without meaning to

– Always seems to pick losers and deadbeats

– Wants to have more dates with quality men

– Feels she’s not sexy enough to win the heart of a great guy

– Has been out of the dating scene for several – or many – years

– Is a single parent looking for a loving partner

– Is a widow and re-entering the dating scene

If you want…

– More dates

– More romance and passion in your life

If you want…

– To find a guy who’s right for you

– To have a loving, passionate man by your side

If you want…

– A man who understands you, adores you, and loves you no matter what

– A man who will commit, settle down, and marry you

– A man to chase you, seduce you, romance you, fantasize about you,
dream of a future with you

…then the Girl Gets Great Guy

is for you.

11. Does the Girl Gets Great Guy System
show me
how to date?

The Girl
Gets Great Guy System

isn’t designed to show you how to date – like a Dating For Dummies
book would teach
you – although it does give you some specific dating advice and dating

The Girl
Gets Great Guy System

goes deep into helping you find the guy who’s perfect for you – where
he hangs out, how to attract him, how to catch him, and how to keep him.

In short, it shows you how to find a good man and attract a man. Plus,
it helps you decide whether the guy
attracted to is your Mr. Right – which is ultimately what counts, isn’t

can I get my hands on the Girl Gets
Great Guy System


There’s really no reason to wait any longer to find the man of your
dreams. You can order with
complete confidence because the Girl
Gets Great Guy

comes with a 60-day money back guarantee.

Simply click on the ADD TO CART button below and you’ll be
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Once your payment is processed – which will only take a few minutes –
you’ll get immediate access to
the Girl
Gets Great Guy System

and all of its powerful tactics and

Plus, you’ll
also get immediate access to your
FREE Valuable Relationship Guides

To Get Out Of The Dreaded Friend Zone, 50 Romantic Ideas, Romantic
Coupon Phrases, Seductive Dirty Talk, 13 Sneaky – Even Wicked –
Tricks That Get You Noticed, Best Places Where (Hot) Men
Out, Key Questions To Ask Any Man You’re Chatting With Online, Top Internet Dating Scams Or “Romance” Scams To Avoid, and the exclusive Mr. Right Checklist
style=”font-style: italic;”> that you’ll only find available with the Girl Gets Great Guy System.

Girl Gets Great Guy

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