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HAS CESAR MET HIS MATCH PART 2 (Aggressive Dog) Cesar911 Shorts

Continuing this episode, I bring Target to the DPC to meet some of my animals. One of them is my llama, Lorenzo.

Target, a chihuahua mix, is being labeled as a nightmare. An aggressive dog that has been snapping and biting at people. He has been creating a divide in the household, which may result in the grandson getting rid of his beloved dog…

Can I find the solution to this case?

I will be reacting to this episode next week!

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81 thoughts on “HAS CESAR MET HIS MATCH PART 2 (Aggressive Dog) Cesar911 Shorts”

    1. My dachshund terrier mix, is very similar to Target. He’s recently developed inner pack aggression. This video was quite helpful as it may also be his teeth. Never lose hope. Thank you, Cesar.

    2. What happens when the dog is a Doberman that acts like this when just putting a leash on with the same behavioral issues. Easy for people to say do this do that..but after your bit..your self confidence is out the door. I don’t blame her for being scared..and not everyone’s energy is the same as a fit confident man with a ton of canine knowledge. I give this woman huge credit! You can see her anxiety. My question is how do you get so much confident energy? Seriously..

    3. Hello Cesar I have a Chihuahua He Has a temper just like target.. But He bits me & my Better half .. We found out he was Bread with his family I am not sure if his aggression is due to being cross Bread or ..we are just not doing something right… we Had to switch vets multiple times Due to them saying DO NOT BRING HIM BACK He’s too mean & all they want to do is put him Down… & we will NEVER Let that HAPPEN He’s a Great part of our family he’s like our kid lol anyway… I know your a very Busy person But if you could find time.. to please maybe give me a few tips or suggestions or thoughts .. I would Greatly appreciate your help & time on this matter Thank’s 🙏🙏🙏🙏

    1. @James Reinhardt a toxic person doesn’t agree to improve their behaviour at all. She took in her grandson, and obviously cared a great deal for him. She was absolutely willing to learn and improve. There isn’t anything toxic about that.

    2. @NKZ NKZ Both grandmother and grandson said in the vid that they did go to a vet, but the dog had a muzzle on, so the vet couldn’t see the teeth. Listen better when you watch a vid 🙄

    3. @NKZ NKZ fyi in case u didn’t understand the vid, the dog was her grandson, if it’s who to blame, I would say it’s her grandson or his parents. And that’s not animal abuse, it wasn’t intended any harm for the dog, don’t u even know what it means?

  1. Hats off to Grandma for all the Sacrifices, Love & Care she’s making not only for his grandson but also to Target. God bless you and Cesar

    1. Huh? The grandma let this dog live in pain for years. I have dogs. And kids. You simply do not ignore the living things this woman is responsible for to the extent this poor little dog was ignored. Caesar was too nice to her. She could be charged with animal cruelty

    2. @Katy Lps films Her grandson and the pets lived with them for just 6 months though haha didnt you watch the first part?

    3. @Katy Lps films what? The grandson lived there 6months…you think this animal cruelty? This do some many would dump this poor baby in a New York minute…may Gramma ..and grandson ❤️❤️

  2. Narrowboat and Keto life.

    I love this lady , she really is trying so hard to be the pups friend for the sake of her grandson bless her 🙏🏻♥️

    1. @Justin X I don’t think you’re making any sense you could tell that she loves her grandson and that she was trying really hard and when she realized that she might be the problem she wanted to correct it and how bad she felt when she saw that he had that many bad teeth you can see the pain in her face

  3. I don’t believe Cesar ever really “meets his match” so to speak. He just meets dogs that come with a greater challenge than most that keep you on your toes. Best teachers, trainers and success stories more often than not.

    1. @Justin X might be true about your opinion there was one dog in his books he said he couldn’t fix was a pit bull that wanted to kill everybody it got to the point where Caesar went I can convince him not to kill me but other people no can’t do it he told the guy do you want to keep this dog you just got to make sure he’s not around other people

    2. There were a couple of worst case scenarios in which Cesar had to take ownership of the dogs because the alternative would be to put them down. Some dogs are hard to handle and only respond to a dominant pack leader like Cesar.

    1. @Ben Dover the dog wasn’t hers. In fact, the grandson and his dog were living with her for 6 months at that point. I’d say she solved the problem pretty quickly by asking Cesar’s help.

  4. Her Grandson is very lucky to have such a caring Grandma and a little dog who loves him. It will get him through some very hard times growing up.

  5. Poor little guy..people often forget the importance of dental hygiene of their pets.. interesting episode 💕

    1. In Canada a dental is up to $1600. Seniors can’t afford it. Vets are so expensive but everything goes up in price. But not always accordingly.

  6. Poor thing, so he was scared and in pain the entire time. That explains Target’s behavior. He wasn’t a bad dog, just an unhappy dog.

    1. YEARS of dental pain would have made me snap also. The fact that he would sna at the vets was NO excuse for the lack of dental care. They are knocked out to have the work done. He must have smelled as bad as he felt

  7. Her insight at the end is EVERYONE. We never think its us. And when we find out it is, we realize its not bc we’re bad, it’s bc we’re mistaken. We love dogs, but we don’t understand them

  8. People love to say “Cesar may have finally met his match” and then Cesar gets the dog into a calm submissive state in 5 minutes 😂😂

  9. Grandma: Help me Cesar, this dog bites me every time I pet him!
    Cesar: pulls 22 teeth off his mouth.
    There you go, no more bites.

    1. Hahahaha. That was a good one.

      I felt bad about the dog not because of the teeth pulled. It was suffering for years. 🙁

  10. Rodrigo Pontes Cunha

    Is it weird that my eyes tear when I see the dogs succeeding in improving and becoming happier? <3

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