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In this episode, I meet Tami and her dog, Isaboo. Isaboo has been terrorizing the dog park by biting everyone! Isaboo has even drawn blood.

The dog park community has almost reached their breaking point and may have Tami leave the community.

Can I solve this case?

Watch this video to find out!

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51 thoughts on “HE HAS BITTEN EVERYONE! (DOG PARK MENACE) | Cesar911 Shorts”

  1. It amazes me that people still bring their aggressive dogs to the dog parks, expecting everyone else to adapt to their dog.

    1. Exactly. THE DOG PARK IS NOT A SOCIAL EXPERIMENT! People don’t usually appreciate it when you use their dogs as test subjects to see how your dog will react. My dog got attacked 2 years ago because a lady who just adopted a dog and had no clue what the temperament was decided to bring it to the park. My dog has never had an issue with any single living creature out there, and yes I’m talking about bugs even. She got attacked unprovoked and needed 7 stitches. Never been the same since. Used to be such a playful dog when we’d go to the park. Now she’s so timid and will barely leave my side

    2. @Lori Deedly what she need was some common decency and some common sense…..Chile my friends dog would’ve ripped him to shreds coming in their like that

    1. F that her dog bites people and she still brings it back before training or socializing it on it’s own or on a leash. A lease could have been used for a biter.

  2. She’s lucky that her dog wasn’t put down for biting and that the people at the park are kind and understanding

    1. laila cub’s MomJessie

      You’re lucky you’re not going to be put down for this comment. A dog bite is not going to kill you. I can’t even believe people can kill a dog over a bite!! Come on

    1. @Githenya Gachahi that’s one weird necklace that protrudes from the middle of the chest (from under the shirt) like that and with no chain hanging from the neck

  3. Love how he just buried his head in his hands when she just watched him stay calm and correct the dog and she started yelling and screaming!! Some just don’t catch on : )

    1. She like the attention. Narcissistic behavior. She doesn’t want the dog to be corrected because then there’s no attention!

    2. @Choo Momma in my experience this is 100% typical ‘reaction’ if you will from older woman. not bein sexist here, but ive helped rehab many of dogs, an trained hundreds, n if there is one constant in the field, its that older females pay attention to what your doing, rather than why your doing it. as well as not understand, or just not caring, or listening, to the fact that words, repeated more than once, are just noise to dogs, especially in high energy instances. its so frustrating, an the most frustrating person ive ever tried to train is my mother! ive had to give up on her, because she just will not hear what im sayin, sigh:( you have no idea how i feel trying to train her and her many dogs that her n my father have had in the past 15 years

  4. Lady LaTre'viette Phantumhive

    That was really impressive. I have two chihuahuas pups and I am learning a ton about how to train them. It hasn’t been easy and it still isn’t, but I am getting the hang of things.

  5. Man most genuinely, I recon Caesar is an absolute legend. Sending love, good health & happiness your way bro, rockstar!

  6. 9:53 Cesar’s gesture says it all: hell broke loose, all done wrong.
    She herself doesn’t stay calm to begin with, and the dogs perceive her excitement.

    1. @a a a lot of people bite off more than than can chew (no pun intended) when getting a dog. Lack of patience, accountability, and discipline with their own lives, but hey, you know what sounds like a great idea, getting a dog.. 🤦‍♂️ then blaming the dog for lack of proper training..

    2. I believe the point is to learn dog correcting behaviour to the owner, since it’s the current relationship that doesn’t work.

  7. Every dog park I’ve been to, it’s one bite and you’re out.
    That being said, it’s really wholesome to see a group of people who are willing to solve the problem instead of just making it go away.

  8. Dear Cesar, my wife and I are enthusiastically amazed at your courage and your loving insight into dogs and people. Your watchword “Better humans and a better planet” is refreshingly fitting. We look forward to future episodes. A big hug to you and those close to you, from my wife Myriam and myself.

  9. “I’m never gonna have kids, I’m just gonna have dogs”
    and considering how she spoiled her dog, allowing it to turn into a violent annoyance, the no-kid idea is probably a good one!

  10. After all these years, I still love you. You are wise. Love the new format. I enjoy the voiceover, the video cuts and your infinite wisdom. I borrowed so many of your sayings. I told my two boys as they were growing up to channel their emotions and be like Cesar, calm and assertive but not angry. My wife still uses the sound you make when she wants one of us males to be quiet. In some ways, she is the pack leader. We smile. We get it. raphael nyc

  11. Cesar has such an imposing confidence aura that dogs can feel it! the moment he walks in he’s already establishing who the alpha is! very few people have that gift!

  12. It’s almost as if Cesar has a telepathic link with these dogs. Really amazing to watch the almost instant transformation as soon as he intervenes.

  13. i’m really amazed at the fact that people still wear shorts knowing that a dog like that bite people all the time ^^ great job ceasar

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