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Helping an INSECURE Dog (feat. Jerry Seinfeld!) | Cesar911 Shorts

In this episode of Cesar911, Cesar visits legendary comedian Jerry Seinfeld and his wife, Jessica, to evaluate their two dogs, José and Foxy. José barks a lot, and Foxy doesn't get along well with Jerry.

Dog's don't care about money, fame, or power. What is important is your energy!

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50 thoughts on “Helping an INSECURE Dog (feat. Jerry Seinfeld!) | Cesar911 Shorts”

  1. Dog psychology is just so interesting and the way Cesar teaches it we learn so much about ourselves at the same time❤

    1. Well I think ur referring to his new positive methods…his old methods of correcting the dog got me bit.
      I had to switch my methods to positive training only.
      U have to realize shows like this are meant for entertainment. U can learn dog psychology by actually studying the facts…and watching trainers who teach with UNEDITED videos
      I will say the best trainers are open to changing methods and always improve on techniques.
      So he is pretty awesome.
      And he is how I started studying animal behavior and dog psycology

    2. Couldn’t have said it better I am being trained myself thank you Cesar ! Confidence! Love Respect Trust & Calm energy truly amazing brother

  2. Jerry must not be too familiar with Cesar. Cesar doesn’t fix dogs. He fixes the owners who don’t know how to raise their dogs.

    1. @BM but he is right. Jerry has always big ego, he said things that just really ridicoulus a narcistiss like this in video i loved by millions. His ego just to big. He thinks is above other

  3. I adopted a dog that was insecure as well. (We think he was abused.) The coddling definitely doesn’t help. We treated him like he was a normal dog (without being too pushy) and he opened up so quickly it was amazing.

  4. Cesar, I’m fostering a 8 yr old German Shepherd with severe separation anxiety and abandonment issues, as well as aggression towards kids and other dogs. I’ve been doing everything that you encourage for three weeks now and I believe in this little guy, but I would love your professional guidance.

    1. @Sarah S – How is your pup doing? If you have specific questions I can help. There isn’t much I haven’t seen and fixed when it comes to dogs.

    2. @Fatima this is the mentally many dog owners make. You need to act strong and behave like an alpha. German Shepherd are strong and dangerous dogs, if it’s not trained. When you train them don’t be harsh but be strict and show tough love

    3. @Hot Ice Any dog can be deemed “dangerous”, not just GSD. That “tough love” line backfires many times – in humans and dogs. Yes, we both need discipline but training needs to adjust based on the dog’s personality. The “alpha” of the pack is not a solitary figure. The pack is usually headed by a male/female team. Aggression doesn’t imply great leadership…

  5. Jerry was the insecure one, look at his body language, look at how he is always hanging on Jessica. The dog sensed it.

    1. I think it’s always the insecure one the dog doesn’t get along with in most of these that I’ve seen. If you’re not insecure there’s nothing to fix.

    2. @Ruby Tuesday it’s called affection he has no problem showing tenderness to her . WOmen complain men are to cold here is one that is loving and people are bashing him for showing affection.. And I don’t even like the guy but he deserves praise not ridicule.

  6. When Jessica reached down and comforted Foxy… I know Cesar said that was wrong, but I would have done the exact same thing!!!

  7. I think Jerry got therapy, too. I have a feeling he has a little bit of insecurity, too, and that this dog will help him to overcome his as he helps her overcome hers. It will also help Jerry to gain patience, too. Dogs are teachers for sure! They help us learn things about ourselves and become stronger people.

  8. Jerry radiates negative energy and dogs pick up on that and avoid it….Cesar is all positive energy and Foxy picks up on that…wonder how Foxy is doing now without Cesar around.

    1. Tali'Zorah Vas Normandy

      Lmao, it’s actually insane that he is probably not even joking. Instant red flag for him being a terrible human being in general.

    2. @Radical Larry You’re trying to convey a point to someone who is obviously insecure and therefore cannot handle good natured ribbing.

    3. This thread is full of people who have never met any New York Jews. “He’s insecure!”. “He’s negative!”. “He has weird energy”. So now that you’ve met my family…

    4. Hes a comic from the east coast. If you know they culture, they’re always roasting each other (ex. Bill burr, patrice O’Neal, Kevin hart) I understand this is a dog loving, “good boy!” YouTube channel and he “roasted” Cesar a couple of times but you guys have to admit you guys are being a bunch of softies.

  9. Cesar, you’re the reason I can walk multiple dogs at one time, and because of that, I’ve helped 30+ foster dogs find forever homes! Thanks for helping Jerry with this. You could have helped Farfel (season 3 episode 4 of Seinfeld) too!

  10. This was very sweet. I’ve only seen him rehabilitate aggressive dogs. Respecting such a terrified little creature makes my heart melt.

  11. Lol all I had to see was how Jerry didn’t even bother to correct Jose when he snapped at the other dog they were walking by and how his wife literally coddled Foxy. I could already tell what kind of owners they were and hopefully Cesar left long lasting impressions on them.

    1. To give the benefit of the doubt, the show likely told them to not try and correct their dog while filming so the audience can fully grasp the problem behaviors. Makes for better television. This isn’t to excuse or explain away the problems that their behavior – or lack of – is creating, just another dimension or perspective to consider.

  12. Poor, poor Jerry, he feels so rejected, even while “millions love him.” Maybe what Jerry really needs is a robot dog. Love Cesar -that man is an inspiration.

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