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Here’s Military Dogs that are specially Trained for Combat

By now, everybody has seen the picture. A tan dog in a tactical vest, sitting up at the position of attention, perky ears framing blackface. The mouth wide open, the tongue hanging out the side of the mouth, the dog looks happy, almost goofy.

While most people are familiar with military working dogs, this one is a special type of dog called a Multi-Purpose Canine.

65 thoughts on “Here’s Military Dogs that are specially Trained for Combat”

    1. Eltombre what are you talking about dude? You’re a freakin idiot 😂 I’ve had German shepherds all my life and without training they are natural protectors, they will do whatever it takes to protect the kin and will naturally guard them much more so than any other guess is you have no experience with them so I suggest you think before you comment and make yourself sound like a jackass.

    2. @Eltombre No expression, No Expression, NO EXPRESSION. BICTH I guess those dogs were also trained to wag their tale, ¨smile¨, and act happy

    3. @Eltombre You know the dogs think as this a as a game there having FUN FUN (some may die but their having fun)

    1. Hey your dog is the most special dog in the world cause he is yours. Or at least that’s how he thinks of you

  1. Let’s take one second and thing about this. A dog, Chased down the leader of terrorist group, helped with the death and capture. Same animal we come home to who is happier than anyone to see us. We don’t deserve dogs

    1. That’s why I love❤️ them SO much and hate it when ppl abuse them. They are amazing, smart, strong, courageous and full of love!

  2. “When dogs are injured on the battlefield, their handlers are trained to provide first aid”. Wanted you guys to know that if you didn’t hear it in the Video.

  3. ❤️K9 are so awesome to have as partners. They have such admiration and dedication and the love they possess to due their job is astounding.❤️

  4. I was reading the Will Chesney book about Cairo and when he (the dog) got shot he was treat as if he was human wounded on the battlefield with a helicopter evacuation and the same doctors working on him that would treat a human

    1. He shouldn’t have been in Vietnam at the first place. Us soldiers are fooled by their government. From Vietnam war to iraq, pakistan, Afghanistan. Us government is just after resources and power to control key parts of the world

    2. @RyFt RedHarp good on him. The vietnam war ended not because of viet cong. It was mainly American people protested in the US to stop the war. My grandma witnessed alot of american crimes during the war and still haunted by it. Now as an Australian, i was so excited that Joe Biden withdrew troops from Pakistan. Hopefully, they become better just like Vietnam

    3. @margaret aaron here in my country the police dogs we’re awarded with medals and get to live with their handlers after retiring hehe

  5. While I was enlisted at JBSA San Antonio I got injured and had to stay in a barrack meant for people who were injured. A therapeutic exercise for us would be to bring in the dogs that failed their training in for us to play with and just have a good time. In a way, the dogs were like us in that we had both been pulled out of our respective training and it comforted me to see them so happy.

  6. I trained my dog the same way to not bark. With enough positive reinforcement they learn that not barking means treats and play. Then I trained my dog to only bark on command or when there’s an intruder not invited.

  7. I asked my father if he had a dog in Vietnam and he ran in his room and started crying. He came out and said, “They would not let me take him home. He saved my life and I had to leave him there in that hell. I never knew if he made it or not.”

    1. Military dogs were left behind in the Nam. Soldiers and airmen were lied to and told the World Health Organizition instructed that they would bring disease to USA, so leave them behind..

      The viet cong took them out of their cages one by one and butchered them for food. In front of the other dogs..

      Duty dogs and War dogs do not cry or wimper. But the witnesses say the sounds of the caged faithful loyal dogs, was unbearable, watching the other dogs get cut up one by one.

      The BS about WHO was a ruse. The World Health organisationr never said anything. It was just scuttlebutt to stop the soldiers. Pretty brutal. Ask Martin Sheen. Do a search on MARTIN SHEEn and WAR DOGS.

      If you can handle watching it to the end, be prepared to sob…

  8. My son was in Afghanistan – said these highly trained dogs saved his units’ life more than once. He had total respect for them… Sadly he said that like people, these dogs are prone to PTSD, and after a certain number of tours they are routinely put down…. so sad.

    1. @Hyperborean Archives iirc there is rule for adoption only former handler can adopt. if the former handler doesn’t want to adopt they gotta put the dog down.

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