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How I Trained My Dog In Hindi | Hindi Vlog | Indian Vlogger In USA | GSD | Dog | This Indian

This Indian Trained his dog or German Shepherd Dog ( GSD ) in Hindi. I shared tips on what worked for me and showed a Brush I use for my dog. I also played ball with my dog at my house in this dog video. Since I have seen a few German Shepherd Dog Video from India. I decided to make this vlog for people who love dogs or gsd dogs in India. The best way to train your dog in Hindi regardless if you are in India or not is imo is by doing it yourself. As even if you hire a trainer, your dog will still have to be trained by you. I would personally watch more dog training videos. Especially German Shepherd Videos which are available from the Indian Army training videos.

51 thoughts on “How I Trained My Dog In Hindi | Hindi Vlog | Indian Vlogger In USA | GSD | Dog | This Indian”

  1. I had the same breed GSD… 6 years ago he was away and today i really miss.. My buddy 😢😧
    Thank u so much sir aapki vajah se aaj vahi memories fir se fresh ho gayi… 🙏 🙂

  2. U have such an adorable relation with your dog.. Very good mix of authority, love, belongingness… Thanks for the tips!!

  3. Ace is gorgeous, love him! Thanks for making these videos. I’m getting a GSD and your videos helped me a lot making up my mind.

    1. Well lol if he will talk in english he won’t be indian vlogger , hindi grabs more audience if you want to be region specific in your content

    2. How’s this related to liking US? and why wouldn’t he talk in Hindi when he’s targeting Indian audience. Not to be surprised that’s why there are so many boomers in India.

  4. My dog is around 7 years old.. It was my mistake to not get him trained.. He shows food aggression now.. and understand commands very less

  5. I came across this video randomly, but the way you showed affection towards your dog made me very happy. May your bonding last long. Ajay is lucky to get such a good master.

  6. Thank you so much for the training tips.. 😇❤ i was really planing to get a German Shepherd and after watching this video I’m pretty sure that i can get one.. Will try to train him nicely from his puppy phase.

  7. We had a German Shepard when he was just 10 days old…he had his meal only by our hands khud se kabi ni aya and this continue until he died…his name was buzo he was our star fully joyful playful missed him a lot…always watch German shepherd videos just to see him in other dogs…

  8. Sir, plz tell me how did u train him “fetch”? I have adopted 2 stray pups. They maybe 2 to 3 months. Toilet training is tough. Once they are i would love to train them .

    1. use the treat and throw them he will eat and get back gradually introduce him with ball or any object and reward him when he gets back.

  9. Abhishek Singh Sambyal

    Hi. Did you check your dog for Degenerative Myelopathy? If yes, could you talk about the common diseases related to GSD breed and how to be careful when getting a GSD puppy.

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