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How to Build An Aviary

How to Build An Aviary
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Tell me…what’s the cost for this complete resource?

First, let’s do some comparing.

I had a look online for what an different types of bird housing costs and depending upon the size, this can range from around $200 for a small bird enclosure, $500 for a pigeon loft or flight cage and over $1000-$2000 for a good quality aviary. And this is me being conservative with my estimates.

So how much should I charge for How To Build An Aviary? Well the average of these 3 comes out at over $500. So if I were to charge only half of that amount, then the price of the resources would be $250.

But I’m not even thinking about anywhere near that amount! In fact I’m only asking for nearly a tenth of this price when you can invest in How To Build An Aviary for just $27! Why so affordable? Because thanks to the internet, I can now sell directly to you, so there is no middle man taking a cut and raising the price.

And when you read my resources you can go at your own speed, so if you’re a quick learner you can have your new bird home built within a few days from now.

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