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How to Pee and Potty Train your Puppy at Home | How I Did it (You will Thank Me for This)

Puppy Potty Training – In this video i share my experiences on how i pee (susu) and potty trained my Labrador puppy "Buddy" at home within a month.

The video discusses points to pee and potty train during day and night both. Do checkout complete video.

If you follow all the points then your puppy will be trained soon too.

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50 thoughts on “How to Pee and Potty Train your Puppy at Home | How I Did it (You will Thank Me for This)”

  1. ‘Buddy’ is so adorable…. Appreciate all your effort to compile these videos, very informative for current and potential first timers. If you can share some thoughts how to plan for long vacations ( like India trips) when he can’t accompany and during daily office hours. I am sure you must have planned that as well.

    1. Thanks for liking him and good question. It has been hard sometimes during our office hours but luckily we both are home during this lockdown and taking care of him. Sometimes we both are busy in meetings and he is awake, then it is difficult but we somehow manage to make him asleep during this time. We have to supervise him always to avoid biting furniture or other imp things too.
      If we have to go on long vacations then we have two options either leave him with an acquaintance or at dog day care for some fees.
      All the best for getting a pup.

  2. Half of the indian people are here cause their parents say ” uski susu potty ka kaam kon karega? Tuzhe toh kudka nahi atta” so yeah
    Edit:- so many likes lool, thanks so much

  3. Karishma Joshi Patgaonkar

    Thanks a lot for the tips…We are getting our puppy today and we’ve been watching your videos since a few weeks and plan to use your tips! Buddy is really adorable and you’ve trained him so well! Best regards !

  4. Rajeev Balakrishnan

    Great video! Just one more query…how do you deal with the small hairs flying (pet danders) around the room and the early teething issue?

  5. I have a malteese,at first it was a lot similar of your experience potty training her.I now developed the easiest potty training.
    When your puppy poops in the house accidentally make a sound after the dog is done his business.

    collect the poop and put it in the compound at your desired spot .Same for Susu,I used a sponge to collect Susu and rubbed it at the floor of my desired spot .
    As for the spot in the house where dog did an accident,clean the place with soap then spry the spot with perfume to remove the scent .Dogs hate perfumes.

    Take your canine friend where you placed the poop let the dog smell leave it there as a trigger for next poop or pee .
    Dogs can tell the smell of their own pee or poop 💩😅.Do not collect the poop for at least three days .
    This is the quickest method I often use and works like charm .After the three days if you have to clean that spot with water do not use soap as it will kill the smell. Humans can’t smell it after the spot is cleaned with water but dogs can.
    Good luck!

  6. Am here to train myself for the puppy whom my parents are never gonna allow me to adopt 😢😅😂

    The fact that 1.1k likes means 1.1k people can relate with me am sobbing 🥺🥺

    1. Buddy is a good dog. I think nobody should beat him. I donot like anybody to hit him. I donot want to say anybody ‘s name. But I see person try to scare body & therfore that day he did not eat. Ok.thank u.

  7. My neighbours got a labra pup who is only 1 month old. They were not able to adjust with him and within 5 days decided that they will leave the puppy in their farm. I requested and suggested that I’ll foster the puppy. Now I’m watching videos to train the puppy for this🤣🤣

  8. Can you please upload a video regarding their meal timings and amount of food that should be given to them .. it will be helpful … thank you 😊

  9. I am planning for a dog and my parents has allowed me for labrador so i am finding these videos so helpful you all deserve a sub and likes too and that’s buddy got from me and will get from me everyday , and secondly he is very blessed to get a family like you all all the best buddy 😁👍

  10. Loved your video 💚 I had a doubt, we have a 4 month puppy and while she pees and poops outside during the day she continuosly wets her bed at night. We tried following the month+1 rule but again her bed was wet, what’s going wrong?

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