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HOW TO: Potty Train Your Puppy FAST!! 🐶 10 week old puppy trained in 1 WEEK!!!

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62 thoughts on “HOW TO: Potty Train Your Puppy FAST!! 🐶 10 week old puppy trained in 1 WEEK!!!”

  1. Dragonfly [Sagatiaej]

    Mine grunts at me when she needs to poop and says, “woo woo woo” when she has to pee. I think we got the broken one. 😂

    1. How To Give Your Puppy The Healthiest Start To Life ??
      It’s simple: feed them the way nature intended—with a species-appropriate raw food diet.
      Providing puppies with a varied, balanced, raw diet is one of the best ways you can help them grow up to be strong, healthy, thriving dogs.

    2. Then you seriously need to seek help you cannot train a puppy in a week what’s the rush let them learn in their time love them first get your relationship right everything else will follow don’t be in a hurry have patience they are babies who need love first you don’t need money grabbing idiots to advise you learn from your dog he will teach you

    3. @sandra lancaster the best thing you can do for your puppy IS to train them as soon as possible. letting them run free is only going to make things harder for both you and your puppy later down the road, it’s entirely possible to give them love while also training them :/

    4. @saarika Absolutely. And what about all these expensive freeze-dried, natural ladeeda food. A puppy would cost more to feed than my family. Again people…don’t listen to all these sales pitches.

  2. When ever I wake my puppy up to take her outside to potty throughout the night she just lays down in the grass and falls back asleep 😂

  3. So basically you need to not have a job, be able to wake up every 2-3 hours and go back to sleep right after, and be able to stay home watching your dog constantly if you want to get a pup. My newborn baby had less requirements. GOT IT !

    1. @Tima widower here. Raising my baby myself. But what I’m laughing at is how people on this page take a comment so seriously and completely miss an exaggeration, obviously nothing comes before my child, he takes and deserves all the attention he gets. The comment is tongue in cheek at how one could feel themselves compelled to get a puppy not knowing the responsibilities that come with it. Because let’s be honest, LOTS and LOTS of people get puppies thinking it’s just a toy and forget about the time they require to train them, give them attention, feed them, walk them, take them to the vet for shots, etc. So regardless of my marital status and the vicious comments from people assuming my baby does get the attention a new born requires, I’m well aware a baby requires way more but the comment itself was an exaggerated comparison that comes from realizing how much work getting a puppy can be. I would def not get a puppy until my boy is grown up and we can both take proper care of the puppy as it should be.

    2. @gerod ford I don’t think you understand the difference between sometimes and every 1-2 hours. Sometimes is one thing, 1-2 hrs ia another. It’s honestly really absurd and unrealistic. And with your baby you get up and soothe him/her right there. You don’t get out of your house, depending on where you live and what time of year, it’s freezing outside to take them potty. The whole point is that whoever says they set up their alarm to wake them up every hour to take a puppy out is full of it. You let your puppy let you know whether they want out or not, but in most cases people just use pee pads and that’s fine and way more realistic.

    3. @myahkgatsby I’m pretty sure it was 3-4 hours and pee pads are horrible in my opinion. It lets them think it’s ok to pee in the house. I’ve done what was said in this video and it helped so much. Some people are just in a better position to care for a dog properly I guess.

    4. @gerod ford yeah, I guess it’s better that dogs are not adopted, rescued etc… if the person has a job or a life at all. They should only be with people that can watch them 24hrs a day. 🙄 To love the dog and do the best you can to care for it, is position enough in my opinion. You don’t have to quit your job and become a zombie for a year. If you love the dog and do your best I’m sure that dog is gonna have a better life than many people even have.

    5. @myahkgatsby lol if you took the video as you should dedicate 24hrs to the dog then it’s best if you hold off on getting a dog or best of luck to you if you already have one.

  4. Thank you so much for the help! Picking my new puppy on August. I’ve been watching your channel and I think I may raise the best puppy 🐶 😊

  5. Rachel, we recently got a new puppy and your advice has been working so good. He is 12 weeks old now. We’ve had him about 3 weeks. He’s really smart and has learned, sit, down, place, touch and speak all pretty quickly and I have been hand feeding at every meal per your videos. Right now i’m working on his biting me but my biggest concern is potty training. He sleeps through the night without any accidents – a full 8 hours most nights. I take him out very regularly and he always poops and pees when we first go out. I always wait though, and he does usually go again. The problem is he is having accidents in the house. never in his crate and he hasn’t pooped inside in weeks. He will be outside with me for quite a while but then he comes inside and immediately goes pee. Not sure what to do. any advice would be greatly appreciated. 🙂

  6. I watched this right before we got our puppy a few weeks ago and I can comfortably say that he is house trained at 8 almost 9 weeks now in just under a week. We incorporated a hanging bell and he knows to run over and hit it with his nose anytime he needs to go out. And he has only had 1 or 2 crate pee accidents (both my fault) since we got him. He whines when he needs to go out during the night and we’ve got it down to only 1 time a night he needs to be let out. We are currently working the puppy biting using the technique in her other video which also seems to be having a positive affect! Thanks!!

    1. @Dave most of the time yes, when he would ask to go out every other minute though, as long as I knew he’d already been potty, I wouldn’t.

    2. I’ve been having trouble wit that because my dog is a biter and he loves biting the grass and leaves and just distracts himself and not go to the restroom. Do you have any advice for that? Because I’ve been having a hard time 😞

    3. @Arely Gonzalez my puppy does the same thing! When he gets too distracted and just wants to play or eat grass and not potty, I throw him on a leash to keep him focused and then take him right back inside.

  7. This is an amazing video. Got a 10 week old puppy just over a week ago and he is not having accidents in the house anymore. Followed these tips very closely, when my pup has his nose down and circling it’s time to go out! One helpful tip I’d like to add is take notes of the times the puppy was last out/watered/ate. This will help you know approximate times the pup will need to go so if you see the nose down and circling then you better grab that pup and run! Lol

  8. Great video!!! We just got an 8 week old puppy and this was a savior for the first days!! It’s day 2 now and she has already made sometimes in the assigned spot!!!

  9. *Brandon makes me think real hard about my life purpose. As a huge foreign fan of ” **** Dog” TV series I bought this book as a support. But the part that Brandon wrote about how he become a trainer of homeless dogs makes me cry. It wakes me up and force me to think hard about what I’m doing in my life right now.He was willing to risk his job for what he believed : every homeless dog must have hope and a home. He committed to his promise that he would help saving lives. He never gave up and willing to sacrifice his secure career for it. That part alone changed my life, not even mention all dogs’ stories he told throughout the book. They are all inspirational.*

  10. I have always trained my puppy to adult without using a crate – I limit their movement to a small room or bathroom and like your suggestion at multiple walking – I also have a timer that has a special ring that my new or young dogs learn to respect as outside time.

  11. I just got my puppy this morning, I’ve been taking her out every 1-2 hours, and she’s already cried twice to let me know she has to go out!! I think she got started potty training before we got her but I’m surprised how fast she’s learning!!

    1. yeah we got our dog at 11 weeks and he has never peed in his crate at night. He sleeps through the night and only whines in the morning at like 6 to let us know he needs to go and at that point the people in my house are starting to wake up for work so its timed just right. hes peed a couple times in the house but it was our fault.

  12. Watched your videos leading up to getting our border collie pup. We put in the hard wake up hours and did everything you said. Worked amazingly. Now he’s been home for 2 weeks and takes himself out for toilet and is amazing in the crate overnight. Thank you

  13. We just brought our sweet 8 week-old girl home this weekend! I am so glad I found your channel so we can make this the best transition possible for her. We almost have all her tell-tale warning signs figured out, but we are all learning still. She was accident free last night in her crate and having an awesome day today too! So proud of our good girl.

    1. @Jakayla M. You as well! Definitely benefited us all when we found a way to keep her secluded in one room to stop her when she attempts to soil inside. She has been completely accident free in her crate since I last posted though! When she’s out she will take any chance that she can get so we just gotta keep at it to get going on a streak lol. Days will turn into weeks soon enough!

    2. @Bethany P haha, I love it! I didn’t start out with the crate but I had a little corner in my room that I squared off (big enough for the pet bed and a little walking room) for him to rest and play. But after him get over the barriers and peeing on the floor a few times I definitely put him right in the crate.. and I’ve had no problems since, lool.

      Thank you for your response (:

  14. Wonderful video!! So much info to digest. Still deciding whether i’m ready to take on the responsibilities
    as a canine owner. Looking forward to seeing more puppy tutorials. Thank you

  15. Thank you so much for your channel and all your videos Rachel!! I’ve been binging them in preparation of adopting a puppy this month !!!! Everything you train is so valuable !!! Thanks again!!!
    I’m bringing a pup home to an apartment with 2 three year old kitties.
    I’ll be keeping the pup in the bedroom with the closed door. So he’ll be using fresh patch and pee pads in the beginning until all three pets have met and are comfortable. I don’t have a backyard the grass I have a patio with some bushes and mostly cement . I’ll be using the freshpatch next to the crate in the beginning- otherwise I’ll have to carry the pup through the apartment (where the kitties will be) to the patio.
    So I’m gonna wait a few weeks to try your method 🙂 🐶🙏🤞🏻

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