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How to Solve Dog Aggression! (Dog Nation)

In this Dog Nation Episode, I help Sho Nuff, a dog who is very dog aggressive. Have you ever experienced dog aggression with your dog? Or have you seen this with other dogs and their pet parents even after they've done extensive #dogtraining ?

For Sho Nuff's pet parents, he has unpredictable dog behavior and his owners are anxious that whenever they go on a walk, Sho Nuff will attack other dogs. And we all know that a #dogfight and #dogattacks are not fun to experience and can cause stress for dogs as well as the owners.

A lesson to learn from this overall is that it is important to #walkyourdog with confidence and separate the story from the reality! Say that again….SEPARATE THE STORY FROM THE REALITY.

Do you think I can solve this case?

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55 thoughts on “How to Solve Dog Aggression! (Dog Nation)”

    1. That’s a true statement I was so nervous with my doggie and when I finally found a good trainer I got my confidence and leadership.

    1. @Leonardo Vargas Hmm, so those who live in Castilla won’t be able to understand the language of another region in Spain and vice versa? You said there are different languages in Spain so that means they differ in vocabulary and not just in accent and syntax. I know that language is different from dialect.

    1. Yeah I don’t know if they washed it shows because I seriously would never expect him to fail ever one of the best shows I ever saw was a reporter interviewing him I think it’s on dawgnation and he told about how he started he grew up on a farm it was his job I think is the oldest son or maybe the other son not sure to walk the dogs and care for the animals and he’s going to Mexico they never use leashes only in America dogs get to wander and do what they want but they behave she came to San Diego first I think but then he said 21 to LA area he got known by celebrities even before he was famous is known as the Mexican with the pack of dogs he would walk and run the dogs in the streets still homeless for money with no leases! He said one of his first more famous clients was Jada Pinkett Smith I think he’s known her almost 30 years. Yep he was known as the guy with the pack of dogs running just like he does on his shows but it is a different culture about animals here. And people don’t know how to train their dogs and don’t even try and sometimes even their children. I was raised Scottish British my mother would just give us one look and that was it we never misbehaved maybe once in a great while by accident

  1. watching how Cesar M. just take control of the animal’s so easily makes me think he’s the owner of all dogs…incredible.

    1. I always say that Cesar was a dog in his past life haha. He just has an untrainable instinct with dogs, it’s amazing to watch.

    2. Makes me mad lol I have an American amstaff best dog I’ve ever owned he went to obidient school pass with flying colors doesn’t bark when other dogs bark he listens to all commands mine or a stranger unless I say the attack word but for the life of me I cannot get him to stop pulling me I’ve read books I’ve tried to take other people’s advice he doesn’t fight doesn’t attack just won’t stop pulling brought him to another school they gave me my money back they couldn’t get him to stop pulling I’ve had him since he was 2 months old opinions are welcome thank you

  2. Ashley’s Good dogs

    They really seem like wonderful people. What a lucky dog to have them as his family. I wish them everything good!

    1. @Ashley’s Good dogs I agree. The couple seems good-natured and really wants better and happy life for the dog.. 💓💓💓 I can feel the love between the couple as well. They’re sweet!

    2. Keyword “ seem” your literally watching something that has been edited to gain views and speak like you know them… your s clown

  3. God bless you, Cesar. Thank you for all you’ve done for animals and especially their owners. You are the world’s greatest dog (& human) trainer.

  4. Cesar is the dog’s psychiatrist, and the dog’s owners psychologist.
    Love his knowledge, his charisma, Cesar makes this planet a better place.

  5. I absolutely NEEDED this video! I rescued my dog, some dogs depending on energy she may be ok, but most of the time she gets aggressive and watching this man has helped soooo many issues we had from the beginning, but still working on aggressiveness and this is what I needed. She gets fixated on a dog and now I can try this different technique!!

    1. @The 18th Fret I didn’t realize the comments were a couple of months ago he’s dog nation now. He may have been just canceled because of the pandemic and getting ready for the new show they negotiate contracts way in advance because now he travels all over but sometimes he brings the dogs back but he goes to cities and Parks which is huge mobile home do some quick training but this one is a different premise he’s training the people and rehabilitating the dogs because mostly it’s the people that are wrong

    2. @_a _ Its GREAT to read that the Idiot Exec “suit” was fired! I so wish that the NAME of the Idiot Exec would be publicly posted as well, as a warning to the other Idiots. Too long have they made poor decisions affecting lives but the execs themselves hide in obscurity while taking home million$. Fear of adverse publicity, public humiliation and reputation accountability would go a long way to upgrade the traditional patriarchal negative culture!

  6. When the lady said “ I thought Cesar is going to fail”

    In my heart “ That’s cute lady. This is not Cesar first rodeo”

  7. So important to not feel sorry for their past and help these dogs move forward positively. I always remind myself, you can’t change their past but you can change their future. I’ve only ever had rescue dogs with uncertain pasts and Cesar’s way has helped my dogs and me every single time. We can become a better version of ourselves by learning from Cesar, which ultimately helps us be better dog owners. ❤

  8. No matter how many times I see it; no matter how he explains it and how logical it all is, it always feels like magic.

    1. It’s more like the dogs feel the calmness and control Cesar has over himself. So, that’s what any dog feels, Cesar’s calm, assertive, positive and
      compassionate self.
      Following Cesar’s energy leadership behavior calms and relaxes the dog. An assertive energy is being transmitted through the leash.

    2. ​@Sally Casas Yup spot on. I actually think some people don’t believe that dogs pick up on our energy… but of course they most certainly do and Cesar is proof of that.

  9. 7:02
    Yes! As a blind person, I can attest to this. You feel what the dog is doing, communicate via touch, words, love. Even though some dogs can be extremely visual communicators, they can be tought to respond to the voice and other senses.
    I wish I could have really watched it, had it explained to me. This is fascinating how he was all growls, then later, not a sound.
    Beautiful work as always, Cesar.

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