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How to Stop Dog Barking! (Cesar911 Shorts)

How To Stop Dog Barking

In this Cesar911 Episode, Cesar helps a family whose dog barks at everything!

The mom's son, Mason, is scared to even enter the house because the dog makes him feel uncomfortable. He is afraid that the dog, Buddy, will lash out.

This video focuses on when to give affection at the right time and to make sure you are not rewarding the wrong behavior!

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47 thoughts on “How to Stop Dog Barking! (Cesar911 Shorts)”

    1. What I notice on these shows that Cesar has most of these people are not mentally fit to own dogs. The owners of these dogs need therapy. I’m not being mean just what it is.

    2. Thank You for years of training, and fixing problems with dogs and owners. Dog owners don’t understand that not all people love dogs. I am terrified of most animals,you know why ? because they are animals..they are unpredictable,they are not babies,or your fur child,they are animals. A pit bull a town over from us attacked and killed a baby, and his mother who tried to save her child. She lived the baby died. No charges were brought up against the owner ! Why ? Why does a human face death penalty, or jail time for murder then ? We have a very serious problem especially in the States. I see owners of animals with the animals in baby carriages in local malls,and grocery stores. They get away with it because they say it’s their (I forget the proper term) stress relief buddy, but that buddy gives me stress..I don’t know if that animal will jump out at me,or feel threatened by me. These are animals…not humans. The U.S. puts more care and commercials about homeless animals,than humans that are struggling with homeless issues, and abuse.There’s something wrong with our society. I am all for stopping all cruelty animals, and humans,but somehow animals became more important????? Am I the only one who sees this ? This incredibly stupid woman in the video puts that dog before her beautiful,loving grandson. Her misfortune.Let her dog care for her in her declining years.

    3. Ceaser, Please, stress to people that these are ANIMALS..not human babies,or substitute husbands. Not everyone loves dogs. Thank You for always saying that.It’s still not entering certain brains though. Thank You,I admire your work.

    1. @C W I like ceasar most of the time but he has been wrong in the past. He has gotten his dog bitten because he thought he was right. People make mistakes

  1. The more I watch Cesar’s shows; which is about a decade, the more I am convinced humans need to get trained before they acquire a dog.

    1. Not every owner is gonna be perfect and i prefer dogs to have an imperfect home than be killed at a shelter

      Theres way too many homeless dogs to put that kind of restriction on pet ownership

      Death not better than a flawed owner

    2. Humans have disconnected themselves from nature to the point that we are screwed. Dogs still have a sense of nature. But we are slowly pulling them away from it.

    3. same thing for human babies and owning a gun lol. There should be a school where you get a diploma at the end of your training that says you are psychology ready to conceive a baby, get a dog or carry a gun. if there were psychological tests, there would be millions of failures

    1. @Meth Head In life, we compare things to what we know. If a little boy that has been on earth for 9 years looks like a meth head to you- Damn what in the world do your family members LOOK LIKE

    2. @dev sinha Thats rude though. He does seem bright from this video. Honestly self parodying people in USA is why people are so mistrustful over there, way too much. I mean whether its two party system or Democrats making dumb southern jokes or the opposite of democrats. You guys need to stop tormenting others honestly

  2. Mr.Millan, I have used your techniques with my dogs for 15 to 20 years. I have formal education as a behavior modification specialist going in, years before I had a dog. I worked with mentally damaged children and young adults. Autism often was included in the behavior sets. I can not thank you enough for the knowledge you have shared over the years. Human beings are infinitely more complex but many of the principles of training are similar between the two and the techniques are often identical. Thank you Sir. I love training my dogs!

  3. Amen! You are correct, that Pain runs deep……… my sister, i hear your heart, and know you got that pup for a reason.
    Glad Cesar was there…
    I almost cried this entire video…
    I know the pain you speak of, and the stress of a fearful dog..

  4. I love watching Cesar’s techniques. I have already used them when meeting my friend’s dog for the first time when she warned me about her dog being leary around strangers. I remained calm and confident around her dog and I was able to calm her dog and I am happy to say that it worked and her dog and I became friends.

  5. Amy Patricia Komar Hare

    Ceasar, you are brilliant. Although I can almost get her to stay calm when people come in the house by telling her to go to her place, she doesn’t stay there for real long. She does bark in the back yard though and it is hard to control.

  6. I dont like dogs,in my area there are too much..but this is very interesting.
    The boy is well educated, very nice !

  7. Does anyone else have barking dog and would love Cesar’s help right now? I’m trying my best but still the barking continues. Any suggestions will be most welcome.

    1. @Austin Hansch Vlogs Give your Dad some treats to give Kali if the Dog barks tell your dad to put up his hand and say no in a firm voice when the Dog stops Barking give he or She a Treat the barking will get less and less in time

    2. Let your dog communicate in the only verbal way they can and stop being elitist humans that expect everything to shut up when we expect it?

  8. This approach makes the most sense I’ve seen. A lot of other trainers have advocated teaching the dog to bark, then immediately after teaching the “quiet” command. I tried this and noticed my dogs actually thought they were being rewarded for being on high alert and barking. It seemed counter intuitive, but I trusted it as “expert” advice. Thank you, Cesar, for the approach that only rewards the dogs in a calm state and gives us back the control(with the leash). Cesar is still the GOAT of dog training.

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